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  • House of Silk Flowers Artificial Geranium Hanging Plant in Basket HF0088/HF0089 Flower Colour: Red (HF0088)
  • Highland Dunes Silk Cedar Bonsai Desk Top Plant in Planter 4100 / 4103 / 4106 Size: 16" H (TXN1271 10487614)
  • Laura Ashley Home Tall Onion Grass in Square Tapered Fiberstone Decorative Vase VHX114201 / VHX114210 Base Colour: Black / Bronze (VHX114201)
    $550.48 $756.48 27% off
  • Laura Ashley Home Tall Onion Grass in Round Tapered Fiberstone Pot VHX114209 (VHX114209)
    $539.99 $679.99 21% off
  • Wildon Home ® Tall Agave Floor Plant in Fiberstone Pot VHX115204 / VHX115211 Base Colour: Black / Grey (VHX115204)
    $379.99 $534.99 29% off
  • Wildon Home ® Onion Grass in Cylinder Pot VHX114 (VHX114)
    $289.99 $386.99 25% off
  • Wildon Home ® Agave Floor Plant in Pot VHX115 (VHX115)
    $237.99 $299.99 21% off
  • Laura Ashley Home Tall Agave Floor Plant in Fiberstone Pot VHX115209 (VHX115209)
    $469.99 $592.99 21% off
  • Laura Ashley Home Tall Onion Grass in Round Tapered Fiberstone Pot VHX107205 / VHX107212 Base Colour: Black (VHX107205)
    $459.99 $652.99 30% off
  • Wildon Home ® Silk Boston Fern Floor Plant in Metal Planter VHA101718.KD (827250801931)
    $389.99 $448.99 13% off
  • House of Silk Flowers Artificial Petunia Hanging Plant in Basket HF009 Flower Colour: Lavender (HF0094)
  • ACHLA Embossed Steel Beverage Tub C-52 Set (C-52 Set)
  • Distinctive Designs Silk Mountain Ash Floor Tree in Vase 2891A / 2891B Base Colour: Tan (2891B)
  • Distinctive Designs Silk Selloum Philodendron Mix Floor Plant in Decorative Vase 2894 (2894)
    $289.99 $358.99 19% off
  • Distinctive Designs Basil Grass in Round Tapered Ceramic Decorative Vase 2941 / 2941A Base Colour: White (2941)
  • Distinctive Designs Basil Grass in Round Tapered Ceramic Decorative Vase 2941 / 2941A Base Colour: Tan (2941A)
  • Distinctive Designs Topper with Silk Danica Ivy, Galax Leaves and Wild Berries on Tray Floor Plant in Planter 2687 (2687)
  • Wildon Home ® Grass in Round Ceramic Pot VHA100043.2PACK (VHA100043.2PACK)
  • Uttermost Preserved Boxwood Spiral Topiary in Urn 60094 (60094)
    $706.42 $942.99 25% off
  • Uttermost Preserved Ceramic Tree Topiary Planter 60095 (60095)
    $277.42 $370.99 25% off
  • Varick Gallery Corn Stalk Dracaena Silk Floor Plant in Pot 6648 (TXN1672 13435255)

Buying guide

Who buys plants online? No one is what you probably think. You will be surprised to see the number of online sites selling plants –meaning enough people shop for plants online. No surprises here because like everything else, you can choose your plants online and have them shipped to you.


What to look for in plants?


Indoor or outdoor plants?

The first point for you to consider is the placement of the plants. You have the option of buying plants for outdoors as well as indoors. Obviously, the plant types need to be different and this is where you should make the right choice. You can obviously opt for both outdoor and indoor plants.


Buy plants as per the climate

Not every plant can thrive in all conditions. Before you buy plants, you need to go online and search for those plants that can survive and thrive in the climatic conditions where you stay. It is a good idea to start with a few plants and then go big (if you have space).


Buy from reliable nurseries for the freshest plants

You must shop only from reliable sellers. Plants need to be healthy when they reach you and only a reliable nursery has the expertise to manage this for you. Then when you take care of the plants, they thrive and create paradise.




How to your choose plants according to your need?

3785-desktop-plantFlowering plants are among the prettiest

Perhaps the greatest pleasure you will get is when you see those beautiful flowers in your garden (or even in your house plants). Investing in flowering shrubs is a great gardening idea because you get completely surrounded by colours when you are in your garden. You can even make your own flower arrangements with red roses and other flowers.

The most beautiful plants as gifts

If you intend to gift someone with a plant, there are several options available online. You can opt for those cheap flowers that look beautiful. The names that immediately come to mind are carnation, chrysanthemum, daisy and gladiola. Some of these flowers can also be used as birthday flowers because of their dashing looks.

Bonsais make for excellent indoor plants

If you intend to create your mini garden indoors, look for plants like bonsais. These miniature plants can brighten up your entire home and can be easily used as showpiece items. There are bonsais of all types to choose.









What are the most popular plants?

3785-floor-plant-flowerAmong the best traditional plants for indoors (for both offices and homes) is Boston Fern. You can buy it in a tall vase and its overflowing emerald-colour leaves will create a cascade of greenery in your home or office.


For decoration, consider buying the Gentle Reminder Desktop Plant in Terrarium. This ensemble consists of a glass case, soil, filtration and fresh moss. A female figurine adds to the beauty of the piece.



BIDKhome Faux Violet Halfball Floor Plant is resin plant material that is fantastic as a desktop decoration item. The violet colours contrast beautifully with darker backgrounds indoors.




Plants make you fall in love with nature. Whether you just buy shrubs or flowering plants or decorative plants, all of them have their respective purposes. And plants make you feel relaxed and happy, something that is in short supply these days. Shop online and you can save a lot.

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