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Whether you are thinking of setting up a home studio or a large commercial studio, there are photo-studio-accessories that you cannot do without. The good news is that anything related to your photo studio can be found online. You only need to know what you have to buy and then start shopping.

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  • Kodak Photo-Flo 200, 16 Oz. 1464510 (423Kod009)
  • Neewer® 30Inch Photography Shooting Tent Kit, Including (2) 45 Watt 5000K Light Bulbs,(2) Studio Lights (1) 30" Studio Light Tent with (4) Backgrounds - Black/White/Dark Blue/Red (10075702)
  • Westcott Mini Apollo Kit 2219 (345Wes003)
    $49.50 $129.99 -62%
  • Westcott Apollo Mini 2218 (345Wes006)
    $41.50 $100.00 -59%
  • 39"X39"X39" Foldable LED Light Shooting Tent Photography Studio Video Lighting Shoot Tents Softbox Black (711931308416)
  • Photography Backdrop 8x10 Vintage Green Screen Backdrop with Wood Floor Background for Wedding Custom Made (J02443-2)
  • Savage 53" x 12yds Background Paper (#60 Focus Gray) (601253)
  • Neewer® 53 Inch x 12 Yard/1.36 M x 11 M Photo Studio Portrait Seamless Collapsible Backdrop Background Paper (White) (10084801)
  • Neewer® 6 Feet/183cm Portable Indoor outdoor Photo Studio Pop Up Changing Dressing Fitting Tent Room with Carrying Case (10080167)
  • Print File Ult 35-6Hb, 25 Sh (324Bra023)
  • Aurora Lp1018 40X72 Trans Panel Kit (360Boo068)
    $64.50 $215.00 -70%
  • Westcott 9'x10' Digital Green Screen (360Wes033)
  • Savage Green Screen Basic Video Kit (363Sav019)
    $94.50 $219.97 -57%
  • Fuji Instax Square Instant Film (273Fuj021)
  • Godox Softbox Adapter For Bowens (345Gdx008)
  • Neewer® 27x51"(68x130cm) Seamless PVC Backdrop Background Paper for Photo Video Photography Studio - Pink (4332085371)
  • GTAPhotoStudio Photo Video Studio 8ft (H)x 10ft (W) Telescopic Backdrop Background Stand Support Kit w/ 2-pc 6x9ft Muslin Backdrops Black and White (GTAPhotoStudio)
  • Neewer® Table Top Square Photography Studio Tent Lighting Kit (10084778@@##1)
  • Aurora Camray Spd Ring F/aurora Soft Box (360Boo062)
  • Savage 107In X 36Ft Black Backdrop (363Bdc011)
  • Lumahawk 48X72" Softbox (360Nad022)
    $199.50 $380.00 -48%

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Whether you are thinking of setting up a home studio or a large commercial studio, there are photo-studio-accessories that you cannot do without. The good news is that anything related to your photo studio can be found online. You only need to know what you have to buy and then start shopping.


What to look for in photo-studio-accessories?

Photo-studio-accessories including proper lighting

Proper lighting is the first thing you need to ensure in your photo studio. There are essentially three types of lights that you require – hot, cold and flash. Both hot and cold lights have their benefits but they need high camera ISO setting and extremely low shutter speeds. Flashes are better in this regard and this is why most photographers prefer them.

Stable photo-studio-accessories

Since you will be mostly clicking people inside your photo studio, you need the right kind of support for stability. There are many options in light stands and mounting that you need to consider. Not only do these photo-studio-accessories help you click stable photos, but they are also able to reflect light properly for a great photograph.

Special effect photo-studio-accessories

The other important photo-studio-accessories that you need include accessories for tabletop shooting, props and accessories for special effect shooting and something as simple as a gaffer tape. Buy a ladder if you have to.


How to choose your photo-studio-accessories according to your need?

Photo-studio-accessories for new photographers

If you are new to setting up your photo studio, then you should consider buying a photo studio kit. These kits have different combinations depending upon the experience levels of the photographers. Ensure that you go through all the components of the kits you shortlist and then purchase.

Photo-studio-accessories for portrait photography

If you are into portrait photography, then you could be better off with small strobes and not large, continuous lights. The monolight is one of the is a must-have among your photo-studio-accessories – most of the professional photographer use this for portrait photography. One monolight can be used as the base light and you can add another one along with a grid to capture finer details like hair.

Photo-studio-accessories for smaller studios

If your studio size is not large then you need mounting options. The mounting can be used to hold photo-studio-accessories, especially the lights, steadily in place and can also be used for easy storage of the accessories.


What are the most popular photo-studio-accessories?

Cameron Backdrop Support System has an aluminium construction and supports canvas, paper and muslin. It has two 10' stands and one 12.5' crossbar. It is useful for on location shoots.

Print File 120-3HB NEG Pages, 100SH is a contact proofing preserver and can hold 12 6x6 cm frames, 9 6x7 cm frames or 15 6x4.5 cm 120 film frames and one 8x10 in contact print.

Photography Background & Backdrop Stand Kit is lightweight but offers strong support. Its assembly frames can be used for shooting objects of different sizes in suitable backgrounds.It is used for photographing costumes, portraits and large objects.



As a photographer, you should research and upskill yourself to become better. As you learn more, you will come to know about the photo-studio-accessories that can make you an even better photographer. You can afford to buy the accessories gradually so that a lot of money doesn’t get spent at one go.

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  • 5x7ft Microfiber Pink Stripes Gold Hearts Party Decorations Photo Booth Background Seamless Collapsible Washable and No Creases Photography Backdrop (LZ0151D)
  • CXJ Underwater World Aquarium 6.5X5 ft Seamless Suede Thick Cloth Fabric Customized 3D Printed Backdrop Backgrounds for Baby Children Wedding Photography Studio (CXJ-TD-MJ00009)
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  • Bright Snow Christmas Tree Photography Background Backdrop 10x10 Large Photo Backdrop Party for Thanksgiving Winter Wonderland Decorations (L-827-T)
  • CowboyStudio 2x 43in White Satin Umbrella with Reflective Silver Backing and Removable Black Cover (2x 43 detachable umbrella)
  • LB 7X5ft Vineyard Poly Fabric Photo Backdrops Customized Studio Background Studio Props MH610 (MH610)
  • Neewer® 10x10ft/3x3M Photo Studio Collapsible Cotton Backdrop Background for Photography Video Shooting-Black(backdrop ONLY!) (10086934@@##1)

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