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Office Chairs are inconspicuously important assets for anyone's work ambient. They have a major impact in productivity wherever they are used -- no one can work to their fullest if they don't feel comfortable and well-disposed. In this Shopbot category, you will be able to look for the best prices, read reviews to find the best products, and read our buying guide to know exactly what you need to know to make the best acquisition. Read buying guide

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  • Eurotech Seating Ergohuman Mesh Desk Chair LEM4ERG(N) (LEM4ERG(N))
    $969.99 $1,618.99 40% off
  • Lorell Westlake Series Executive Chair LLR63282 (63282)
    $239.99 $465.12 48% off
  • Humanscale Freedom Desk Chair F21 (F21)
    $910.99 $1,579.99 42% off
  • Eurotech Seating Ergohuman Mesh Desk Chair ME7ERG (ME7ERG-BLUE(N))
    $1,069.99 $1,588.99 33% off
  • Viva Office Mesh Desk Chair Viva0588F1 (Viva0588F1)
    $829.99 $1,144.99 28% off
  • Latitude Run Hurley 6-Motor Massage High-Back Executive Chair with Lumbar Support and Heat LTDR5545 (LTDR5545 40758869)
  • Zuo Modern Trafico Chair - Set of 2
  • Zuo Modern Trafico Chair
  • Zuo Modern Admire Office Chair
  • Humanscale Liberty Mesh Desk Chair L11 (L11)
    $659.99 $781.99 16% off
  • Ebern Designs Destinie Gaming Racing Style High-Back Executive Chair EBND5698 Colour: Black/Orange (EBND5698 40567553)
  • Offex Mid-Back Mesh Desk Chair OF-HL-0001-GG / OF-HL-0001-WH-GG Colour: Black (OF-HL-0001-GG)
  • OFM Big and Tall High-Back Desk Chair 700, 700-AA6 Upholstery: Grey (700-239)
    $809.99 $920.99 12% off
  • Office Star Space High-Back Mesh Desk Chair 327-66C61F6 (327-66C61F6)
    $322.99 $973.99 67% off
  • Alera Height Adjustable IL Series Folding Stool AAPCS612 (AAPCS612)
    $214.99 $248.99 14% off
  • Flash Furniture Leather Desk Chair BT-2536P-1-GG (BT-2536P-1-GG)
  • Lorell Executive Chair 63286 (63286)
    $243.99 $485.00 50% off
  • Wade Logan Lottie Mesh Desk Chair WADL4974 Colour: Black (WADL4974 28386501)
  • Perch Chairs & Stools Low-Back Drafting Chair WPCH3 (WPCH3)
  • Porthos Home Elaine Mid-Back Desk Chair GKC016A Colour: Grey (GKC016A GRY)
    $125.99 $223.99 44% off
  • OFM Ergonomic High-Back Leather Executive Chair 522-L Upholstery: Black (522-LX)
    $273.99 $289.99 6% off

Buying guide

Modern Office ChairOffice Chairs – a companion for long hours of work

There is a wide range of Office chairs available in the market ranging from simple stools for surfing the net to complex ergonomic chairs specially developed for long hours of desk work in front of the computer. And with the current hectic lifestyles, many people spend more time in their office chairs than they do in their bed. For this reason, finding the right office chair is as important as it is to get the right bed mattress. Uncomfortable and low quality chairs not only reduces the productivity but also entails many health problems. Many workers, who spend many hours sitting face various health ailments including headaches, pain in the neck and shoulders, reduced span of attention, backache and spine ache, problems with pelvis, pain in thighs, knees and calves etc. Opting for a proper office chair can aid in preventing or reducing much health related issues hence it is a worthy investment. With the right chair, you will enjoy the hours spent working and have less strain on the body after the work.


There are many ergonomic office chairs which are meticulously designed to provide maximum comfort. A well-designed chair is not only better looking but more importantly provides the right support for the back and spine as well as helps to promote good posture for the whole body. An assessment of your needs and working style will help you narrow down a chair, best suited to your requirements. There are few points should be kept in mind while buying an office chair that will assist in selecting a chair from the plethora of options available in the market. A vast number of stylish and comfortable office chairs can be browsed and purchased online. It will give you a better idea about the pricing and different varieties of office chairs that are currently available in the market. There are also a number of features that one need to keep in mind before making their final decision, the most important of which you can check below.

Choosing your Office Chair

Feel and comfortOffice Chair

While testing a chair, make sure you sit in the right comfortable posture and not in an discomfited position. The shape of the chair should assist your natural posture and shouldn’t make you sit in a manner in which you backbone is either completely straight or completely slouched. Many office chairs also provide the option of adjusting a chair in accordance with the size. If the chair feels comfortable and supports your back gently, then it is probably the chair for you.


The chair should provide enough flexibility for your back to press naturally against the seat. The latest models allows user to customize the chair in many ways. Make sure to adjust it in a manner that enables, your feet to lie flat on the floor and your knees to make an angle of about hundred degrees. The armrests of the chair should move independently. This will provide support to your forearms and help in keeping shoulders relaxed. The chair should provide enough flexibility with strength that one can lean back without danger of falling over backwards.

Office Chair BlackControl

The chair's mobility should differ in degree and optionally lock which will prevent it from slipping or rolling away at the slightest push. The chair should be able to swivel to the sides gradually and remain there without making a full rotation.


This is more of a preference attribute. Chairs available in the market come in various materials. Leather is favourite of many as it gives a prestigious look but it also becomes sticky in hot weather. Other popular choices include breathable fabrics that have absorbing properties. The material should provide padding to the chair along with being soft and firm. A beveled plastic armrests, steel spine and solid footing are other things to look out for while choosing an office chair.

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