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The Sony PlayStation 5 Conference: A Debriefing

The famous “PlayStation” console from Sony has played a significant role in every adult and child’s lives in the last few decades. We all witnessed the entertainment device evolve from the first PlayStation Console to PlayStation 4.

However, after seven long years, Sony finally revealed its newest Console – the Playstation 5 – in a conference tagged “Meet The Future.” The conference aimed to disclose more information about the Console, including its features, games, performance, and many more.

The goal of this article is to provide you with a brief review of the conference and what it revealed about the new PlayStation 5.


1. The First Look

Sony deviated from it’s typical Carbon-black design to an innovative arctic-white with two lines of subtle blue lights at the inner corners, giving it a classy Sci-fi look. The Console comes in two forms – Standard and digital versions. The standard version runs games using a Blu-ray disc, while the digital version processes them via software.

Sony also took the liberty to reveal some essential information about its new DualSense controller, including its built-in microphone, Haptic feedback, DualShock 4 replacement, and its unique design. At the end of the conference, Sony displayed all the accessories that you can purchase along with the Playstation 5, including a wireless headset, charging station and wireless remote.

2. SSD Over HDD

The Previous versions of the Playstation all came with HDD (Hard Disk Drive); however, Sony decided to change this factor and include an SSD (Solid-State Drive), which comes with a plethora of benefits.

Equipping the PS5 with a solid-state drive doesn’t only make the games load faster, but allows game developers to build more sophisticated landscapes and environment. In other words, game development companies can explore their imagination fully, and create games with unbelievable graphics and physics because the SSD uses the system memory more efficiently.


3. Upcoming Games Revealed

During the conference, Sony took the time to display some of its upcoming games to its viewers. These were all in-engine trailers, therefore, making an accurate representation of the Playstation 5’s display capacity.

These games exceed 20; however, this article will only review the three most anticipated – Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Resident Evil: Village.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

After Marvel introduced another Spider-Man through the animated movie “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse,” fans requested to see more action from the impressive hero. Rather than provide another animated film, Marvel answered their prayers by letting fans experience Miles Morales’ powers through their Console.

The game is packed with intense combat and web-swinging action, all with the Playstation’s stunning graphics.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Forbidden West is a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, which was a favorite amongst enthusiastic gamers worldwide. This new installment to the horizon series will feature an adventurous journey while combating robotic dinosaurs in a breathtaking environment, powered by the Playstation 5’s graphics.

Resident Evil: Village

Fans of the Resident Evil franchise will be amazed once they discover that their favorite game has a new release. Resident Evil: Village aims to introduce an open-world survival-horror element into the series. Although there’s no gameplay available yet, the trailer revealed incredible visuals and a stunning clip of Chris Redfields.


4. Release Date and Price

Sony announced that the PS5 would launch during the holiday season of 2020, and although this didn’t give us a specific time, some enthusiasts believe it might happen during November. This assumption is based on the previous release date of the PS4 and PS4 Pro, which launched mid-November.

So far, no news is available regarding the price of the Playstation 5. However, there’s a high possibility that it might exceed $500 since the cost of manufacturing a piece costs approximately $400.