Rebecca Khan


Apple iPad: Where can you find the best deal in Canada?

Tablets have evolved from a slightly gimmicky toy to an essential tool for work, travel, and education. The iPad remains hugely popular amongst consumers, and the Pro range has entered the lucrative professional creative market with strong credentials and great reviews. The Mini, meanwhile, has carved a niche of its own amongst commuters and space-saving world travellers.

Where can you find the best deal on an iPad in Canada? In this article, we’ll run through all of the current models, and give you expert advice on where to make your purchase.


iPad Pro 10.5″ vs 12.9″

Apple’s flagship range of tablets received an update in 2017, and are now the most powerful iPads available. The innovative Apple Pencil empowers creative professionals, hobbyists, and younger artists to let their imaginations flourish.

The iPad Pro currently comes in two sizes; 10.5” and 12.9”, and each screen size has Wi-Fi + Cellular and Wi-Fi only connection options.

The iPad Pro 10.5”

There are two capacity choices: 64GB and 256GB.

The 64GB Wi-Fi only model is currently the least expensive iPad Pro, which can be purchased from Amazon for just $810.99. If you’d prefer the flexibility of Wi-Fi and cellular connections, the 64GB model is $1,005.26, also from Amazon.

Need a boost in capacity? No problem! The 256GB Wi-Fi-only 10.5” iPad Pro is currently $1,019.00 from Staples. Add a cellular connection and it’s $1,219.00, also from Staples.

The iPad Pro 12.9”

The screen provides exceptional clarity, with all the space you need; even for bigger projects! The least expensive option is the 128GB Wi-Fi-only model, $1,039.00 from Apple.

Cellular connectivity won’t break the bank; the dual-connection version is just $1,099.00 from Amazon. For larger projects, you can pick up a 256GB Wi-Fi-only 12.9” model for $1,179.00, from Staples. The most expensive iPad Pro is the 256GB Wi-Fi + cellular with a 12.9” display, currently $1,291.14 from Fleet Network.

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iPad 9.7″

For casual users, a 9.7” iPad is a great choice, especially for travel. A long flight is infinitely less brutal when you’re travelling with an iPad full of movies, music, and books. For the creatively-minded, you’re now able to use an Apple Pencil with the standard iPad. Take advantage of the functionality and precision of the Pro models, without the higher price tag.

The least expensive of the range is the 32GB Wi-Fi model, which can currently be purchased directly from Apple for just $619. If you need a little more space, try the 128GB version for $839.00 from Amazon. For extra-long journeys, the 256GB model packs a punch for $1,070.06, also from Amazon.

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iPad Mini 7.9 iches

iPad Mini 7.9″

Hitting the sweet spot between the most generously-sized iPhone and the standard iPad is the iPad Mini. Perfectly proportioned for commuting and travelling to a new horizon, the iPad Mini provides the functionality of its big brothers at a fraction of the size and price.

Now in its fourth iteration, the 7.9” iPad Mini comes in two capacities; 32GB and 64GB. The smaller model is just $799, directly from Apple, whilst the 64GB version is $965.99 from Amazon.

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