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Student Absolute Must-Buy! $399 iPad with an Educational Twist

Apple has surprised many with its new 2018 iPad, which features a faster processor and now has Apple Pencil support. The 9.7” tablet retains its size and many of the features that have made the iPad such a success, but at a wallet friendly price point of around $400. This makes the 2018 iPad an affordable option for students that need a solid tablet for their studies.

New Apple iPad 9-7 Pouces 2018

Isn’t this just another iPad?

1. Yes and no, there are some key differences.

Apple have done something quite uncharacteristic (unless you count the iPhone C range that was released a few years back) and have created an affordable, entry level device that is aimed at students. It features all of the great Apple iPad features that we have become accustomed to, such as the 9.7” screen, excellent speakers and Touch ID sensor on the front of the device. The addition of Apple Pencil support opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the device as an educational tool, however. The faster CPU is also a great touch.

2. Apple Pencil Support, What’s the Big Deal?

Prior to the iPad 2018 release, the only way for creative Apple users to interface with their Apple Pencil was through the use of an iPad Pro, which has some key advantages, namely the bigger 10.5” screen and faster internal components. The issue is that the iPad Pro is nearly 3 times more expensive than the new and affordable iPad 2018 model, which should see the new device become a classroom favourite in 2018.


3. What are the Current Specs on the 2018 Model?

As expected, the Apple iPad 2018 model has become available to reviewers, and although there are some features that would have been nice to have on this model, like the Smart Connector for docking the device, there are some pleasant changes that have been made. The system has Apple’s new A10 Fusion CPU which is a Quad-core Hurricane and Zephyr hybrid, 2GB of RAM and a 1536 x 2048 screen resolution.

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If you already own an older model iPad, you might not think that the upgrade is worth it at this point, but…

There Are Several Reasons Why an Upgrade Makes Sense

1. You are a Student.

As good as the older models of the iPad are, there is always a reason to upgrade to a newer, faster model. As a student or educator, you are eligible for the $399 price of the iPad 2018, reduced from $429. This makes this year’s model even more affordable if you intend on using it in an academic situation.

2. You want to sketch and draw on your iPad.

There are few devices on the market that work as well as the Apple Pencil that cost under $500, but when you factor in the cost of the iPad 2018 model with the additional expense of the stylus, of around $129, then you end up with a fantastic sketcher at a great price. If you have a need to take manual notes or touch up photos professionally while on the move, then this is an affordable and functional device indeed.


3. Your old device is a little sluggish.

The new model offers a much snappier performance over the older models that have been sold over the past few years, thanks to the upgraded, next generation CPU and the 2 GB of RAM that he iPad has onboard. When you combine these elements with the PowerVR Series 7XT Plus, six core GPU, then what you end up with is a capable, high performance tablet with enough horse power to perform all of the tasks that a student or educator needs to get done during their busy days, and nights.

So, what’s our verdict on whether you should you buy the iPad 2018 Model?

Whether you already own several Apple devices, or if you are still considering your first iPad purchase, this is not a difficult tablet to recommend. It has all of the features and design elements that made the first iPad such a success, but with better internal components and Apple Pencil support. If you haven’t already owned an iPad before, then 2018 could be the best year to order one.