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Smartphones with the Best Battery Life for Android and iOS Lovers

Smartphone technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. Touch screens have become more accurate and can accept multiple touch inputs, and the viewing quality of the display is amazing. The screen of your smartphone is one of the main power draws, so using the screen will sap your battery a lot faster than if it is on standby. Your phone must have a decent battery if you are going to get the most use out of it, but how do you know if your battery is up to the task?

Which phones have the best batteries?

1. Huawei Honor 8


This is a larger sized phone, which means that it has a larger screen, and draws more power. To combat this power drain, the engineers at Huawei decided to stuff a 3000mAh battery into the mix, which gives the phone the ability to last for a full day with no problems at all.

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2. One Plus 6


As this phone gets closer to release date, rumours continue to swirl around the internet about its internal specifications. The battery is said to be a 3250mAh unit, which should be enough to give even the most demanding users a full day’s worth of operation.

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3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

If there is a trend that is to be noted, it should be this: smaller manufacturers are listening to their customers. Xiaomi’s Note 5 Pro has a 4000mAh battery installed in it, which is amazing for all day activity. With a battery that has such a large charge capacity, most people can get away with charging their phone every second day.

What about the bigger manufacturers?

1. Apple iPhone X


As beautiful as this device is, and as revolutionary and disruptive the screen notch may have been at the time, the battery is not exactly revolutionary, or massive when compared to our budget friendly examples from earlier. There are so many great features in this phone, including facial recognition and excellent screen and cameras. The iPhone X is only paired with a 2750mAh battery, so don’t expect to get away without charging when you get home after a day out.

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2. Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung has also been at the cutting edge of smartphone design for many years, so what does their flagship device have in terms of battery storage? Like the iPhone X, the S9 has some really good features like an amazing camera and phenomenal display. The S9 has a 3000mAh battery, which is good, but is it really worthy of a flagship device? If the sales figures are anything to go by, then yes, the battery seems to be a hit with consumers.

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3. Huawei P20

Huawei P20

Huawei’s high end device is packed with features as well, and it has some of the highest rated cameras ever placed on a smartphone. With all of the processing power and screen requirements that this phone has, Huawei saw fit to add a 3400mAh battery to this device, and this seems to be just fine for daily use.

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So, what’s next for battery capacities?

The advent of modern battery technologies are easy to take for granted, but we should be grateful that we have been given such efficient devices that recharge quickly and reliably, day after day. As the technologies continue to mature and become more efficient, we will end up with devices that require less charging, less often. CPUs and GPUs are already extremely energy efficient, but as is the case with all technologies, there is certainly room for improvement. Make sure that your next device has the highest possible mAh rating as possible if your energy requirements are a concern for your next smart device.