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The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to Shopbot’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. It’s hard to believe that it’s already this time of year again but here we are. You’ve probably got a ton of gifts you need to track down for your family, friends, and maybe even co-workers. With so many people to buy for and so little time, it can get a little stressful. Deep breathes. You can do this.

We’ve all got lots of different people to get gifts for this year. To make sure you retain your title as the king or queen of great gifts, we’ve put together this list so you know what people are asking for this year. Since budgets can get a bit tight around this time, we compare all the prices to help you get the best deals on all your gifts. So little time, right. Okay, let’s get to it.

The Top Gifts of 2019 Holiday Gift Guide:

For the Android geek: Samsung Galaxy S10e


What is better than a Samsung Galaxy S10e as a gift. With the S10e giving us 10 years of mobile innovation, Samsung is the name of excellence, you can’t go wrong with it as a gift with the AMOLED infinity-O display.

Stunning Cameras, fantastic screen, long-lasting battery and power-sharing abilities. All the makings of an excellent upgrade for the Android geek.

There is very little to fault on this smartphone, it’s not as advanced as the Samsung Galaxy S10+, but at this price point, we can’t complain.

We’ve done the research. Here’s the best price:

For the music fan: Sony WH-1000XM3


The Sony WH-1000XM3 can pump the bass like a boss while cancelling out the noise of the world.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 gives you digital sound that upscales compressed digital music files with the Engine HX (DSEE HX™), bringing them closer to the quality of High-Resolution Audio.

It is worth noting there is no on-ear sensor and the LED blinking status light on left ear cup can be irritating.

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For the amateur photographer: Nikon Z6


The Nikon Z6 is your best bet.

With this fantastic, ergonomic and lightweight camera packed full of features, the Nikon Z6 is a photographer’s dream.

With a fantastic 24.5-megapixel mirrorless sensor, a 273-point hybrid autofocus system,4k UHD recording, built-in wi-fi, and Bluetooth, this camera is a no brainer for a start into anyone’s photography journey.

With this camera, so pact full of amazing features, there is a bit of a hefty price on it, but with the fact that it suits the amateur or professional, it’s not that much of a price to pay.

We’ve done the research. Here’s the best price:

For the Apple-obsessed: Apple iPhone 11 Pro


Get them the Apple iPhone 11 Pro! The iPhone 11 Pro is the pro of everything, camera, display, and performance.

Offering upgraded chipset, larger battery, and the fast charge feature, we love the 11 Pro.

The option of fast charging comes at an extra cost. The 11 Pro comes only with a 5W charger in the box, and if you want the 18W fast charger, you must pay extra for it.

We’ve done the research. Here’s the best price:

For the travelling businessperson: Dell XPS 13 (9380)


DELL XPS 13 (9380) is the best ultra-book to date. It allows for lightweight on the go business, with its touch screen and progressive technology you’ll find working on the go a dream.

Infinity edge 13- inch touch screen and managed by the 8th Gen Intel Quad-Core processor, the XPS is an extraordinary machine.

The Price for this stunning Laptop is a little steep, but you won’t be disappointed.

We’ve done the research. Here’s the best price:

  • DELL XPS 13 (9380) i7-8565U 256GB FHD

For the on-the-go designer: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e


Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is an incredible tool for you.

The 10.5″ screen provides plenty of space to edit on. On top of the excellent display, the massive 7040mAh battery and 18W fast charging feature keeps you going all day long.

Despite it having quad speakers, they left out the option for plug-in audio. There is also the issue of no HDR support.

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For the adventurer: GoPro Hero 8 Black


GoPro Hero 8 Black has given us a practical new design that we love, this means we don’t require special housing for the mounts.

The GoPro Hero 8 has improved its image stabilization and added automatic horizon leveling. Then the LCD touch screen has been improved, making it crisp to the touch.

The downside is that the voice commands are unreliable and the Wi-Fi video transfer takes time.

We’ve done the research. Here’s the best price:

For the work-from-homer: LG 27UL850-W


LG 27UL850-W is perfect for a home office offering you IPS display, meaning you won’t have tired and sore eyes by the end of the day after staring at a screen.

The virtually borderless display and adjustable stand makes working so much easier.

The one drawback is that the LG 27UL850-W only has a 60Hz refresh rate making this screen feel slow as most screens nowadays are coming out with a 90Hz or higher refresh rate.

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For the workout junkie: Sony WF-1000XM3


Sony WF-1000XM3 is the best workout partner you could ask for, with long-lasting battery life and active noise canceling, these earphones are made for fun workouts.

These earbuds have EQ adjustment that allows for tweaking of your songs, and all-round gives you excellent audio quality.

The one drawback is that these earbuds are not waterproof, so don’t take them to the pool for workouts.

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For the Gamers: Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch is the console gamers are swapping to as it provides you with a portable gaming option that can both game on the go and dock at home for a full HD experience.

The ergonomics of it this device would have been greatly improved with the repositioning of the joysticks to give a better in-hand feel.

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