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Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

Created in 1966 in southern Ontario, Gibbys Audio Video sold audio and video home electronics. Back then, home entertainment electronics were a bit different than what we’re used to today. They consisted of black and white TV sets (color TV became popular around the late 70s), cassette tapes, videocassettes and VCRs. 

With technological advances, home electronics changed. TVs got bigger but thinner. Sound systems became sleek, smaller and wireless. Videocassettes turned into DVD players, Blu-Ray and eventually became what we know today as online video streaming (aka Netflix). 

This store in St Catherines didn’t follow the same logic though. Instead of downsizing, they’ve been growing ever since. In 2010, they joined forces with Electronic Supermarket of St. Catharines, a fellow home electronics store in Niagara that specialized in custom home installation. The fusion resulted in Gibbys Electronic Supermarket. Fifty-four years later and Gibbys Electronic Supermarket continues to thrive. They’re Shopbot’s Merchant of the Month! 🏆

South of Toronto, the small city landscape shaped the company’s growth

They’ve become known for their expertise in audio and video technology. There, you can find the latest home entertainment products, not to mention car audio products, security and surveillance equipment and installation services. Pretty complete, huh? No wonder they’re a ‘supermarket’😉 !


Gibbys followed the consumer trends and as home electronics evolved, so did they. Nowadays, with such fierce competition happening in the online landscape, they had to adapt. The team at Gibbys said: 

“Almost twenty years ago, President Duane Gibson decided to explore the then-unknown and intimidating world of e-Commerce. That decision brought Gibbys Electronic Supermarket to where it is today; on a rapid journey to national recognition across Canada.”

Gibbys combined small-town spirit with big ‘city ambition’ and invested in a smart marketing strategy. To broaden their sales channels, they’ve listed across several e-commerce platforms, including Shopbot, where we’ve been collaborating since 2013. They also offer online tutorials and tips about the electronic’s world. And for those looking to make a bargain, Gibbys also organizes auctions on their website. 


Gibbys is proud to be Canadian and to offer the best services to the customers that walk through their doors or that buy online. In 2019, Gibbys moved into their beautiful new state-of-the-art 30,000 sf showroom-warehouse location at 451 Eastchester Ave. East, St. Catharines, Ontario. This year, they won the Canadian Business Award for the Best Local Electronics Retailer – Southern Ontario. It goes to show that local shops are still valued and appreciated by loyal customers.  

“Our Customers appreciate the independent, family-owned, and operated difference that Gibbys, one of the largest single-store independent electronics retailers in Canada provides.”

Head over to one of their five stores, or order online. One thing is for sure – you’re supporting local Canadian business.