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Our Review of the Made by Google 2019 Event

Google’s annual hardware event, “Made by Google”, made headlines yet again on a fine morning in New York. The company launched various new gear that left the teeming audience and the global community, again and again. The lively event happened in under one hour – classic.


  • Stadia

Google’s cloud streaming service launching November 19. The event commenced with Google talking about ambient computing, but the release date for Google Stadia was the big thing.

From November, you can try Google’s take on cloud gaming from several Google devices. These include Google Pixel, the first phone confirmed to support Google Stadia. It remains unclear if previous Pixels will support Google Stadia.


  • Pixel Buds

The AirPods seemed to be the gold standard for wireless earbuds, but Google looks set to alter the wireless earpiece landscape in significant ways. The first iteration did not exactly sway consumers, sending Google right back to the drawing board.

The Pixel Buds will ship in Spring 2020 and cost $179 USD. According to Google, each charge should give the battery around five hours. But, the floss-style charging case packs a handsome 24 additional hours of charge.

The sound will adapt to your surroundings, due to on-board microphones canceling out background noise such as wind.


  • Pixelbook Go

This is Google’s fresh try at shipping a higher-end Chrome OS laptop. It sports a 13.3-inch display with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. Battery life is expected to graze around 12 hours. At $649 USD, the Pixelbook Go will weigh roughly two pounds.

Be sure to check below for price drops between retailers:

  • New Nest Aware

Nest Aware lets you add cloud recording to your Nest cameras for a few bucks per device. Now though, it’s a flat fee, no matter the number of cameras. $6 USD per month buys you thirty days of “event” history, while $12 USD per month gets you either ten days of round-the-clock video history. Sixty days of event history.

With the new Nest Aware, you can put your Nest Minis/Nest Hubs into a security-centric mode, while smart speakers listen for things like smoke alarms and dogs barking and sending you notifications accordingly.

The new price structure will take effect in early 2020.


  • Nest Wifi

The subject of several discussions the past few weeks, Google is presenting a hybrid of its Google Wifi mesh router with its Google Home speakers. The result is a router/smart speaker blended system.

Shipping early November, each two-pack will set you back $269 USD. A three-pack will have even more economic impact at $349 USD.

Be sure to check below for price drops between retailers:


  • New Nest Mini

Once upon a time, we had the Google Home Mini. Now, it’s called the “Nest Mini.” Apart from the name, several other things changed. It is now wall-mountable without any adapters, but including a speaker that offers up to double the bass, as Google said.

The Nest Mini has a new machine learning on-board chip for faster responses, and several more microphones to work better in louder environments. Get this from October 22nd for $49 USD.

Be sure to check below for price drops between retailers:


  • Pixel 4

So, the next generation of Google’s Android phone flagship, Pixel, is live. The Pixel 4 weighs in at 5.7” with a 2,800mAh battery, while the Pixel 4 XL squats firmly at 6.3” with a 3,700mAh battery.

Both variants run on the Snapdragon 855 chipset with 6GB of RAM. “Project Soli” radar chips are present in both, so you can do things like silence calls, switch songs, snooze alarms by waving your hand over the phone without an actual touch.

The cameras are the likely biggie for most people. They use machine-learning and AI-centric software to improve photos. This includes elements like HDR live preview with dual exposure controls, AI-powered “learning white balance, and an enhanced Night Sight mode to take photos of star-lit nights.

Both phones sport two rear cameras – 12.2MP f/1.7 main camera and a 16MP f/2.4 telephoto lens. The front camera is 8MP. Expect this to ship from October 24th, at a princely $799 USD.

So, that’s it! Everything and more that Google announced at “Made by Google” 2019. Surely, more news around each device/service will be available in earnest.