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Our Opinion About the New Apple iPhone SE (2020)

There’s no doubt that Apple occupies a particular spot in the heart of their customers and most smartphone enthusiasts. Their long line of innovative products such as the Apple smartwatch, iPad, and AirPods are a few reasons why they currently rank 2nd on the list of the top 10 most profitable companies worldwide.

Recently, the American company launched the new iPhone SE 2020; an affordable device that packs enough power and camera quality for a price below most modern iPhone. If you’re not after “rocket-level” performance, but a light-weight design with a decent battery life along with all other iPhone features, then the iPhone SE is for you.

Read on to learn more about this new phone and why it’s one of Apple’s best products.



In terms of appearance, the iPhone SE shares the same physical characteristics of the iPhone 8; the chassis and sides consist entirely of aluminium, while both the front and back sides of the phone is pure glass.

Unlike most iPhone, this one comes with the old school “home button” that allows for easy navigation and interactions, compared to the new “swipe and hold” feature.

The device comes in three different colors – red, white, and black. It’s worth noting that the red version of the iPhone SE looks more exceptional than the iPhone 8 because of its black bezels.

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The iPhone packs a compact screen with a 4.7-inch LCD that makes it both easy to transport and comfortable to hold.

Aside from the relatively small screen of the iPhone SE, its display clarity and resolution are on par with the iPhone 11;  the texts look crystal clear, the color depth is impressive, and its ability to retain visual quality while in a bright environment is a noteworthy feature.

Apple rated the iPhone SE with a water resistance of IP67, which means you can take it swimming for 30 long minutes at a max depth of 3 feet. The high resistance to both water and dust is a feature worth mentioning for a phone less than $400.


Battery Capacity

Upon release, Apple revealed that the iPhone SE has the same battery capacity as the iPhone 8. However, some users tested this claim and found it to be false – the iPhone SE lasts way longer.

If you played a loop video while on Airplane mode with 50% brightness, the iPhone’s battery would perform for approximately 15 hours, 45 minutes – which is hours longer than the iPhone 8 and the original iPhone SE launched in 2016.

Just like recent iPhones, the SE also supports wireless charging which is an impressive addition for a phone in this price range. Although the phone comes only with a 5-watt charger, it still supports fast-charging, which can refill 50% of the phone’s battery in 30 minutes.

We’ve done the research. Here’s the best price:

Hardware Performance

The iPhone SE operates with the newer A13 Bionic processor which is higher than the iPhone 8’s A11 processor. In the arena of performance, the phone scored far more than the iPhone 8 and has almost the same performance test results as the iPhone 11, 11 pro, and 11 pro max.

These performance results mean that the iPhone will launch apps at super speed and massive games like “Sky: Children Of Light” will perform with zero lags. If you’re a photo lover and are wondering if heavy AR apps like Wonderscope would work correctly, well the answer is yes.

Wrapping it up

Aside from the relatively small size and old iPhone design, this phone is a device worth purchasing because of its long battery life, excellent rear camera, and a performance that competes with the iPhone 11 pro.

There’s absolutely no doubt that this compact device from Apple is worth way more than its price.