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What Do We Think About the New Apple AirPods Pro?

The latest release of Apple’s AirPods went on sale the 5th of Nov. 2019, costing about $249 USD. It is a whopping $100 USD difference from the initial standard model.

However, this version of the AirPods is a high-ending version of Apple’s wireless earbuds. Also, with this new model, you really would not have to bother about noise as the new sleek design comes with a noise cancellation feature.

From many speculations, Apple was expected to make an announcement about the new product during their annual model launch event in October, but waited till later.  Be that as it may, there are quite some things users need to know about the new AirPods Pro.


  • Noise cancellation

As aforementioned, one of the sleekest features for this new Apple AirPods earbud is the noise cancellation.

Although to the earbud world, this isn’t really a new addition, to Apple, it entirely is. Furthermore, there is a strong  claim circulating from Apple, insisting that the new AirPods Pro is really the first in-ear headphones that can actively cancel noise.

How? This new earbuds have an outward-facing microphone that helps in detecting outer sound. Upon getting these sounds, the device counters the external sound to anti-noise, making it impossible for the wearer to hear any other sound. There’s also an inward-facing speaker that counter change any “escaped” external noise and makes it noiseless.

However, there’s an extra feature that makes the user have a transparent mode so they can be much aware of the happenings of their environment.


  • Different design feature

The new AirPods pro has a major design difference from the standard initial:  it comes with customizable silicone tips for a better fit.

Users can change the earbud  tips, which come in sizes S, M and L. The silicon tips are designed to perfectly expand to place in the individual’s ear, providing a one-of-a-kind experience when it comes to noise cancellation. Although the common interchangeable tips isn’t really a new earbud feature, yet again for Apple, it is entirely new.

  • Difficult to purchase

Of course, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise as enthusiasts rush to try to purchase AirPods Pro. In fact, for this particular accessory, you’re bound to see long lines of customers looking to purchase a pair.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you. Here’s the best price:


  • Extremely new features

Another innovation is that the new Apple AirPods Pro are now resistant from sweat and water. Also, there’s an expanded mesh microphone port feature, which improves the clarity of calls, especially during unclear circumstances, like windy situations.

Another excellent feature that comes with the new AirPods Pro is the ability to share audio. This innovation comes with the newly launched version of the iOS 13. You simply can listen to the same audio with an acquaintance that has a pair of AirPods pro in real-time, brillant!