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Enjoy BBQ Season with our Top 5 Picks

Are you looking for the perfect Grill to give your meal the traditional smokey flavour? The chances are that you need a barbecue that’s equipped with modern technology, easy-to-use, and zero hassle to clean. Fortunately, the five products listed on this post fit the description nicely.

This brief review aims to offer you some crucial detail about these cooking machines, and why they’re the perfect fit for your cooking skills.

Let’s begin!


1. Napoleon Travel Q TQ2225PO

First on our list is the Napoleon Travel Q TQ2225PO, which comes in a uniquely small size that makes the device light and easy to carry on camping trips, picnics, or any small event.

Although this portable Grill is compact, its cooking area is relatively spacious compared to its size. It has a surface of 225 square inches which is sufficient to cook some meals for a small gathering.

Additionally, the burners within this small machine produce a maximum heat output of 10,500 BTU – hot enough for virtually any meal.

This Grill weighs approximately 30 pounds, take less than 10 seconds to set up, and is easy to clean since its interior is made of stainless steel which doesn’t absorb grease.

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2. Napoleon Rogue 425

This Napoleon Rogue 425 is an attractive grill with two side tables which also fold to make it a compact and portable barbecue (50.98 x 22.01 x 45 inches). There’s a cabinet in front of the device for holding the gas cylinder which powers the burners.

In addition to its compactness, Napoleon included a set of wheels to the Rogue 425 which work to raise its mobility, making it easier to get the device from point A to point B.

One impressive feature of the barbecue is its automatic ignition system and the 3-part grill plates which light up the burners with just the push of a button. There’s also a fair amount of space in the machine with its cooking area of 3450 cm that can reach a max temperature of 42,000 BTU.

Ultimately, this Grill is the perfect choice for a small outdoor event in your backyard.

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Weber q1200

3. Weber Q 1200

Weber has been at the forefront of the barbecue industry for decades, and the release of the Weber Q 1200 validated their ranking as No1. The portable grilling machine is small enough to fit on top of a table, or in a reasonably large bag to take on your trips.

It is powered by liquid propane which resides in a canister that weighs merely one pound.

With the push of a button, you can ignite the burners which resides in a cooking area or 189 square inches and can produce a maximum heat output of 8,500 BTU.

Cleaning the Grill is a hassle-free task since it’s interior parts are made of porcelain-enamelled cast iron which does not retain grease or stains.

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4. Napoleon TravelQ PRO285

Like most grills in this review, the Napoleon TravelQ PRO285 is a very compact, portable and durable grilling machine.

Despite its small size, it has a relatively wide cooking area of 285 square inches with two burners that are powered by propane. The cooking section can reach a maximum heat output of 12,000 BTU which is almost impossible for a grill of this size.

There’s also a thermometer at the face of the lid grill to help you keep track of the temperature, so you don’t overcook or burn your meal.

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5. Broil King Baron 590

Although the Broil King Baron 590 isn’t considered “portable”, it embodies the primary characteristics an excellent grill must possess which include multiple features, an efficient design, durability, and enough space to cook a feast.

This Grill comes with five stainless steel Dual-Tube burners (along with side burners) that produce an impressive heat output up to 55,000 BTU which is powerful enough to penetrate even the thickest steak.

It also has a relatively massive cooking area of up to 805 inches, perfect for grilling a turkey and a few burgers together. Keep in mind though, that this Grill is very bulky and heavy, meaning it’s going to need a space of its own.

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Wrapping it up

So there you have it, a short review of the top 5 grilling machines to help show off your barbecue skills and share a perfectly cooked meal with your friends and loved ones. They are affordable, sturdy, and a must-have for every cooking enthusiast.

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