In our networking section, you will find everything that you need to set up your wireless internet or improve it. The first step is getting a modem, the internet service providers usually will give you a router, but if you want, you can always upgrade it, some modems are even wireless! In most cases, it will be wired and you’ll need a router to share the internet connection. There are many types of routers. Here you’ll find the best brands in the market such as Linksys, Cisco and ... View more Belkin. Always pay attention the transfer rate of each model, if your internet connection speed is high, you’ll need a good router to make the most out of it. Some routers are exclusively wireless, if you plan on connecting more than 1 computer by wire, it’s important to read the description before buying the product. After you get your wireless network to work, you might need wireless antennas or bridges to extend the range of your connection. If many computers that are far between are going to share the same connection, you might as well get a range extender too. If you’re experienced with servers, you’ll find Network-attached storage options, switches and a great number of KVM Adaptors. For people that don’t have the knowledge in servers and networks, there are wireless network cards for you to use on your computer or laptop, just plug them and connect your computer to a wireless network, those are good options specially if you’re travelling. Since it’s hard to find the best router or hub, a good advice is to take a look at our reviews and buying guides before buying the product, we’re sure they’ll help you! ... View less