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Welcome to our Mobility and Disabled Equipment section! For common disabilities issues like opening a can or a broken leg, for example, here you will be able to find amazing electrical can openers and a huge variety of canes, for all kinds of issues. Other than that, you can browse in here for wheelchairs, both electric or not, with bottles compartment and more. Holders, straps, clutches for carrying your canes and perhaps medicines are also here and you can browse through them and find the perfect product for your needs. Read More

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  • DeFancy Foldable Oxford Wheelchair Transfer Seat Pad for Patients
  • Edroy 912 Spring Clip Opticaid - Clip-On Flip-Up Magnifier - 1.5X 20"L Focal (912)
  • GAOMEI@Cane Seat, three-foot Cane Stool Cane Aged Aluminum v-belt Seat Walking Stick Cane Stool , wine red (9963289965594)
  • XUAN Walking Stick Stool Foldable Walking Stick for The Elderly Stool Aluminum Canes,Height Adjustable (6698794986569)
  • G&M Sitting Chair Chair For Pregnant Women Bath Chair For Elderly People Toilets Toilet Seat Stainless Steel Toilet Seat (6392131235685)
  • Flipstick foldaway walking stick/seat (Navy blue) (FL-PRO-FS01-BL)
  • Jeweler Loupe 30mm 16X Lens Magnifier Pocket Folding LED Light Magnifying Glass
  • Invisible Ear Care Portable Small Inner Right Ear Best Sound Amplifier Hearing Aids right ear (165496541)
  • Flipstick foldaway walking stick/seat (Vibrant yellow)
  • Elderly Old People Disabled People Crutches Cane Retractable Adjustable Height Light Non-slip Wearable Four-legged Cuffs Four-legged Crutch (216841651)
  • EazyHold Sippy Cup/Bottle Holder (2 Pack) for Special Needs - Universal Cuff – Adaptive Utensil and Drinking Aid - 100% Silicone (110)
  • High Quality Body Piercing Ring Closer Plier 6" (12220)
  • 1 PCS Insect Bug Viewer Magnifying Viewers For Kids Children Educational
  • Fold Adjustable Retractable Canes And Walking Sticks For Men And Women - Led Light And Cushion Handle For Arthritis Seniors Disabled And Elderly - Best Mobility Aids Cane 80-102CM (7984651312)
  • Chinook Cane Walker 3 Anti-Shock Hiking Pole (51011)