Mobility & Disabled Equipment

Welcome to our Mobility and Disabled Equipment section! For common disabilities issues like opening a can or a broken leg, for example, here you will be able to find amazing electrical can openers and a huge variety of canes, for all kinds of issues. Other than that, you can browse in here for wheelchairs, both electric or not, with bottles compartment and more. Holders, straps, clutches for carrying your canes and perhaps medicines are also here and you can browse through them and find the perfect product for your needs. ... View more And still talking about mobility and disabled equipment, here you will also find products for people who have low vision problems, so that different kinds of tech products from our daily routine are here, too but in a zoomed version! Feel free to browse through all the products you are looking for, and we do hope you find whatever you are in need of and, of course, for a great price! ... View less