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Welcome to our Mobility and Disabled Equipment section! For common disabilities issues like opening a can or a broken leg, for example, here you will be able to find amazing electrical can openers and a huge variety of canes, for all kinds of issues. Other than that, you can browse in here for wheelchairs, both electric or not, with bottles compartment and more. Holders, straps, clutches for carrying your canes and perhaps medicines are also here and you can browse through them and find the perfect product for your needs. Read More

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  • Grips Handle Power Push-UP Exercise Stands?Power Push ups 810
  • G&M Elderly deaf ear behind the ear rechargeable hearing aids hearing aid ear double , double machine (9826541879803)
  • MXXYY Healthcare H-11128 Lengthened Multi-Mover Plus Transfer / Slide Sheet - 3 People can lift£¬Black (6214505)
  • Betaoptics Waterproof Marine Binocular with Compass 7X50 (KC251L)
  • GAOMEI@Multifunctional three-foot cane walking stick cane stool aluminum alloy for the elderly Walker (9963289965563)
  • Water & Wood New 45x 22mm Jewellers Mini LED Magnifier Magnifying Eye Glass Loupe+UV Detector by Waterwood (1)
  • Bdeals General Purpose Precision Thumb Dressing and Tissue Forceps Tweezers 5.5" Stainless Steel (12236)
  • Carson SureGrip 2x Acrylic Soft-Grip Magnifier with 11.5x Spot Lens (SG-12) (SG-12)
  • Stealth Hearing AIDS Mini Mini Device Hearing Aid Left/Right Ear Amplifier(Left Ear Blue/Right Ear red), Red (165496541)
  • Hands Free Magnifying Glass with Light Neck Cord LED Illuminated Magnifier for Reading Hobbies Sewing Craft Work (1ey0ca3rm3vs3my7)
  • Bdeals 5" Dental Or Medical Surgical Jennings Mouth Gag Stainless Steel (W11202)
  • Folding Cane Seat Three leg walking stick with seat with Adjustable Height LED lights,Brown (554-541)
  • Carson SureGrip 2x Soft-Grip Glass Magnifier with 10x Spot Lens (SG-10) (SG-10AM)
  • LUCKYYYAN New ABS Medical Hair Washing Tray - Shampoo Basin - Wash Hair In Bed (8745022)
  • Mini Hearing Aids In Ear Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Invisible The Elderly Deaf Ear Care Tools (9424564789873)
  • Water & Wood Watch Eyes Loupe 5X Jeweller Optical Glass Magnifier Magnifying Len Tool by Waterwood (0516-152200011)