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Men's tops are the most proeminent piece of clothing in a men's overall visual. Therefore, if you want to look truly dashing, it is really important to be careful when choosing tops to buy and wear. Body shape, physique, occasion and style all need to be taken into consideration when shopping for these. To help you out with this tough decision, we have put together a buying guide that will explain the basic notions behind men's tops fashion. Armed with this knowledge and your own sense of style, you will certainly find the piece that will dress you perfectly.

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Buying guide

Hollister T-ShirtMen’s Tops

Apart from shirts, men’s tops and t-shirts serve as the backbone of their apparel. Although shirts are used for offices and formal events, it is the t-shirts and men’s tops that define them the best. Buying comfortable, body flattering and lightweight men’s tops would make one feel confident and secure, while buying a t-shirt which is perspiring or uncomfortable can result in one looking disheveled and could be unflattering.

Start by finding the right size

There isn’t a dearth of men’s tops and t-shirts in the market. But most of the times men end up buying a size too large or too small for themselves. That is the reason why some men may look unflattering and unattractive even if their stature and bodies appear to be fit. Therefore it is important to find the right size. When possible, try all sizes of the same top. Ideally, seams of sleeves should hang just above the shoulder. The same would hang below the shoulder if the larger size is taken and may hang between shoulder and neck if too small. For tops that are form fitting or made from Lycra, try the method of lifting up. In this method, too large a top would lift a lot. When buying such products online, most of the stores offer a chart with the top’s measures for each available size. Always take a close look at these charts and compare them with your own measures in the most accurate possible way.

Choosing between different styles

Shape and sleeve

Long Sleeve ShirtMen’s tops and t-shirts have a variety of styles. For starters, we have a number of different shapes and sleeve sizes to choose from. Men with wider or thicker arms without toned muscles and built biceps can opt for Long Sleeved tops. These tops are popular for colder weather and can be worn with a shirt of a different color to make a style statement. Long sleeves suit almost anyone, and are a good choice for many occasions – depending on the rest of the piece’s features, of course. No-sleeve tops, on the other hand, are much more inclined to men who have a more masculine shape, with larger biceps or broad shoulders. Men with smaller shoulders should avoid no sleeves as they will make one look petite. These are more suitable for outdoors and hot climates – definitely not for any type of formal occasion. Form fitting Short Sleeves can be worn by men with muscles or stronger biceps, while regular slack short sleeves are another wildcard choice and work in many different occasions and for many body shapes. Single color, dark hue loose t-shirts are also great at attenuating any possible beer-bellies or holiday extra weight. Shape Wear tops are particularly designed for men who wish to mold their body shape. Made from stretchy material, these durable tops squeeze the body and give a better body shape when worn beneath a shirt or t-shirt. When such adjusted tops are worn by themselves, however, they really highlight one’s physique – so keep that in mind. Tank Tops, ideally, must be worn during exercising and, as a general rule, be avoided for formal or even everyday wear – especially for those who are not in their best shape.


Men majorly have five types of neckline that should be chosen in accordance to one’s particular physique and style choices. Hanging just one or two inches from the base of the neck, High Crew Neck tops are commonly worn by youngsters for casual wear. These ones are apt for college and regular casual functions. High V-Necks are no lower than two or three inches from the base of the neck and work well for those men who have smaller necks and broader physique. It gives an illusion of longer neck, but men with leaner body shapes must avoid them. Collar Neck t-shirts are perhaps most popular form of men’s tops because they flatter everyone. These generally have High-V neckline that makes men look taller and flatters chest and stomach. Low V-Necks are generally found with collars and hangs further down the higher V neck. These are mostly worn by men who lift weights have their chest muscles pumped up. Recently, however, these have been popularized and worn also by leaner men to give a ‘hip’ feel to their look. Square Neckline is much rarer, and that’s for a reason: it is mostly found with tank tops and generally don’t flatter most of men's body shapes.

Jah Bless TankChoosing between different fabrics

Mostly men must opt for hundred percent cotton fabric as they are comfortable, lightweight, suit all seasons and flatter most physiques and body types. Otherwise, a blend of cotton and polyester must be chosen if one is worried about shrinking and wrinkling of cotton. Polyester alone can be best worn for sporting purposes. Men who are concerned about maintaining their t-shirts or have issues with their body weight can choose cotton and spandex that don’t shrink and wrinkle less often than regular cotton.

Things to remember

Choose screen printing for round neck tops and T-shirts. Such prints look better for lean men or those without broader shoulders. Wearing a vest is a great wildcard solution. This makes for a good fashion statement and can mold the body into a more attractive shape. To make a top semi-formal, team it up with a blazer. Blazers look better with high neckline and collar style designs. Cardigan lovers must opt for t-shirts without low V neckline styles or t-shirts with high V neckline. Keeping these things in mind and using Shopbot’s price comparison tools will ensure that you make the best possible acquisition when buying Men’s Tops online. Happy shopping!

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