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Welcome to our Men's Sportswear section! Here, you fill find a great collection of clothing appropriate for practicing different kinds of sports. These are available in many different stores for you to compare prices and find the offer that best suits your needs. With our buying guide, you can take a look at the most popular men's sportswear types and usage to help you decide what model to buy. Remember: movement, comfort and style! Happy shopping! Read buying guide

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  • The North Face nf0a2wla Men's Paramount Trail Convertible Pants
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  • Patagonia 83812 Men's Torrentshell Pants
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  • Patagonia 43647 Men's Capilene Thermal Weight Crew
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  • Arcteryx Men's Incendo Vest
  • Arc'teryx 12645 Men's Stinger Pant
  • 5.11 Tactical Series 64301 Women's EMS Pant (Black, 6) (5-64301-019-BLACK-6-R)
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  • Kappa Astoria Pants - Mens - Yellow
  • Arc'teryx 13632 Men's Stradium Pant
  • Garneau lab_lgn-6m58119b Altitude Sports X Garneau Men's Bib
  • Arc'teryx 19235 Men's Gamma LT Pant
  • Patagonia 43647 Men's Capilene Thermal Weight Crew
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  • Arc'teryx 17260 Men's Rho LT Zip Neck
  • Arcteryx Men's Mirrex Pant
  • Arcteryx Men's Stingray Pant
  • Arcteryx Men's Rampart Pant
  • Green Bay Packers Women's Majestic NFL "Dynamic Effort" Leggings Yoga Pants (KABL-751L-7T-3LY)
  • adidas Men's ID Long Sleeve Tee, L/G (BQ9696)
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  • ZhongLiXunYi Men's Daily Hoodie Solid Round Neck strenchy Cotton Long Sleeve Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer , black , m (6334074381029)
  • adidas Men's FreeLift Aeroknit, M/M (BR4156)
  • Under Armour Men's Armour Fleece 1/4 Zip Slub, Black/Graphite, X-Large (1299382-001)
  • Under Armour Men's Tech Popover Hoodie, Mako Blue/Graphite, XXX-Large (Under Armour)
  • Under Armour Men's Rival Fleece Fitted Hoodie, Midnight Navy/White, Large (1302292-410)
    $57.00 $58.49
  • Under Armour Men's Cotton Stretch V-Neck Undershirt – 2-Pack, White/White, X-Large (Under Armour)
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  • Under Armour Men's Threadborne Knit Henley, Black/Black, Medium (Under Armour)

Buying guide

Men SportswearMen’s Sportswear

For as long as humans have been playing sports, special outfits or the garments called sportswear have been worn to allow users to feel more comfortable and stretch or play games conveniently. Most of the sportswear is breathable and some of them have special functions. The design, stitch, material and need for different sizes vary from one sport to another. For instance, cycling jerseys will not be ideal for a golf practice. Therefore, while buying men’s sportswear, individuals must think about the sport they will be playing and accordingly choose a product that fits their requirement. Some of the famous sports and sportswear or accessories that men require are:

Ball Sports

When it comes to playing games and sports like rugby, football, soccer and basketball, men must opt for shorts or shorter length bottoms along with comfortable jerseys with lightweight material such as polyester. Different sleeve lengths can be chosen, for instance football jerseys are usually sleeveless while for tennis, rugby and soccer, people can opt for long and short sleeves. Make sure that the jersey is loose while form fitting shorts with compression material like Lycra must be preferred over others. This is because compression materials relieve stress and improve stamina. Socks that are long must be used for football and soccer as they provide protection. Tennis players can use ankle length socks. Blend of cotton and polyester can be preferred as they absorb moisture or sweat. But don’t choose dual synthetic as it can result in allergies and irritation.


For cycling, it is necessary that men must by tight and moisture absorbent clothes as they can help in compressing muscles, relieving stress and increasing speed or stamina. For off road cycle racing, loose and thick clothing shall be preferred as it protects rider from crash. While buying jerseys, men must focus on the length of the sleeve, choosing something that corresponds to the season. Blends of polyester and nylon or wool and bamboo can be chosen. Sweat wicking property is one of the factors that shall be considered while buying a cycling jersey. Look for something that has natural materials to ensure that they are anti fungal. For shorts, prefer either a waist high shorts that can be kept to the waist or choose bib shorts that are tied with a suspender. Both of them are more comfortable and stay in place while cycling. Synthetic materials such as Lycra and polyester can be chosen. Tights can also be selected, especially if one is cycling during autumn and winter or in areas of high altitude with wet weather.


For jogging and running, athletes must prefer comfortable clothing and buy t-shirts and shorts based on the season in which they are running. For those who practice it during wet, windy or winter season, windbreaker jackets can be used. Some of these come with water-resistant finishes that provide better protection. Different blends of t-shirts or jerseys can be opted for. Running shorts must be midway down the thigh and can be loose or tight depending upon the personal preference of the wearer. Tights similar to cycling tights can be chosen over others. For colder season, opt for tights that are made with cotton or similar materials as they have insulating properties.

Other Men’s Sportswear products

Other products that are used for playing sports include:


Used for warm-ups while playing sports, tracksuits can also be employed for running or jogging and casual wearing. Several popular brands have some of the best tracksuits at affordable prices.


Apart from jerseys, T-Shirts are another comfortable product that can be employed for a variety of sports, including cycling and golf. Most of the t-shirts are made from lightweight materials and can allow for better sports activity.

TrainersMens T-Shirts / Sports Vest

Trainers or sports shoes are an important part of men’s sportswear. Depending upon the sport that one is playing, choices can be made between casual sports trainers, running shoes and astro-turfs. Make sure that before buying one, you have ample idea about its general and suitable wear options.

Under Armor

Under Armor are vital for sportsperson who practice in too cold or too hot temperatures. These are thin vest that act as a second skin. Under armor are known for regulating body temperature and help maintain general fitness levels.


Socks are another important part of men’s sportswear. Long socks are suited best for playing sports on field, which includes football, soccer and rugby. They provide protection and comfort. Trainer socks till ankle length are great for cycling and tennis. Socks of normal length, like heels are known for offering cushioned support. They must be chosen in a blend of natural and synthetic material or in materials like cotton.

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