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  • Keep Leaf Insulated Lunch Box Planes
  • Keep Leaf Insulated Lunch Bag Fruit
  • Keep Leaf Insulated Lunch Bag Mesh
  • Heys Jo Jo Siwa Lunch Bag (Dlb-Jj02-20Bts) Pink 8
  • Thermos Radiance Dual Compartment Lunch Kit (C93101004)
  • Thermos Element5 Lunch Lugger Cooler Black/Grey (C63001006)
  • Safdie & Co. Zero Food 4Pk Bag Silicone 1L Clear 10
  • Safdie & Co. Zero Food 4Pk Bag Silicone 1.5L Clear 10
  • Thermos Freeport 6-Can Lunch Cooler (C76006WC4)
  • Thermos Brand 6 Can Cooler Blue (C85006006BL)
  • L Ku Lekue Reusable Silicone Food Storage Baguette Container Case Green Adjustable (6000.3401722)
  • Thermos Brand Funtainer Freestyle Lunch Kit Blue 0 (F5000NY6C)
  • Thermos Jurassic Park Lunch Kit Multi Color 0 (K22009FWC9T)
  • Heys Pj Masks Lunch Bag (Dlb-Pj05-20Bts) Blue 8 In
  • Packit Freezable Gel-Lined Soft Wine Bag Black & White (PKT-WB)
  • Packit Freezable Gel-Lined Soft Traveler Lunch Bag Black & White (PKT-TV)
  • Heys Avengers Lunch Bag (Dlb-A07-20Bts) Black/Red 8 In
  • Heys Spider-Man Lunch Bag (Dlb-Sm04-20Bts) Black/Red 8 In
  • Heys Paw Patrol Lunch Bag (Dlb-Pl04-20Bts) Pink 8
  • Heys Jurassic World Lunch Bag (Dlb-Jw07-18Bts) Blue/Black 8
  • Arctic Zone Jumbo Hardbody Lunch Box, Blue Blue #

Buying guide

Choosing your Lunchbox


Let your ideas flow in choosing your lunchbox

Since we are talking about buying a lunchbox, why don’t you let your crazy ideas flow? Your lunchbox will not really get displayed when you go for work and the only ones who will see it will be your colleagues. And they are your best chums anyway. You may be in love with one of the various superhero characters and want to choose a lunchbox with your favourite superhero character on it. This gives you quite some bragging rights if you are that passionate.


The types of lunchboxes you should look at

There are different types of lunchboxes that you can choose from.


The most popular lunchboxes are in the PlanetBox style. While these lunchboxes are extremely popular among kids, they are popular among adults as well. These lunchboxes are decently sized and have enough compartments to keep the variety of food more.


Are you one of those healthy types where you only eat selected dry stuff throughout the day, say dry fruits or energy bars (or even pretzels if you are not into health but prefer dry food anyway), then you don’t need an elaborate lunchbox. A lunch skin should do for you.


If your job involves a lot of moving about with your stuff, then a delicate lunchbox is not right for you. There are stainless steel lunchboxes to consider. These lunchboxes are not only sturdy, but the best designed ones are highly elegant too. You would almost want to show off your lunchbox.


These days you also find lunchboxes made of silicone. These are safe to use and durable too. And of course, these are lightweight.


The functional elements of lunchboxes

As far as the functional elements are concerned, given below are some of the points you should take care of.


You should keep the weight of the lunchbox in mind. If it is too heavy, you will have difficulty carrying it.


Size – you don’t want a lunchbox that is either too large or too small. If it is too large, fitting it inside your office bag will be a challenge and if it is too small, packing enough food inside it would be a challenge. You know how much food you consume when at work and accordingly choose the right sized lunchbox. Moreover, the lunchbox should also be sized so that it is not difficult to store when not in use.


Sections – if you are into mixing and matching your food and variety delights you, then more the number of sections, better it is for you. So, for you to keep your interest in food going, it is best to pack more than a couple of food items and this essentially means that you should look at a lunchbox with sections. Again, make sure that each section is appropriately sized to pack the food items.


Freshness and safety – there are lunchboxes that can keep unwrapped food items fresh and you should have a look at them. As far as your safety is concerned, you should look at those lunchboxes that are BPA-free. This would render it safe to pack food inside. Instead of going for plastic lunchboxes, you may want to look at those that are made of recyclable materials – this would keep the environment greener.


Washable – While you may love to buy a complicated lunchbox, keep in mind that you will need to wash it too. If there are too many complicated sections, the lunchbox may not get washed properly and this could easily result in illnesses and allergies and so on. Look for a lunchbox that is dishwasher safe and machine washable.


Which lunchboxes for which use?

Zipper lunchboxes have also become highly popular these days because they are convenient for everyone to handle. Some of the models with zippers include Offtrack lunch box, Fit-Fresh Charlotte floral lunch bag with ice core and Offtrack feminine lunch bag.


The most premium lunchboxes have to be the ones made of leather. Leather is an excellent material because it is durable, soft and lightweight. Some of the models to look for in leather lunchboxes are Ketto isolated fashion lunch bag, Ketto lunch bag, Blue Lady and Offtrack feminine lunch bag.


If you love one of the Marvel characters, there are two lunchboxes you may want to look at – Marvel's Avengers multi-piece lunch set and Marvel Avengers assemble lunchbox with embossed design.


If you simply want to look at the most popular lunchboxes online, the models for you to consider are Fuel Bento lunch box container, Zeca lunch bag, Fit & Fresh designer lunch bag and Genmert Bento 'Vibrant Tango' lunch box container.




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