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  • Targus Group International Targus APA32CA AC Adapter - 90 W Output Power - 2.10 A Output Current (APA32CA) - Targus APA32CA AC Adapter - 90 W Output Power - 2.10 A Output Curren
  • Lenovo Group Limited Lenovo ThinkPad 90W AC Adapter for X1 Carbon - US/Can/LA - 90 W Output Power (0B46994) - Lenovo ThinkPad 90W AC Adapter for X1 Carbon - US/Can/LA - 90
  • Lenovo Group Limited Lenovo AC Adapter - 65 W Output Power (4X20E53336) - Lenovo AC Adapter - 65 W Output Power-
  • New Genuine Asus GL752 GL752V GL752VW GL752VWM 180W AC Adapter Charger ADP-180MB F
  • New Genuine Asus X501LA X551CA X750LA AC Adapter Charger
  • Genuine Sony PCGA-AC19V7 VGP-AC19V16 120W AC Adapter Charger ADP-120MB
  • Aluratek Universal Laptop / Netbook Power Adapter ANPA01F
  • ASUS 180W G-series Notebook Power Adapter 90XB00EN-MPW010
  • Genuine Gateway Lcd Monitor Ac Adapter Power Cord 40 Watt ADP-40PH BB
  • Asus Zenbook Prime and TaiChi 65W ADP-65AW A AC Power Adapter
  • Genuine Dell Slim Latitude E7240 E7440 XT3 AC Adapter 6TFFF
  • Genuine Toshiba Pa-1181-02 PA3546E-1AC3 19V 9.5A 180W AC Adapter
  • New Dell GA240PE1-00 FWCRC 330-4342 330-7843 331-9053 Ac Adapter Charger 240W
  • New Genuine Acer Aspire M5-583 M5-583P R7-571 Laptop Ac Adapter Charger 65 Watt
  • New Genuine Asus X553 X553M X553MA AC Adapter Charger 45W ADP-45AW A
  • New Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20A7 20A8 20BT 65W Ac Adapter Charger Slim Tip 45N0322
  • Dell 7.4mm to 4.5mm DC Power Dongle Cable D5G6M 57J49 331-9319
  • Asus Zenbook Ux430 UX430U UX430UA UX430UQ 65W ADP-65AW A AC Power Adapter
  • New Genuine Dell Alienware M17x 210W AC Adapter PA-7E DA210PE1-00
  • New Genuine Asus X451 X451MA X551 X551CA X551MA X551MAV X751 X751MA Series 33W AC Adapter Charger ADP-33WB A
  • New Genuine Asus 0A001-00260400 N180W-02 180W AC Adapter Charger ADP-180MB F
  • New Proscan PLT1044 PLT1066 PLT1077 PLT1077G AC Adapter Charger DZS0502000
  • Dell Dell 3-Prong AC Adapter-180-Watt With 6 ft Power Cord - 180 W Output Power - 120 V AC 230 V AC Input Voltage - 19.5 V DC Output Voltage - 9.23 A Output Current (331-7957)
  • ASUS 90W adapter

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Laptop AdapterLaptop Power Adapters

Since their advent, laptops have become a pivotal part of human life. From socializing, to studying, to working or playing games, laptops have provided individuals with endless possibilities. They are quite portable and use a chargeable battery which can run for hours. Almost all laptops come with a charger or a power adapter that charges this battery. But sometimes, due to damages or other issues, laptop chargers may stop working correctly. This is one of those situations that every laptop user fears, as they to buy a new laptop power adapter to ensure that the notebook works fine. Currently, a wide range of brands provide laptop power adapters. But when it comes to buying one, users may be baffled by the range and different types of adapters that are offered in the market. So keep following factors and tips in consideration while purchasing a new laptop power adapter.

Know different types

All laptop chargers work in a similar manner. They provide stream of power through AC-DC adapter system. While one of these systems plugged in feature, the other provides charging feature through which the battery can be charged and the adapter removed once laptop has been charged to a desired amount. Currently, several kinds of connectors are available for laptop power adapters. These connectors are designed in such a manner that they fit the power port of a laptop. It is true that laptops use DC power connectors, but that doesn’t mean that a single power adapter can fit on all ports. Some of the most common connector types include:


1. Cylindrical connectors – They are hollow cylinders that are insulated and connect to power port of a laptop. They are also known as sleeve, tip, coaxial and barrel connectors.


2. Molex Connectors – Normally used for personal computers, these kinds of connectors feature electrical wires which are insulated and encased with 3 to 6 terminals of plastic case.


3. Snap and Lock – These chargers have 3 to 4 pins surrounded with metal cylinder, which is thin and provides power to a laptop.

Know laptop power adapter varieties

Different varieties of power adapter are available for laptops. Some of the common one includes, the travel charger, which is meant for excessive travelers. They are designed to be thin and lightweight and don’t have wires coiling in between. Because of the light weight, they are easily portable and come with adapters that can be used even in a car. The best part about these adapters is that they can be charged without the need for conventional electrical socket. Another type of chargers includes solar powered chargers. Meant for eco-friendly laptop users, these charges harness sun’s energy to charge a laptop. They don’t require plugging in, although a number of varieties come that can be plugged into an electrical socket in case solar energy isn’t available. The third variety of power adapters include USB port adapter, which can charge other devices along with laptop at the same time. These types of chargers are available in several varieties and can charge multiple products at the same time.

Manufacturer’s charger or different brand

Sometimes, users may find that manufacturer’s chargers are costlier than the different brands. Therefore, they may be struck in a quandary. In such cases, users must check out overall warranty of the charger to ensure that the product they buy, especially the one from different brand has durability. The customer can also choose between different types of universal chargers available in the market that can be used for different types of laptop. They are Laptop Power Adaptergenerally known as the generic charger as they work on a number of products. It is recommended that customers who wish to buy generic laptop power adapters must read about their compatibility online to know whether or not the charger would work for their laptop. Also, some chargers may also require additional plugs. So, read their specs.


Laptop power adapters have different power or wattage system. Therefore, adapters from 40 wattage to 90 wattage are available in the market. Smaller laptops can generally work with 40 W of power. Also, different laptops have different kinds of battery charging system, because of which they require different wattage. So, check with the manufacturer regarding the wattage that is most suitable for the laptop. Otherwise, the adapter can damage a laptop’s wiring.

Charger Features

While buying a laptop power adapter, several charger features must be taken into consideration. These features include the price of adapter, portability and compatibility. Prices can be compared online and the user can read about warranty and compatibility of different products while buying a charger. Also, portability is another factor that must be attended. Customers can know about the portability factor by reading about the type and size of the adapter.

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