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  • Ace Baby Furniture Rabbit Mobile Dress Up Clothes and Shoe Organizer Armoire MCR Colour: White (MCRWT1019)
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Pretend KitchenIntroduction

Pretend play or sometimes referred as the “creative play” or “dramatic play” involves creative imaginations and innovative expressions that are very important for the natural mental growth and development of a child. Kids love pretending what their parents and other elders in the house do. In fact they also take up different expressions of their teachers in school. By engaging in pretend play, kids earn the aspects and skills of interacting with others. For instance, the house and school pretend plays are very popular among the kids. When they play such simple pretend games they don't demand for too many fancy toys. Instead, they employ their creative minds and imaginations and enjoy playing the different types of pretend plays alone or with other kids of their age groups in schools, day care, neighborhoods, etc.

The trend

Studies have proved that pretend play supplies kids with the leading examples and models of life which help them in the long term, to apply the correct decisions and activities learned from the elders (parents and teachers). It encourages one's child to employ positive skills in life. Purchasing the right toys for pretend play for your child is a sound decision to stimulate them to engage in such activities.


The pretend play games are not just simple building games that your kids will enjoy and have fun with, but it also provide some life skills that are extremely beneficial in your child's growing and development process. Some of the popular pretend play games are kitchen sets, doll houses, schools and others, all of which encourage children to use their own imagination in a positive and realizing way.

Choosing the right pretend play

Toys and play design

The pretend play enables children to be whoever they want to be – teachers, parents, elder siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. They engage in pretending activities like cooking, teaching, taking care of the whole family, running their own business and so on. These kinds of pretend play games facilitate them to understand and get an insight of the daily activities that their parents and other elders have to undertake. Majority of the kids enjoy pretend play games even today and there is a great variety of pretend games available in the market, for children of all tastes. With the advent of technology, several tech toys have popped up, but the imaginative and creative pretend plays hold their important position. Getting involved in vivid imaginations also help building and improving the child's mental skills and pave the way for real life solutions and practical thinking.

Building skillsPretend dismantleable bike

You will be surprised to know that pretend play can help your child to build language skills. While engaging in various pretend plays your kid improves his or her vocabulary skills and learns so many new words that they would not have known through simple school work. Without your knowledge your child will imitate your words and even imitate your actions. Thus, as a parent you have to be extremely careful with your words and actions. Moreover, a child can also absorb new words from outside school, such as parks, kid parties, and other social events. Not to forget the television as well, from where kids today learn so many new things. In brief, pretend play games helps your kid to recognize the power of expression and hence he/she communicates and expresses the feelings through words instead of sign languages. Being so, is of utmost importance that you carefully consider which specific pretend play toy you are going to buy for your kids, and how that product is going to channel good actions into the fun.


The pretend play games for boys and girls are different because their interests are distinct from each other. The classic, age old dollhouse pretend game is very popular among baby girls. The doll house consists of small furniture, clothes for the dolls and all other important appliances. Your girl child will consider the doll as her own baby and will enact exactly like mothers would take care of their babies. If you want your daughter to gain maximum out of the pretend doll house game, you can help her with all kinds of items that are required for a baby. This will make the game more realistic and a lot more enjoyable for the child. You will find several types of boy pretend plays as well including train sets, giant trucks, bull dozers, construction vehicles and small cars etc. Boys love playing with their car toys imagining themselves in the driver's seat. Moreover, there are also some pretend games that are appropriate for both girls and boys. For instance, the dressing up games when the kids love decking themselves up with variable costumes like the doctors, nurses, astronauts, princess, fighters etc. Basically all kinds of pretend plays are fun filled and render enjoyment and thrilling experience to the kids. Apart from getting entertained, your kids can learn a whole lot of things about life in general. Thus, it is advisable to parents to encourage their kids to engage in pretend plays.

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