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Welcome to our Health and Beauty section! This is the right place to be when the subject is about personal care. You will be able to find a huge variety of products regarding make-up, fragrances and perfumes, mobility and disabled equipment, health products like quit smoking programs, skin care or alcohol testers, for example. In case you are looking for medicines, you can also check the pharmacy products and not only that, but personal care goods like massagers, shavers, sun care and tanning or even hair straighteners are here, too. ... View more Mobility and disabled equipment are also here, and there is a big variety of them. You will be able to find leg lifters, wheel chairs either electrical or manual, many different kinds of canes and lots of products that for sure will suit your needs. More than that, if you want to buy some make up, but still don’t know which one to take, please feel free to check on our expert reviews and buying guides, they will help you to choose the proper blush, eye shadow or foundations, for example. So please feel free to look for everything you might need and do not hesitate to use our tools to help you choose better the right proper that will suit your needs. Enjoy it! ... View less