If there is one way to add to the beauty of your bed, it is with a headboard. Headboards, in the initial days, were used to keep away drafts when people would lie down on their beds. They still serve the same purpose and the only difference is that they are better designed with different types of materials and the aesthetic angle has now got added to the design of these bed accessories. When you check online for headboards, there is a myriad range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs that you can choose from. Read buying guide

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  • Varick Gallery Sager Panel Headboard VKGL3963 (VKGL3963 28656741)
    $85.99 $215.99 60% off
  • Skyline Furniture Regal Tufted Upholstered Headboard SKY11711 (540TRGLOCN)
  • August Grove Della Panel Headboard ATGR2569 Size: Queen, Finish: White (ATGR2569 27437716)
  • Padmas Plantation Panel Headboard BWHB01 Size: King (BWHB01K)
  • August Grove Corneau Upholstered Panel Headboard ATGR2604 (ATGR2604 27437839)
    $115.99 $183.99 37% off
  • August Grove Della Panel Headboard ATGR2569 Size: Twin, Finish: Black (ATGR2569 27437710)
  • Mercury Row Upholstered Panel Headboard MCRR6174 (MCRR6174 28383240)
    $379.99 $545.99 30% off
  • Hillsdale Soho Open-Frame Headboard 1331 Series Size: King (1331-670)
    $351.99 $750.99 53% off
  • Home Loft Concepts Mandrian Upholstered Panel Headboard NFN2388 (NFN2388 26133319)
  • Brayden Studio Nichols Open-Frame Headboard BRSD4582 Size: Queen (BRSD4582 26833735)
  • Bay Isle Home Bostwick Upholstered Panel Headboard BAYI2218 Size: King (BAYI2218 28623438)
    $810.42 $1,112.42 27% off
  • Homestar Renovations Full/Queen Panel Headboard F2596460 / F3182460 Finish: Vintage Ebony (F2596460)
    $239.99 $305.99 22% off
  • Modway Isabella Queen Upholstered Sleigh Headboard MOD-5132-BLK / MOD-5132-BRN Upholstery: Black (MOD-5132-BLK)
    $165.99 $229.99 28% off
  • Lark Manor Nais Upholstered Panel Headboard LARK2475 (LARK2475 27993123)
    $355.99 $458.99 22% off
  • Loon Peak Granite Range Panel Headboard LOON2795 Size: Queen (LOON2795 27549992)
    $589.99 $699.99 16% off
  • Loon Peak Rockvale Slat Headboard LOON3415 Size: King / California King (LOON3415 27980289)
  • Darby Home Co Greenacre Panel Headboard DBHC4143 Size: Queen (DBHC4143 26833532)
    $599.99 $706.99 15% off
  • Loon Peak Bear Springs Panel Headboard LOON2064 Size: King (LOON2064 26718791)
  • Darby Home Co Enfield Panel Headboard DBHC4142 Size: Queen (DBHC4142 26833530)
  • Astoria Grand Johnby Panel Headboard ASTG1682 Size: Queen (ASTG1682 27551877)
    $569.99 $679.99 16% off
  • Breakwater Bay Bellemoor Upholstered Panel Headboard BRWT1805 (BRWT1805 32010454)
    $339.99 $727.99 53% off

Buying guide

Choosing your Headboard


Match the headboard size with the size of the mattress

Getting the size of the headboard right is your first priority and for this, the size of the mattress must be measured. The guide below should help you in this regard.


  • Twin size mattress - At least 75" long and 38" wide
  • Full or double size mattress - At least 72" long and 54" wide
  • Queen size mattress - At least 80" long and 60" wide
  • King size mattress - At least 80" long and 76" wide
  • California King size mattress - At least 84" long and 72" wide


Materials used in making headboards

As far as the material of the headboard is concerned, you can again look at various options.


Upholstered – these headboards are made of softer materials like velvet, fabric and leather. If you are in the habit of watching TV in your bedroom, this is the style for you. As you lean against the headboard, you will feel totally comfortable.


Wood – these headboards are available in various shades of brown and you can choose according to the colour of your bed and the other pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Wood headboards are extremely elegant and can perfectly match any décor.


Metal – you would want a metal headboard when you have a budget in mind. Metal headboards are usually more economical than the other options because they usually come in the form of rods. These headboards are long lasting and strong and can often render a vintage look to your bedroom.


The different styles in headboards

Now comes the matter of style and again, you have quite a few options to look at.


A panel headboard consists of two to three rectangular frames of the same size. These headboards have different types of including etched and carved. These can also have different finish depending on the paint.


A sleigh headboard is curved, with an upper backrest designed like a sleigh. The curves are usually simple and subtle and you can choose from the ones that have wings and the ones that don’t.


A bookcase headboard not only functions as a headboard, but also acts as a storage space for your books. If you are a bookworm, you don’t need to look beyond this type of headboard.


A tufted headboard consists of a pattern of stitches or buttons to add depth and dimension to it. This type of headboard is, in almost all the cases, made of softer fabric, leather and velvet.


Attached headboard or standalone?

If you are planning to buy a bed and then attach a headboard to it, then why not look for beds that have headboards as part of their design? In this case, you will not need to look at headboards again to ensure that the style of the headboard matches the style of your bed. But it may happen that you want to buy a headboard as a standalone unit. There are no issues with that except for the fact that you may need to look at more designs online.


Buy your headboard within your budget

Finally, the price… Headboards are available in different price ranges. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. The most economical ones are the metal headboards and the most expensive ones can be those that are made of leather. Search online and you should find a nice piece within your budget.


Which headboards for which use?

The size of your headboard has to be calculated. If you have a king size mattress, then the most popular options are FBG Lucinda Metal Headboard, Modway Clique Upholstered Headboard and A.R.T. Cosmopolitan Upholstered Headboard.


On the other hand, if you have a twin size mattress, look for models that include Williams Import Co. Breen Wood Headboard, Hokku Designs Marina Upholstered Headboard, Modway Lily Upholstered Headboard and Foremost Tessa Upholstered Headboard.


Upholstered headboards are considered to be the most luxurious and the most comfortable. For the best designs in these headboards, you should look at the models Modway Lily Queen Upholstered Headboard, Skyline Furniture Tufted Velvet Nail Button Upholstered Headboard, Dorel Living Queen Upholstered Headboard and Zipcode Design Alex Upholstered Headboard.


Many people prefer contemporary styles in headboards and thus, there are some fantastic models to choose from. Look at these models and you will be delighted – True Contemporary Modbox Espresso Floating Queen Headboard, FBG Winslow Metal Headboard, Hokku Designs Sarina Upholstered Headboard and South Shore Fusion Wood Headboard.

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