Granite Kitchen Sinks

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  • Jacuzzi AS-AL10RUSSK Astracast® Dual Mount Granite 5-Hole Single Bowl Kitchen Si
    $302.87 $497.58 -39%
  • Jacuzzi AS-WC10RUSSK Astracast® Granite Composite Single Basin Dual Mount Kitche
    $411.59 $676.64 -39%
  • Jacuzzi AS-GX20RUSSK Astracast® Granite Composite Double Basin Dual Mount Kitche
    $372.76 $612.81 -39%
  • Blanco 400575 Metra 9E 2 Bowl Corner Silgranit Sink with Drainboard - Anthracite
    $1,321.99 $1,889.00 -30%
  • Blanco 401138 Vision U 1.75 Bowl Undermount Silgranit Sink - Anthracite
    $385.54 $947.00 -59%
  • Blanco 401046 Metra X 1 Bowl Drop-In Silgranit Sink with Drainboard - Cafe
    $674.99 $965.00 -30%
  • Blanco 401126 Vision 1.5 Bowl Drop-In Silgranit Sink - Anthracite
    $622.99 $891.00 -30%
  • Alfi Brand Granite Composite 33.88" x 19.75" Double Bowl Drop In Kitchen Sink AB3319DI Finish: Black (AB3319DI-BLA)
    $579.99 $827.99 -30%
  • Blanco 400583 Precis U 1.75 Bowl Undermount Silgranit Sink - Anthracite
    $697.99 $998.00 -30%
  • Kindred KGDCR1U/8ON Mythos 1-1/2 Bowl Undermount Granite Sink - Onyx
  • Kindred KGS1U/8ES Mythos 1 Bowl Undermount Granite Sink - Espresso
  • Blanco 400368 Diamond 1 Bowl Drop-In Silgranit Sink - Cafe
    $565.99 $809.00 -30%
  • Blanco 401860 Lexa 8S 2 Bowl Drop-In Silgranit Sink with Drainboard - Cafe
    $725.99 $1,038.00 -30%
  • Blanco 401630 Diamond U Super Single Undermount Silgranit Sink - White
    $700.99 $1,002.00 -30%
  • Alfi Brand Granite Composite 33" x 19.38" Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink AB3322UM Finish: Black (AB3322UM-BLA)
    $609.99 $903.99 -33%
  • Nantucket Sinks 33.25" x 19.5" Double Basin Drop-In Kitchen Sink PR7030-BL Finish: Truffle (PR7030-TR)
    $609.99 $669.99 -9%
  • Alfi Brand Granite Composite 33.88" x 19.75" Double Bowl Drop In Kitchen Sink AB3319DI Finish: White (AB3319DI-W)
    $582.15 $830.15 -30%
  • Alfi Brand Granite Composite 33" x 22" Double Bowl Drop In Kitchen Sink AB3320DI Finish: White (AB3320DI-W)
    $589.99 $954.99 -38%
  • Polaris Sinks 21.63" x 16.88" Single Bowl AstraGranite Kitchen Sink P808 (P808BL)
    $659.99 $1,443.99 -54%
  • Alfi Brand Granite Composite 34" x 19" Drop-In Kitchen Sink AB1620DI-B (AB1620DI-B)
    $539.99 $928.99 -42%
  • Quiescence Farm Charm 33" x 19" Single Bowl Farmhouse Granite Kitchen Sink SI-FSP-3319 Finish: Baltic Brown (SI-FSP-3319-BB)
  • Quiescence Farm Charm 33" x 19" Single Bowl Farmhouse Granite Kitchen Sink SI-FSP-3319 Finish: Gold (SI-FSP-3319-GLD)
    $1,899.99 $1,999.99 -5%
  • Premier Copper Products 25" x 22" Apron Single Basin Kitchen Sink KSP3_KASDB25229 (KSP3_KASDB25229)
    $1,799.99 $2,477.99 -27%
  • Alfi Brand 17.13" x 17.13" Undermount Round Prep Kitchen Sink AB1717UM Finish: White (AB1717UM-W)
    $432.18 $606.18 -29%

Buying guide

Kitchens Sinks

Once there was a time when designers only focused on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen; but over the years, kitchen sinks and counterparts have become a quintessential part of home design. With a variety of kitchen sinks available in the market, home owners may find it difficult to have something that suits their needs and at the same time compliment their kitchen countertops. This buying guide consists of some basic points that can help one in purchasing a kitchen sink that provides a modern, efficient and an effective look to the kitchen.


A kitchen sink is a piece of equipment in kitchens that may use one or multiple bowls with support of a faucet, a drainage system and strainer for keeping the ambience clean and for washing utensils. Kitchen sinks may also be supported with fixtures such as sprayers or soap dispensers. Available in a wide variety, from gleaming stainless steel to array of colors, kitchen sinks are now designed in a way that they provide balance and fashionable functionality to your kitchen.

Choosing your kitchen sink


The choice of material for a kitchen sink is majorly based on the customers' requirements that take care of the practicality and aesthetic appeal, all at the same time. Depending upon the décor and fixtures of a home, following materials for sinks may be considered.

Width and size

It is the depth of a sink cabinet that necessarily determines the dimensions of a sink. Therefore, choose wisely. If you aim at having a single large sink that can be used for washing hands and for light rinsing doesn't require much depth. But those who cook frequently and need prep areas should focus on deeper sinks that can easily hold their pots and pans. Ideally, the depth of an average bowl is 8 to 10 inches, which makes it easier to soak, scrub and minimizes the chance of water splash. Considering one's height is essential for kitchen sink buying and installation to ensure that one avoids backaches.

Number of Bowls

Single bowl sinks are good for homes that have large diameter dishes or oversized pots. Most of them are as wide as 35 inches. Double bowl sinks on the other hand provide separate location for rinsing, washing, cleaning and food preparation. Together, they can take up to 50 inch space. Triple bowls have a smaller bowl for prep purposes and go as wide as 60 inches. Double bowl sinks should be preferred in regular homes, while triple bowl are option for those owners who require different sections for varied activities.

Holes and Mounting

Kitchen sinks may have one to four holes that can hold items such as soap dispenser, spray hose, filtered water or faucets. Choosing a sink based on one's requirement for holes is necessary. It is recommended that if a sink with more holes is taken, one should have decorative covers to conceal them. When it comes to mounting, drop-in sinks, which are dropped into a precut hole(s) works best for stainless steel kitchen sinks, while under mount works for sinks those aren't laminated and have solid surface or granite material. Tile in are put on tiled surface while integral come with kitchen countertops.

Which kitchen sink for which kitchen?

Cast Iron

Consisting of a durable surface with glass like finish on the top, cast iron sinks have an enamel layer that makes them easy to use and clean. The product is known for being heavy, with resistance from chip, cracks or burn. Made from recycled materials, this is an ideal option for Eco-lovers. Cast Iron Kitchen sinks also work well for homes that require exceptionally rich and deep colors for their kitchen sinks.

Stainless Steel

One of the most popular kind of kitchen sinks all over the world, Stainless Steel sinks are known for their affordability, durability and usability. Easy to clean, these sinks are mostly made from thick steel to avoid dents or scratches. Those who want simple and affordable sinks can go for this material. Make sure that the product has vibration damping foam insulation. Satin finish on top can help in hiding water spots.

Composite Granite

Great for homes that require durable kitchen sinks, composite granite offers sturdy and low maintenance surface. Available in a variety of compositions, colors and prices, these kinds of sink are known for complimenting kitchen counterparts and overall décor of the kitchen. This kind is a must for fashion savvy home owners.


Beautiful and functional, copper sinks don't rust and require minimal maintenance. Homes that use wood and stone kitchen countertops or interiors can opt for these kinds of kitchen sinks. These copper sinks are known for their anti-microbial properties and are known for creating healthier living environments. They can also be substituted with fireclay sinks.

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