Glass Chains and Necklaces

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  • 1928 Jewelry Silver Magnifying Glass Necklace (B00DRHDKUK)
  • Beatles Blackbird Lyrics Necklace Handmade Pendant Charm Gift (B079BL5LZ8)
  • Snowboarder Cufflinks Glass Snowboarding Cuff link Silver Men Cufflinks High ... (B06XJMP5GB)
  • Pokemon Keystone Necklace Mega Stone Cosplay Jewelry Gift Pendant Charm (B072ZYZCYJ)
  • cuff links for men Dart Board Cufflinks Round Glass Hand made Cuff Links men ... (B06XGWZ28H)
  • Lucifer Symbol Necklace Satanic Jewelry Gift Pendant Charm Chaoticfashion (B073KGB53W)
  • Bondage and S&M necklace Master & Slave handmade jewelry gift pendant charm (B074KL92SZ)
  • Fox Heart Necklace Cute Fox Heart Pendant Animal Jewelry Glass Heart Necklace (B06XJKBNSV)
  • Phantom of the Opera necklace Broadway jewelry gift pendant charm (B075WT5B98)
  • Siberian Husky Necklace Husky Pendant Jewelry Glass Photo Cabochon Necklace (B06XG25K5W)
  • Prince Symbol necklace Memorial R.I.P. handmade Purple Rain jewelry (B0734WTJK3)
  • Pokemon Evolution Wheel necklace Cosplay jewelry gift pendant charm (B072ZYG8MD)
  • round glass cufflinks Golden Compass cufflinks photo cuff link men shirts cuf... (B06XSFGC6K)
  • Infinity War Mind Stone Necklace Avengers Guardians Marvel Handmade Pendant Charm (B074TYK6R4)
  • Nikola Tesla Ball necklace jewelry gift pendant charm Chaoticfashion (B078N7DZ7B)
  • Baby Sloth necklace cute baby animals jewelry gift pendant charms (B071XM912S)
  • Magic the Gathering necklace I'd TAP That handmade MTG gift pendant charm (B0743XD7QF)
  • Steven Universe necklace Pink Gem Cartoon Cosplay jewelry gift pendant charm (B072V4YP51)
  • Galaxy Necklace Universe Space Gas Nebula Jewelry Gift Pendant Charm (B072V627Y8)
  • Infinity War Soul Stone Necklace Avengers Guardians Marvel Handmade Pendant Charm (B074V3LXNY)
  • Neymar Jr. Glass Soccer Jersey Necklace 2015-16 (B012LOI1S0)

Newest Products

  • ALDO Kedawen - Women's Jewelry Necklaces - White/Cream
  • Lenni Navarro Blue Crystals, Charms & Coins Multi Strand Bib Necklace
  • Emma Skye Stainless Steel Two Tone Key Enhancer Pendant With Chain
  • Bella Vita Sterling Silver Gemstone Adjustable Necklace
  • Michelle Albala Jewellery Designs 18K White Gold Tanzanite Pendant with Chain
  • Bronzoro Italia Twisted Spring 18.5" Necklace
  • Brian Bailey Necklace with Wood Ring
  • Elizabeth Taylor Jewellery Collection Simulated Diamond Starfish Necklace
  • Imperial Pearls Sterling Silver 8-8.5mm Freshwater Pearl & White Topaz
  • Imperial Pearls 14K Rose Gold 14-16mm Multicoloured Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace
  • PerlaViva Sterling Silver 13.5-14.5 mm Ming Cultured Pearl Necklace
  • PerlaViva Sterling Silver 9-13mm Ming Cultured Pearl Multi Strand Necklace
  • Heidi Daus Dramatized Necklace
  • Hillberg & Berk Sterling Silver Marina Necklace
  • Survivor Collection 10K White Gold Clear & Pink Swarovski Topaz Drop of Courage Necklace
  • Survivor Collection 10K White Gold Clear & Purple Swarovski Topaz Grace Cross Necklace

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