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If you thought that buying tablet-cases is easier than buying tablets, then think again. There are new models at new prices and you really need to dig deep to pick that perfect tablet case. Shopping does become easier when you choose online shopping – the options and prices are more and attractive respectively.

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  • Targus Versavu THZ634GL Carrying Case iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3 - Black
    $45.66 $62.99 28% off
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5"""" Book Cover - Black"
    $57.58 $79.99 28% off
  • Samsung Carrying Case (Book Fold) for 8"""" Tablet - Black - 8.44""""""""" (214.50 mm) Height x 5.14""""""""" (130.60 mm) Width x 0.62""""""""" (15.70 mm) Depth"
    $34.66 $44.99 23% off
  • Targus THZ703US Carrying Case (Folio) Tablet - Black - Drop Resistant - Hand Strap, Shoulder Strap
    $64.47 $79.99 19% off
  • Logitech Type+ Keyboard/Cover Case iPad Air 2 - Black - English, French Keyboard Localization - 7.2"""" Height x 10.2""""""""" Width x 0.7""""""""" Depth"
    $126.81 $129.99
  • Samsung EF-BT820 Book cover Case for Galaxy Tab S3 9.7"""" Tablet - White"
    $67.80 $89.99 25% off
  • OtterBox iPad Air 2 Defender Series Case - iPad Air 2 - Black - Drop Resistant, Bump Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Dust Resistant, Scrape Resistant, Scuff Resistant, Shock Absorbing, Impact Resistant - Polyurethane, Polycarbonate, Synthetic Rubber
    $59.10 $79.95 26% off
  • Kobo SleepCover Carrying Case Digital Text Reader - Black - Scratch Resistant - Polyurethane Leather
    $29.62 $44.99 34% off
  • Kobo SleepCover Carrying Case Digital Text Reader - Blue - Scratch Resistant - Polyurethane Leather
    $28.87 $44.99 36% off
  • Samsung Book Cover Keyboard for 9.7"""" Galaxy Tab S3 - Grey"
    $124.28 $199.99 38% off
  • Logitech AnyAngle Carrying Case iPad mini, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 - Black - Bump Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Weather Resistant, Spill Resistant - 5.8"""" Height x 8.3""""""""" Width x 0.6""""""""" Depth"
  • Samsung Ef-bt820 Book Cover Case For Galaxy Tab S3 9.7"""" Tablet - Black"
    $56.73 $89.99 37% off
  • HP Elite Carrying Case Tablet - Polycarbonate, Polyurethane - Shoulder Strap, Hand Strap - 0.6"""" Height x 12""""""""" Width x 8.6""""""""" Depth"
    $61.37 $69.00 11% off
  • Targus Fit N Grip Rotating Tablet case 7""""-8""""""""" - Black"
    $32.91 $42.99 23% off
  • HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket with Battery - for Tablet PC - 2 x USB Ports - 2 x USB 2.0 - HDMI - Black - Docking
    $150.76 $170.00 11% off

Buying guide


If you thought that buying tablet-cases is easier than buying tablets, then think again. There are new models at new prices and you really need to dig deep to pick that perfect tablet case. Shopping does become easier when you choose online shopping – the options and prices are more and attractive respectively.


What to look for in tablet-cases?

The size of the tablet case

The size of the case should be compatible with the size of the tablet. A smaller case will not fit and a larger size will look ugly. It will also pose hazard to the tablet as it may slip off while handling. When you buy a tablet, you know the size of it. Similarly, when you look to buy a case for it, you will get to see the size of the case too.

Material/type of the tablet case

Tablet-cases pick up a lot of dirt and dust and they start looking dull in no time. Hence, you should buy from those tablet-cases that are easier to clean. You can opt for printed vinyl that averts light scratches. Silicone cases provide shock absorption and are they are easy to clean as well. Rugged plastic and rubber covers provide additional protection to the gadget, whereas leather provides a luxurious finish. Your personal taste also has a say in which tablet case you would buy. The popular types are skin, sleeve, case, and folio. Tablet-cases today are available in all sorts of colours – from the standard black and whites to fluorescent hues. Pick up the one you like but make sure it doesn’t look garish!


How to choose your tablet-case according to your need?

Keyboard tablet case to work everywhere

These tablet cases come with stands for people who love to read online and work on their tablets like sending email, chat or write a lot. They have foldable stands. Such a case allows you to tilt your tablet at a comfortable reading or writing angle without you having to remove the case.

Leather tablet case for a fancy style

For fashion conscious people, there are designer tablet-cases made of leather that simply look stunning. There are expensive designed tablet cases as well as other designer cases that are not that expensive. Other than looking sophisticated, they provide enough protection to the gadget. If you are a frequent traveller (and you carry your tablet along everywhere), the safety of your tablet should be paramount in your mind. Hence, you are better off choosing tablet-cases that are made from sturdy materials like uPVC.

Waterproof tablet case for swimmers and divers

If you are looking for reading your tablet in the middle of a swimming pool or in the bathtub, you should have a waterproof case that protects your device from little drops of water accidentally going inside. Such waterproof are tablet cases are also dustproof. Sealed jackets made of plastic or rugged, heavy-duty waterproof covers provide great protection.

Tablet case for kids

You need such cases to prevent damage from accidental drops by children or if they spill things on the tablet. Also, the case should keep the kids entertained and therefore must have attractive designs. Some are made of flexible EVA foam, durable silicone etc. You can also get one stuffed animal tablet case or a wide legged case for your child to keep her thoroughly engaged.


What are the most popular tablet-cases?

Urban Armor Gear Composite Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 offers all around protection for your tablet. You can also use the stand on the case for mounting your tablet for easier viewing.

Samsung Book Cover Galaxy Tab S 10.5 not just offers protection to your Galaxy tab but also improves its appearance. The dark colour of the case makes sure that dirt and dust are not easily visible.

Samsung Simple Cover for Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is designed to protect your tablet and also to offer you great viewing angles for reading. It is also attractively priced for you.



Buying tablet-cases is fun because you have so many options in designs and colours to choose from. Go through the online catalogues of the top sites and you will surely fall in love with more than one case. Shop online so that you can save lots on your favourite tablet case.

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