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Gadgets can be roughly divided into two categories: “Novelty Gadgets” which offer original, offbeat products with a largely ludic purpose; and “Practical Gadgets” which provide actual functionalities – very specific ones most of the time – for everyday activities. Read below to know more about some classic products in each category.

World's Easiest DietNovelty Gadgets

These devices really come in all forms and shapes. Many of them are conceived from simple ideas that take an extreme or unexpected twist, such as the “Wrongulator”, a calculator that always gives the wrong answer and works wonders as a prank gift. Maybe one of your friends is really good at math and needs some help to get an answer wrong – who knows? These items are really aimed at just having fun, with limited / eventual practical utility. The “beer goggles”, for example, are goggles which fit into beer bottles and can make for a nice way to not lose track of which beer is yours. But, in the end, it is really more about the laughs than the actual functionality.


A “Horse Head Mask” can be a good asset for costume parties and freaking people out in general, while a 6-pieces fake mustache kit can help you dodge ex-girlfriends and yakuza hitmen alike. “Sudoku Toilet Paper” mixes entertainment and hygiene while also making sure that you have an adequate outlet should you get frustrated with the game. Our online selection is particularly useful for buying products such as these. We generally don’t have a very specific idea in mind regarding novelty items. For that reason, being able to check hundreds of options without leaving home is a good substitute for spending hours between different stores and corridors. Here in Shopbot you can easily and comfortably take your time choosing from a vast collection of novelty gadgets.

Practical GadgetsRobot Vacuum

A practical gadget is something that can be used frequently by a particular group of people. Some of them are more comprehensive while some others are very specifically aimed, while some others work as accessories for cars, smartphones and computers. An example of a comprehensive practical gadget would be the “Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner” which is a smart self-controlling unit that takes actions based on sensors and on a preset cleaning route set beforehand by the user. This can be a useful asset for anyone who’s willing to spend some money for it. Tabletop USB-powered ventilators are also very comprehensive units, albeit limited to countries where hot climate is a problem. A “One Trip Grip” allows for many plastic bags to be carried at once much more easily, which is a feature that most people can benefit from.


More specific practical gadgets include things like a ring that doubles as a bottle-opener for those who are always hunting for a party, whistle-controlled key finder for the forgetful people and windproof USB-charged cigarette lighters for smokers. Pen and watch video cameras can also be considered as useful utilities for some people, although they are mostly used just for fun. Things like the “Cleaning Mop Slippers” can also be considered useful, if only a little bit silly. Whatever use you might end up giving (or not giving) to the gadget, the best part about them is that they are incredibly personalized.


Since there are just so many options, you are bound to find something that looks like it was made specially for you or someone you know. The most important tip here is: search deep and come back often! These things come and go from the market incredibly fast, so keeping up to date is a must for finding a great item. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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