In our gadgets section, you’ll find some of the best electronics that will improve the way you do a lot of things. If you love reading, you know that carrying a lot of books is not easy, but now with so many e-book readers, this task is much easier. The best options are the Kindle, the Sony PRS and the Kobo. Not only they're portable, but they’re wireless and some have 3G. E-books tend to be cheaper than their physical copy, and you can even download e-books for ... View more free. The Amazon reader uses a very specific extension of files called .mobi, while the other devices use .epub, and some libraries let you borrow e-books with the .epub extension. In this section, you’ll also find a variety of digital photo frames to show everybody your favorite pictures. The best part about it is that you won’t be limited to a single picture. You’ll be able to showcase a whole selection of pictures. Some of the gadgets can also serve as an alarm clock. But if you’re looking specifically for a clock radio, we have a huge variety of models that will provide a good sound quality and show you the right time with a big display, just like all clocks should. If you like nature, you’ll find the best telescope for you to behold the stars and the best rifle scope for you to go rifle hunting with the best gear possible. Don’t forget to take a look at our buying guides and reviews to make sure you’re getting the right product. ... View less