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  • Outsunny 30" Round Firepit Backyard Portable Fireplace Patio Stove with Poker and Spark Screen
  • Outsunny 28Inch Round Firepit Backyard Folding Fireplace Patio Stove with Poker and Spark Screen
  • Outsunny 32Inch Square Fire Fit Outdoor Steel Firepit Backyard Patio Garden Stove w/ Rain Cover
  • Akerue Corona Cast Iron Wood Burning Chiminea 30075 (30075)
    $161.99 $179.99 10% off
  • Napoleon Allure™ ? Wall Mount Electric Fireplace NEFL42FH (NEFL42FH)
    $789.00 $889.99 11% off
  • Oakland Living Butterfly Cast iron Wood Burning Chiminea 8016 Finish: Antique Pewter (8016-AP)
  • Natural Concrete Products Co Random Stone Concrete Wood Burning Fire Pit RSFP (RSFPG)
  • DeckMate Corona Cast iron Wood Burning Chiminea 30075 (30075)
  • EsschertDesign Steel Foldable Fire Pit Spark Screen FF103 (FF103)
  • Napoleon Direct Vent Wall Mount Gas Fireplace GDIZC-N (GDIZC-N)
  • Napoleon Direct Vent 5th Avenue Linear Wall Mount Fireplace LHD50N (LHD50N)
  • Dimplex Multi-Fire XD Wall Mount Electric Fireplace PF2325CG (PF2325CG)
    $899.99 $1,018.99 12% off
  • EsschertDesign Cast iron Wood Burning Chiminea FF109 (FF109)
    $219.99 $349.99 37% off
  • Good Directions Copper Charcoal Fire Pit 77 Size: Medium (771)
  • Fire Sense Bellante Propane Fire Pit Table 62195 (62195)
  • Fire Sense Barzelonia Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit 62241 (62241)
  • REZFurniture Bottle Clay Wood Burning Chiminea FNBC Finish: Red (FNBCRG1)
    $209.99 $253.99 17% off
  • BJFS Urth Concrete Natural Gas/Propane Fire Pit BJF.UTH. Finish: Graphite (BJF.UTH.GH.G)
    $2,698.66 $3,506.66 23% off
  • AKDY Freestanding Electric Fireplace Insert WF-FP0028-AK / WF-FP0029-AK Size: 17.24" H x 23" W x 8.15" D (WF-FP0028-AK)
    $219.99 $380.99 42% off
  • Pleasant Hearth Avalon Propane Gas Fire Pit Table OFG900T (OFG900T)
  • Touchstone Sideline Wall Mount Electric Fireplace 80014 (80014)
    $559.99 $825.99 32% off
  • CalFlame Natural Stone Propane / Gas Outdoor Fireplace FRP908-NA (FRP908-NA)
  • Varick Gallery Stewart Contemporary Electric Fireplace Insert CI1393 (CI1393 12510950)
    $295.99 $624.99 53% off
  • Homestar Flamelux Electric Fireplace Insert CLOVA23D / CLOVA28WD Size: 24" (CLOVA23D)
    $259.99 $292.99 11% off

Buying guide

Choosing your Fireplace

7797-Anywhere Fireplaces Chelsea Wall Mount Bio Ethanol FireplaceThe different types of fireplaces available

The first consideration is, of course, the type of fireplace for you to choose. Here are the most popular options in fireplaces.


Electric fireplaces – these are the most cost effective fireplaces that produce heat by heating the coils inside. Some of these fireplaces also have inbuilt fans to distribute the heat. These fireplaces don’t produce actual flames and are safe for pets and kids. An electric fireplace is easy to install because it doesn’t need vents and even easier to maintain.


Gas fireplaces – these fireplaces are extremely efficient in producing heat and use liquid propane or natural gas as fuel. You have the option to choose between those that need vents and those that don’t. Gas fireplaces are among the most beautiful of all fireplaces and can be easily operated.


Wood fireplaces – these are the traditional fireplaces that add rustic beauty to your home. The idea of adding logs to the fire to light it up is quite an adventurous one. Many people also love the smoky aroma that the burning wood causes. However, these can be expensive and need proper maintenance and you should hire professionals for cleaning from time to time.


Gel fireplaces – these fireplaces use gel fuel and hence there is no need for vents. The installation process is minimal and the maintenance is even simpler. These fireplaces have nothing to do with your energy bill.


7797-Anywhere Fireplaces Tribeca Free Standing Bio Ethanol FireplaceThe fireplace mounting options

Now that you know about the different types of fireplaces, you should also know about the mounting options.



Freestanding fireplaces can be placed anywhere without the need for making any structural changes to your home. They can be attached to walls if you want to. You can also have these fireplaces built around your entertainment centre.


Wall mounted

Wall mounted fireplaces can be placed both indoors and outdoors. These fireplaces can have mantels or left bare depending upon your choice. If you choose a bare version, you can design the fireplace as per your personal preferences.



If you have a wood fireplace and want convert it, your best choice is one of the gas fireplaces or electric fireplace inserts. These fireplaces can be serviced from the front and are available in plug-in or hardwired styles.



These are the simplest of fireplaces that are almost exclusively used outdoors. These fireplaces are placed on a table and people crowd around them. Some of these fireplaces are extremely good looking and can add a lot of glamour to the surroundings.



Look at the energy consumption

Now let us move on to the more basic points and one such point is energy consumption. You would’ve got it by now that all the fireplaces except gel fireplaces consumes some form of energy. If you are looking to buy an electric fireplace, pay attention to its BTU – higher the BTU, better is the heating performance. If you are planning to buy a wood fireplace, ensure that you can source the wood easily.


Get the best designed fireplace


Don’t forget the design aspects of fireplaces. When you look for fireplaces, keep in mind the setting of your living room. You should buy a fireplace that gels in with the furniture and fixtures already there in your living room. 

Look at the safety angle


And of course, keep the safety aspect in mind. Pets and kids can get harmed if they go too close to a fireplace and you should have the security in place accordingly. If required, buy proper accessories that keep everyone safe.


Which fireplaces for which use ?

7797-Touchstone 50 Electric Wall Mounted FireplaceThe most popular fireplaces in some of the online stores in Canada are worth considering. We’re talking about Paramount Barcelona Curved Tempered Glass Wall Mount Electric Fireplace, Touchstone 50" Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace, Anywhere Fireplaces Chelsea Wall Mount Bio Ethanol Fireplace and Nu-Flame Canello Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fuel Fireplace.


Gas fireplaces are among the most economic and the top models to look at are Blue Rhino UniFlame GAD1001B LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl, Sunjoy D-OF005PCO Euro LP Gas Fireplace and United States Stove Company AGDV12 Ashley Direct Vent 11,000 BTU Gas Heater.



Electric fireplaces are extremely popular because of their safety feature and you should consider models like Paramount Barcelona Curved Tempered Glass Wall Mount Electric Fireplace, Touchstone 50" Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace, Bionaire Electric Fireplace Heater and CorLiving FPE-105-F Electric Fireplace Insert.


The best tabletop fireplaces include Anywhere Fireplaces Metropolitan Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace, Nu-Flame Incendio Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fuel Fireplace, Nu-Flame Irradia Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fuel Fireplace and Nu-Flame Lampada Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fuel Fireplace.

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