A fan or a ceiling fan can offer quite a few benefits, power saving being one of the major ones. Ceiling fans also reduce the dependency on air conditioners and other comfort appliances. When you feel that the air conditioner is too cold, just turn on the ceiling fan and you will be most comfortable. But yes, you need to purchase the best ceiling fan for total comfort. Make the right choice and you will see your energy bill going down by almost 30%. Read buying guide

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  • Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Purifier Heater Fan
  • Dyson AM06 Desk Fan
  • Honeywell 10" Oscillating Table Fan HT-906 (HT-906)
    $41.99 $80.99 48% off
  • Vornado Pedestal Vintage Whole Room Air Circulator 17" Floor Fan CR1-0244- Finish: White (CR1-0244-75)
    $294.99 $318.99 8% off
  • Lasko 38" Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote T38301 (T38301)
  • MLV36BNK4L - Litex - Maksim - 36 Inch Ceiling Fan with Light Kit Brushed Nickel Finish with Wench Wood Blade Finish with White Glass - Maksim
  • Royal Sovereign 20" High Velocity Air Circulator - RAC-HV20
  • Optimus Exhaust Fan FNOP5286 (FNOP5286)
  • Vornado Pedestal Vintage Whole Room Air Circulator 17" Floor Fan CR1-0244- Finish: Green (CR1-0244-17)
    $294.99 $318.99 8% off
  • Ventisol Mini Mesa 20cm
  • 96-BEL-3382193 - Bailey Street Home - Argoed Road - 56 Inch Semi-Flush Ceiling Fan with Light KitPolished Nickel Finish with Grey Blade Finish with Frosted White Glass - Argoed Road
  • Casablanca Fan 60" Fellini 5-Blade Ceiling Fan 55035 (55035)
    $439.99 $749.99 41% off
  • Westinghouse 6" Li-Ion Rechargeable Fan White 6 Inch (WSRF807WH)
  • Kichler 60" Ferron 2-Blade Ceiling Fan 300160 Finish: Polished Nickel with Clear Champagne Blades (300160PN)
    $559.87 $847.99 34% off
  • Fanimation 56" Bayhill 4-Blade Ceiling Fan LB250VZ (LB250VZ)
    $585.99 $739.99 21% off
  • Fanimation 50" Edgewood 5-Blade Ceiling Fan TF910BL / TF910OB Fan Finish with Blade Finish: Black With Black Blades (TF910BL)
  • Fanimation 50" Edgewood 5-Blade Ceiling Fan TF910BL / TF910OB Fan Finish with Blade Finish: Oil-Rubbed Bronze With Dark Cherry Blades (TF910OB)
  • Fanimation 52" Builder Series 5-Blade Ceiling Fan BP210MW1 / BP210OB1 / BP210SN1 Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze with Cherry / Mahogany Blades, Glass Type: Amber Glass (BP210OB1)
    $222.30 $234.00 5% off
  • Monte Carlo Fan Company 52" HomeBuilder I 5 Blade Ceiling Fan BF1-BS / BF1-BZ / BF1-WH Finish: Brushed Steel (BF1-BS)
    $125.99 $139.99 10% off
  • Fanimation 60" Edgewood 5-Blade Ceiling Fan TF971OB (TF971OB)
  • Fanimation 52" Breckenfield 5-Blade Ceiling Fan FP7951OB / FP7951SN Fan Finish with Blade Finish: Oil-Rubbed Bronze With Walnut Blades (FP7951OB)
    $389.99 $589.99 34% off

Buying guide

Choosing your ceiling fan


Choose the correct size

One size doesn’t fit all ceiling fans. The modern ceiling fans can range between 30cm and 2m in width. To make sure that you are able to buy the right ceiling fan, you need to know the size of your room. The total area of the room and its height needs to be calculated. Finding the size of your room is easy. Calculate the length and breadth of your room and multiply the values to find out the size. If your fan size doesn’t complement the size of the room, there is a problem. If the fan blade span is too small, there will hardly be any movement of air. If the blade span is too large, the air will not move properly and the energy consumption will be more.


Do you want a fan with lights?

There are ceiling fans that have lights attached to them. It’s your personal choice whether you want a ceiling fan with light or without light. It is true that some of the ceiling fans have beautiful lights attached to them and the lights are able to create a magical effect inside a room. To find out what you should do in this regard, better visit an electronic appliances showroom and see a few ceiling fans in action.


The control mechanism should be convenient

The control mechanism of the fan is another point to consider when making a purchase. There are 3 options available to you here. Option 1 is where the fan control is in the form of a switchboard and is installed in one of the walls of the room. This control usually includes a regulator that can increase or decrease the rotation speed of the blades. Option 2 is where you have a pull chain attached to the fan. This chain, when pulled, can control the speed of the fan. Option 3 is a remote control and this is one of the more sophisticated controls that you have available. Of course, the price also goes up accordingly.


Buy as per your budget

Price is another point to consider when choosing ceiling fans. When you visit the marketplaces, you could get a small heart attack as you look at the price tags associated with some of the models. Yes, ceiling fans can be prohibitively expensive, but that doesn’t mean that you have to buy the priciest one. There are plenty of budget models available and you can still get nice breeze generated by these fans. A bit of research and comparison should help you here, and internet is a fine place to do so.


Which ceiling fan for which use?


Depending on the height of your room, the installation of the ceiling fan has to be decided. When the height of the ceiling is less than 2.5m, a flush mount ceiling fan is recommended. For rooms with height between 2.5m and 3m, ceiling fans with downrods are required. If the height of the room is more than 3m, a fan with an extended downrod is required. The slope of the ceiling also plays a role here. If the ceiling slope is 32° or more, a sloped adapter is required to install the fan on the ceiling.


There are some more measurements to keep in mind when you are planning to buy a new ceiling fan. 1. The distance between the ceiling and blades should be at least 20cm; 2. The distance between the blades and the walls should be at least 50cm; 3. The distance between the blades and the floor should be at least 2m. 4. The distance between the blades and a light fixture should be at least 1m. So, the size of your ceiling fan should be calculated accordingly.


If you are planning to buy a ceiling fan with lights, there are three options you can choose from. You can choose between halogen, fluorescent and LED lights. The Martet Trisera range of fans with lights are certainly worth looking at.


The style of your ceiling fan should match with the rest of your room. Some of the options that you get in the style quotient are contemporary, antique, tropical and rustic. See a few examples of all the styles so that you are able to make the right choice. There are fans with 3 and 4 blades and it is easy to figure out which one would suit your room. Fias Ramo is a fine looking four-blade ceiling fan.


Ensure that you have a look at ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans. You will save a lot on your energy bill every month.

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