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  • Pink Lipstick Lingerie Bound Girl Black Bodysuit in S/M (20013-BLK S/M)
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  • Baci Suit Inspired Grey Chincher in XL (BLC006-GRYXL)
  • Baci Mauve Satin and Black Lace Cincher in XL (BLC011-PKBXL)
  • Neva Nude Unicorn Tears Sequin Starry Nights Pasties (UNI-STR-NS)
  • Neva Nude Black Malice Star Pasties (BM-STR-NS)
  • Neva Nude Freaking Awesome Happy Birthday Balloon Pasties (FA-HBD-NS)
  • Baci Rock and Roll Black Pantyhose in OS (BLW471)
  • Baci Perfectly Sheer Black Lace Panty in OS (4008 BLACK OS)
  • Elegant Moments Sky Blue Lace Top White Sheer Thigh Highs in OS (1791)
  • Elegant Moments One of a Kind Black Fishnet Garterhose in OS (1351)
  • Elegant Moments Long Sleeve Opaque Bodysuit in OS (1436B)
  • Elegant Moments Oh la la Blue Lace Teddy in OS (1370)
  • Rene Rofe Lingerie Crotchless Femme Fatale Panty Black in S/M (1047BLK S/M)
  • Magic Silk Luv Lace Red Bustier & G-String Set in S/M (B473REDMED)
  • Fever Wigs Commando Costume in L (28905L)
  • Fever Wigs Army Major Costume in L (45331L)
  • Fever Wigs Arrested Cop Costume in S (45310S)

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Erotic Lingerie

Erotic lingerie is the piece of clothing worn by women as it is used to be sexually aroused and sexually satisfied. This type of lingerie is used only for romantic and love-making scenarios. Basically, it is used to excite the libido and intimacy of any couple. The term “erotic” is matched into the underwear worn by women in order to give an indication that these are to be used to intensify sexual pleasure or to elevate desire. But what really is the difference that it makes from any other undergarment? The dissimilarity is that typical lingerie without the term “erotic” does not look so sexual and does not even suggest being intimated at all. The visual appeal is also a factor when it comes to the erotic lingerie. The design, for starters, has to be very specific as it can be the deal maker or the deal breaker in many sexual encounters. Weird but true. Erotic lingerie is not only for those skinny women, it does come in plus sizes. When buying the perfect pair, it is a must to know what fits best and what will look more seductive on you. Other that than being a simple prospect for sexual arousal, erotic lingerie can also be a costume for role-playing events and even those who are joining competitions for beauty queens and even for ramp modeling.

Benefits of Erotic Lingerie

Wearing the right type of lingerie at the right kind of scenario or occasion is important. If you are a married woman and would love to surprise your partner, it is really essential to find the right type of lingerie. Note also that the lingerie is just like any other clothing that can bring out the flaws, or, accentuate the features. Just like how a full figured plus size woman can feel as sexy as a small one. Same goes to those who are super skinny and can look rather seductive and voluptuous.

Types of Erotic Lingerie

There are hundreds of thousands of different styles and kinds of erotic lingerie sold. However, it is important to know first what the basics are in order to get a clue on where to look next.


Yes, the very basic panties. It comes in various styles such as the bikinis, tango, thongs, shorts, slip, and etc.. Some erotic panties are styled in a see-through or super thin way that does not really give any covering for the sensitive parts but actually comes across as rather exposing them. That is typically what arouses most men, the thought that there is barely anything there. There are panty types like the sheer thong, lace teddy, baby doll, or the pearl G-string which are all very fashionable and attractive in their own ways.


The corset, also known as the bustier, is the one that is used in order to lift the breasts and make it look more firm and in a way, bigger, it is actually a secret trick used by many women of these times. It has a way of making someone who is near being flat chested, look like someone who has a bust size C or D. Not only is the corset used for shaping and holding the torso into the desired form and shape to look hotter, but it also has the medical and aesthetical effect. Corsets can also help make the body looks slim and trimmed as it also makes the waist looks even sexier. Not unless, the partner chooses to take everything off, then there’s no excuse. The example of this erotic lingerie is the high in love bustier or the medium red skirt. It looks really tight and well-fitted. It has the upper portion that is made to cover the busts and the belly. This will definitely make any guy impressed as it has a way of making a woman look fresh, young, attractive and sweet.


The Peignoir is the translucent gown often decorated with attractive accessories such as laces. It has the fit which typically embraces the body and makes the features more visible. At first look, it’s as if the peignoir is somewhat inappropriate for affecting sexual interest, however, it is quite attractive to men. Mainly because it has the aura of being conservative and yet is intriguing, it actually helps men to picture their partner without the clothes on. This is also a wonderful tool for those who are experimenting with their sexual life. One example of the sexual peignoir is the fishnet fever chemise thong which is best represented by bold colors. Fishnets look transparent and somewhat exposes the entire body of the woman wearing them.

Camisoles and Shorts

This erotic lingerie is classified for being sexy and yet gives extra comfort to the one wearing it. The v-cut chemises and the booty-hugging shorts are especially demanded as it makes curves more noticeable. The camisoles and shorts are also great in showing off the décolletage of a grown woman.

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