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E-readers have come a long way in renewing the reading interest among people. While there are readers who refuse to move away from printed books, there are a lot who have already switched to e-readers. The reason? E-readers are much more convenient because one device can have multiple books stored in it. E-books are less expensive than printed books and there are some excellent books that are available on e-readers that are otherwise not available in the printed format. And people also say that they contribute to the environment by reading books in e-readers. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteChoosing your e-reader


Consider the screen resolution and backlight

In the standard e-readers, you see e-ink screens with monochrome display. The e-ink renders the screen similar to actual paper and is easy on the eyes for reading for long periods of time. Some of the modern e-readers either have backlights and some of them have edge lighting. In both these cases, you don't need to read in a lighted area. And you can also change the brightness and intensity of the light so as to offer comfort to your eyes. You will also find some inexpensive models without backlight and you can only use them in lighted condition. In any case, it is best to use e-readers in lighted conditions for the finest reading experience.


6” screen or more?

The most popular e-readers are those with six inches screen. Consider the bestselling e-readers and you will find the same screen size. This makes these devices extremely easy to carry. They fit into the hands and can be used for easy reading. However, there are also those large screen e-book readers that are extremely convenient for those who have problems with their eyesight. Just keep in mind that it's not just the size of the screen that makes it easier for you to use an e-reader. There are also other elements like the quality of the e-ink and the screen resolution and so on. So, it's not just size that matters here.


Kobo Aura H2oHow easy are the controls?

Typically the controls are provided on either of the buttons and you can also find controls in the touchscreen and where the controls are in the form of combination of both. If you use an e-reader where the controls are on the buttons, you will find the device respond more accurately. Touchscreens tend to be more intuitive. Buttons can be sometimes cumbersome to use and touchscreens may become smudged and lag in executing your commands.


What e-book formats are accessible?

There are various formats of e-books and not all the e-readers support all the formats. EPUB, PDF, TXT and HTML are the most popular e-book formats in use and some of the e-readers have their proprietary formats. AZW, the proprietary format of Amazon, can only be accessed on a Kindle. It is up to you to go through the details of the individual e-readers and find out what formats can be accessed on them.


Internal and external storage

Since e-readers are meant to store multiple books at the same time, you should look at a device with large storage space. This would mean that you can read any e-book when you want to. You may want to look at an e-reader that also supports external storage. In such a case, all your e-books can be stored in the external storage device and not compromise the performance of the e-reader.


Sony reader pocketBattery life and music

Always choose an e-reader with long battery life. Most readers last several weeks under intensive use. This is especially useful when you are on the road and there is no way you can charge your e-reader. And for extra entertainment, look for e-readers that also allow you to listen music and more and can access apps from the app stores. These are extra features that some users scoff at because, for them, an e-reader is an electronic replacement for printed books and they want nothing more.


Kindle v Kobo

Amazon Kindle and Kobo E-Reader are the two most popular brands in this segment. There is very little to choose between the two. While Kindle has better backlight, Kobo’s is not bad either. You may feel that Kobo is easier to handle and carry than Kindle. As far as the software is concerned, Kobo’s is definitely better than Kindle’s with more fonts and better ease of reading. As far as the cost is concerned, Kobo is less pricey than Kindle. In terms of popularity Amazon Kindle is at #1 and is closely followed in second place by Kobo.


Which e-readers for which use?


If you are interested in Amazon, the Kindle e-readers are simply classy. You can choose between Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (photo 1), Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle Keyboard.


Kobo also has some fantastic e-readers and the top models are Kobo Aura H2o which is also waterproof (photo 2), Kobo Touch, Kobo AURA HD 6.8IN EPD and Kobo Glo.


For a combination of touchscreen and buttons, opt for the Sony Reader Pocket (photo 3).


Among the large screen e-readers are Boogie Board Original 8.5" LCD eWriter and Boogie Board Sync 9.7" LCD eWriter.

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