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  • Plan Toys Parking Garage
  • Oval Xylophone by Plan Toys (640502)
  • PONYLAND Spring Horse Ride on with Sound BF-034 (BF-034)
  • Levels of Discovery Kiddie Ups Carousel Rocking Horse RAB20003 (RAB20003)
  • Birch Lane Kids Giraffe Rocker BLK2836 (BLK2836 31542119)
    $88.99 $178.99 50% off
  • Rockabye Rosie Elephant Rocker 85075 (85075)
    $115.99 $189.99 39% off
  • Birch Lane Kids Bear Rocker BLK2837 (BLK2837 31542120)
  • Birch Lane Kids Horse Rocker BLK2840 (BLK2840 31542123)
  • Qaba Plush Standing Rocking Horse 330-037 (330-037)
    $107.99 $127.99 16% off
  • Qaba Plush Giraffe Kids Ride On Rocker 330-040 (330-040)
    $94.99 $127.99 26% off
  • Qaba Plush Rocking Horse 330-041BK Colour: Pink (330-041PK)
  • Happy Trails Wooden Rocking Horse M400003 (M400003)
    $149.99 $229.99 35% off
  • Happy Trails Plush Wooden Rocking Horse M400007 (M400007)
    $159.99 $254.99 37% off
  • Children's Factory Moulded Rocking Horse CF910-069 / CF910-070 Colour: Orange (CF910-070)
  • Little Tikes Rocking Horse in Magenta 619854 (619854)
  • Authentic Models Museum Victorian Rocking Horse RH006 (RH006)
    $3,299.99 $4,452.99 26% off
  • Little Bird Told Me Chester and Fred Rocking Horse LB3020 (LB3020)
    $289.99 $305.99 5% off
  • Viv + Rae Gilda Chevalier Rocker VVRO6444 (VVRO6444 34270065)
    $177.99 $189.99 6% off
  • Qaba Kids Plush Spring Horse-Style Rodeo Bull with Realistic Sounds 54-0016 (54-0016)
    $176.99 $190.99 7% off
  • Qaba Plush Ride On Rocking Horse 330-034 (330-034)
    $91.99 $127.99 28% off
  • Zum Toyz Rocking Horse 2076 (2076)

Buying guide


If you are planning on buying wooden toys for your child, it’s a great decision that you have made. Today plastic toys have invaded the market and most of the kids are hooked to computer kid games. Wooden toys make a refreshing change in this scenario. The great thing about wooden toys is that they are durable and environment friendly. There are several varieties of these toys that you can buy and you should have your hands full deciding when you visit an online store.


5084-wood_rocking_horseChoosing your Wooden Toy


Why should you buy wooden toys?

Why buy wooden toys when there are cheaper options available? There are several reasons to choose these toys.


  • These toys are age old and help in the mental and physical development of your child.
  • Wooden toys are safe for your child to use.
  • Wooden toys are highly durable.
  • Buy wooden toys and your child will spend more time away from computers and smartphones and tablets. This is good for them.
  • When you buy wooden toys, you help the environment.


Buy wooden toys from specialized websites

Wooden toys are not available in every online store and you may need to find those specific websites where you can find these toys. This means that you will need to spend some time online so that you are able to pick up the toys that your child will like. Usually, you can use filters and find wooden toys appropriate for the age of your child and you should use this functionality so that your child is constantly engaged. Colourful and bright wooden toys are what you should seriously consider.




5084-caterpillar_wood_trailPopular wooden toys

Wooden games for kids are of many types. On one hand you have those wooden building blocks – when your child plays with these building blocks, a positive psychology gets instilled in them. The fact that they are able to construct something also improves their confidence.


Wooden trains are also excellent playmates for your kid. When the train zooms around in its tracks, your child is absolutely delighted. These toys are useful in the sense that they are able to develop the concept of speed and motion, something that will be used by your child throughout their life.


Apart from building blocks and trains, there are other wooden toys that are highly nostalgic. Because these toys are durable, you can even keep them for your child to look at these when they grow up. It would be nice for your child to remember their childhood at an adult age.


Options in wood

Wooden toys can be made of hardwood as well as softwood, the latter option is usually cheaper. Hardwood wooden toys, however, are sturdier and more long lasting. When you look for these toys, there are specific wood varieties that you should consider and these include black cherry, hickory and white pine.





What to consider in safety?

As far as safety is concerned, there are three points for you to consider.


Safety aspect 1 – you should buy wooden toys that have been properly sanded so that the edges and the surfaces are smooth. This ensures that there are no splinters in these toys and your child cannot get a piece of wood lodged beneath their skin.


Safety aspect 2 – you should ensure that no harmful chemicals have been used in varnishing and painting the toys. While this information is hard to get, one way you can ensure this is by buying branded wooden toys.


Safety aspect 3 – like the other toys, wooden toys can also have a choking hazard, especially when you buy building blocks and such. Make sure you keep an eye on your child when they play with their toys.


Wood is a completely natural element and doesn’t emit harmful gases. Hence, wooden toys are absolutely safe for your child.


Don’t forget to compare the prices of wooden toys

While wooden toys are more expensive than plastic toys, you can still save money by comparing the prices across online stores. Keep looking for those discount periods when you can also save money through free shipping (if not anything else).



Which wooden toys for which use?

The most popular wooden toys are the rockers. There is no beating the quality of these toys. The most popular wooden rockers you can find include Happy Trails Dusty The Rocking Horse, Rockin' Rider Domino Stable Horse, Plan Toys Large Scale Palomino Rocking Horse, Happy Trails Dagwood Dragon Rocker and Little Bird Told Me Pixie and Fluff Rocking Horse.


Apart from horses and dragons, there are also other animals that find their place in the designing of wooden toys. Some of the most popular ones include Happy Trails Cam the Rocking Caterpillar, Happy Trails Felix The Rocking Fox, Happy Trails Hamlet Pig Rocker, Happy Trails Henrietta the Rocking Hippo, Happy Trails Leo the Rocking Lion and Happy Trails Kali and Little Joey The Rocking Kangaroos.


Apart from animals, there are other items that are designed as wooden toys. Two that you should consider are Rockabye Trax the Train Rocker and Rockabye Bi Plane Airplane Rocker.


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