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Buying guide

Dildo Cyberskin Cyber Cock W Balls MediumHow to Choose the Perfect Dildo for You


Size does matter in a dildo

Size is what your first consideration should be when purchasing a dildo. Consider both the length and the girth of a dildo when deciding on the size. If you are not sure what size you should buy, you could try a standard size and based on your experience, get a more accurate size. The other option is to insert your fingers into yourself to gauge the level of comfort. This should give you a good idea about the size.


Check out the shapes to fulfil your requirement

Dildo shapes are varied keeping in mind the requirements of the customers. For instance, you need to think how you are going to use it. Are you only going to insert it into yourself or your partner? Or do you need something that can penetrate both your partner and you? Or are you looking for a strap-on dildo that can help you in role play. The requirements can be different, but there is a solution for each and every one of your envies.


Pipedreams Products Basix Fat Boy FleshSmooth or textured?

As far as the shape and texture of the dildos are concerned, you again have a wide range of options to choose from. There are straight dildos and there are curved dildos; there are smooth dildos and there are dildos with swirls, bumps or ridges and there are dildos that are shaped in a specific way for a specific purpose.


What material should you choose?

Dildos can be made of different materials. Go through the pros and the cons of every material so that you are able to decide even better.


Latex – These dildos are almost lifelike due to the extreme flexibility of the latex material. But some people are allergic to latex.


Jelly – These dildos are the supplest of all dildos. These are the most flexible ones and feel completely real. They have a translucent appearance that also makes them look lifelike.


Nasstoys Double Trouble Slender BenderGlass – Glass dildos are perhaps the most beautiful of all dildos. These can be shaped in all sorts of ways and offer the right kind of hardness. The only issue with these dildos is that they feel cold and sometimes, too hard.


Silicone – If you want a dildo that makes you feel that you have a real penis in your hand, go for a silicone dildo. These dildos are odorless and are extremely easy to clean after every use.


Cyberskin – If you want an even better experience than silicone dildos, opt for cyberskin ones. The dildos made of cyberskin are completely realistic.


Do you want it really hard?

Your decision of buying a particular dildo should also depend on your need for hardness. Two dildos made of the same material (except glass) can have different grades of hardness. This is one point to keep in mind because at the end of the day (or night), what you are looking for is pleasure. Think about how hard you prefer a dick to be in you or in your partner and make your choice…


DreamToys Chocolate Chip Glass DildoTop Dildos for Each Use


As mentioned, cyberskin dildos are the most realistic of all dildos. If you are looking for ones made of cyberskin, some of the top selling products are Cyberskin Cyber Cock-Natural, Wildfire - CyberSkin Beer Can Cock and Cyberskin Cyber Cock W/Balls Medium (photo 1).


That brings us to the topic of testicles. There are dildos that are shaped like the penis and there are dildos that also have the testicle sac under the penis. If you are looking for one with testicles, consider Doc Johnson Naturals 3 Inch Mini Cock With Balls, Pipedreams Products Basix Fat Boy Flesh (photo 2) and Blush Novelties Sweet N Hard.


There are double penetrators in dildos, the ones that can insert vaginally and anally at the same time. Some prefer these dildos for extreme pleasure. These dildos can be with straps or without straps. The bestsellers in this category are Pipedream 6 Inch Double Penetrator Hollow Strap-On, Nasstoys Double Trouble Slender Bender (photo 3), California Exotic Novelties Art Deco Ac/Dc Double Dong and Fun Factory Share.


Glass dildos are the hardest dildos and some prefer these ones. They love the hardness inside as well as the quality touch those pleasure objects provide. Some of the finest glass dildos include Don Wands Blue Ruling Wand Glass Indulgence Dildo, Pipedream Products Icicles #60, DreamToys Chocolate Chip Glass Dildo (photo 4), ns novelties Crystal Noir Seduce Glass Plug and DreamToys - Blueberry Twist Glass Dildo.

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