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  • Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber (B3925)
    $171.98 $181.98 -5%
  • Rubies Costume Ghostbuster Deluxe Children's Costume with Blow Up Proton Pack, Large, Size 12-14 (883418_L)
    $43.41 $59.99 -28%
  • Grease Pink Ladies Jacket (28385S)
  • Rubies Costume Co Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Hoodie Costume, Medium (889576_M)
    $22.27 $38.79 -43%
  • Disney Frozen Elsa Costume (Small 4-6) (3279789)
    $52.31 $67.46 -22%
  • Adult Bear Costume X-Large (FUN2092)
  • Spirit Gum Adhesive and Remover Set (CIAD001)
  • Disguise Costumes Elsa Toddler Classic Costume, Medium (3T-4T), One Color (83179M)
  • Star Wars Animated Deluxe Eva Clonetrooper Captain Rex Adult Costume Standard (150008)
  • Disney Aladdin Deluxe Princess Jasmine Costume Adult Large 12-14 (179136)
  • Cosplay Anime One Piece Roronoa Zoro Earrings costume. (yamasaki8370)
  • Goods Narikiri Super Mario & Luigi wind hat Set Costume (japan import) (43173-43676)
  • Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber Yoda (HS-3744)
  • Rubies Costume Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Child's Donatello Costume Top and Eye Mask, Small (889573_S)
    $18.72 $29.00 -35%
  • Disguise Costumes Belle Child Disney Princess Beauty and The Beast Wig, One Size Child, One Color (17806)
  • Fun Costumes boys Big Boys' Ringmaster Costume 2X-Large (18) (FUN1612CH)
  • Jail Bird Orange Jumpsuit Prisoner Adult Costume - Standard Size (RUB16342ECQXL)
  • Baby Mini Mouse Tutu One Piece (0-3 months) (babtutu)
  • Star Wars Classic Deluxe Chewbacca Child Costume Size: Medium (7-8) (FBA_RU82019LG)
  • Disguise Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Luigi Child Hat, One Size Child (73753)
    $12.45 $17.00 -27%

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Basically, the word “Costume” refers to the dress or wardrobe which is specifically worn by differing nationalities and cultures on countries as well as several places around the world. The artistic classifications of the distinctive styles in the costume are basically dependent upon the personal motivations and history of the person or the people in that certain area.

Types of Costume

Costumes, are not only for the traditions and beliefs of people, it is also used as a dress code or like a uniform worn on different affairs and occasions anywhere. Sometimes, costumes are used to portray a particular role depending on which and what character they are imitating.

Theatrical Costume

This are the type of costumes widely used for plays, films, and theater performances. Costumes serve as the internalizing factor that bridges the gap between the future and the past. It is also a very effective way in which the actors and actresses get to feel more comfortable and true to life with the characters they are playing.


Most theatrical costumes are exaggerated and are made more captivating and out of the box. If you are in the business of acting, you can probably say that wearing a costume makes it so much easier to internalize the role you are portraying at the moment. Not only that it gives you more confidence, it can also make the audience captivated on the story of the skit.

4440-Costumes > SantaCostume

Children Costume

The children types are one of the most loved by fashion designers and costume makers. Most children love the fact that they can wear anything depending on the role they want to play or the role they loved from their favorite cartoon.


Children are the easiest to dress up as they can be anything they want to be like cowboys, princesses, fairies, pirates, nurses, polices or whatever they want to be and still look innocent and charming.

National Costume

The National Costumes are the ones used around the world for a particular celebration or in order to remember and give recognition to something historical. Most of the national costumes are based on a historical event like the freedom of a country. However, other national costumes are celebrated worldwide like HalloweenChristmas or even Easter.


Most people do it for the sense of paying their respect to the person or to the occasion. But then again, you cannot blame those who do it for fun and just for the sake of having to play around with clothes. Still, whatever the reason a person has, the national costumes are the most common of all and are worn on specific dates and seasons all over the world.



The Mascots are the most playful and the most creative kind of costumes. It has been around for several years and it has been one of the most famous types of costume. That is solely because mascots do not require a particular season to be able to wear it. Mascots are most of the time found on huge sporting events, birthday parties, fast food chains, and even business acquaintance parties. They are somewhat the life of the party and they make the scene more interesting and less boring.


4440-Costumes > NinjaCostume

Most often than not, mascots are what seems to be the most scary costume for little children. It is because they are anything but common and they look twice the size of an actual human being. The animals are also part of the play by play mascot costumes and are most of the time imitated through it. One of the outlets where mascots are found is in movies. Basically, directors and story-tellers choose a mascot instead of a real bear or a wildlife creature or even a monster in order to keep it safe and not too dangerous for the casts of the film.


The mascot is a great alternative in order to save money and keep everything under control because through that, it is possible to tame the wildlife creature or make them look trained, even if the one inside the mascot is just a person.

Benefits of Wearing Costumes

The benefit of wearing and having a costume is boundless. It can make something to look a lot more fun and can really create an ambience of happiness and an experience that is much more memorable. When you are wearing a costume, it is actually an indicator that you have a talent when it comes to fashion sense. That just means that you can mix and match with clothes and even do it as a profession if you want to.


To be honest, there is not really a personal benefit that can be given by the costumes. Nonetheless, when it comes to preserving the culture, taking entertainment to the next level, giving kids something to remember from their childhood, or creating an environment that is full of camaraderie, bonding and unity, then that is the greatest benefit of all.

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