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If you really want to shine at a costume party, you can't simply wear a green suit and call yourself The Riddler! You would need his cane, his tophat, purple gloves and many interrogation marks to flaunt around. This is the right category to find all items of this nature, making your costume the most complete and fun of all. Check out buying guide and catch some pointers on how to choose the ideal accessories for your costume. Happy shopping!

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Buying guide

Costume Accessories

Beautiful necklaces, fancy shoes, elaborate angel wings, a stunning bag or an eye patch, accessories are the things that can make or mar the look of a costume. Whether it is a fancy formal event, a themed wedding party, Halloween or a birthday surprise, it is the costume accessories that provide intricate and elaborate detailing to an outfit. The use of correct accessory can help any wearer transform her/his overall and turn into a particular character that they wish to play. While clothing can bring a transformation, it is the little details of accessorizing that actually make a person look or feel like a character. After all, one doesn’t simply look like Charlie Chaplin by wearing a black suit with a bow tie. One needs the correct type of moustache, a round hat and a cane to suit the characteristics of the legendary comedian. This buying guide will help one learn about costume accessories and how their subtle detailing can create the desired effect.

What’s the event?

Is it a birthday party, a Halloween event or a themed wedding surprise? The choice of costume and costume accessories must depend upon the event and age group of individuals attending an event. For instance, a joker with balloons and a hat or a pirate with an eye patch and a sword will befit events like a birthday party, similarly Angels and Demons with angelic wings or hell cane look perfect for Halloween. So, before deciding upon a costume and looking for apt costume accessories, make sure that you know about the event and have a fair idea of what will suit as a costume.

Choosing correct accessories

Accessorizing is a crucial part of dressing in a costume. Therefore, once the costume is decided, one should begin to choose correct accessories. Now, the idea here is to see some pictures from the internet. For instance, look for Charlie Chaplin images if that is the character that you want to embody. See the images and look for subtle hinting at the accessories such as Chaplin’s shoes, the kind of hat he wore and the thin moustache that adorned his face. The ensemble should be observed carefully and accordingly similar accessory products should be chosen.

Accessories that looks best for Halloween

Halloween is one of the major events in Western world where people dress up in a variety of ways. Halloween celebrates the oneness of elaborate costume dressing and that is the day when one needs to focus on costume accessories to ensure that their ensemble looks the best and attracts attention from the crowd. Some of these costume accessories can help bring freshness to one’s look.

Fake Blood

From evils to devils to ghosts’ dress ups, everything on Halloween seems to require blood. Therefore, fake blood is one of those products that can make scary Halloween outfits appear interesting. Adults can directly use fake blood purchased from market. But kids should only be given edible fake blood as they tend to taste such things. Edible fake blood is mostly prepared from items such as chocolate syrup and food coloring.


From birthday parties to Halloween, dressing up like Johnny Depp in Pirates of Caribbean is a favorite with kids. Apart from that, kids also love dressing up as Samurai Knights, Ninjas or certain mythological character. Therefore, to give them more realistic look, fake swords can be an option. Ensure that the sword is accessorized in such a manner that it provides a unique look to the outfit. For instance, ninja sword should be elegantly tied onto the back while pirate’s sword is tucked with the waist belt on the front. These are the little details that add flare to a costume.

Fake MustacheAccessories that can be used for different events

Face Paints

For scary birthday surprises, dressing up like an evil witch or zombie can add lots of fun to a party. To make sure that one gets into the character, face paints are necessary. Adults can go for Geisha character and use white face paints with detailed accessories for hair to look like a Japanese Geisha. Such accessories will instantly make one the centre of attention.


Wigs are an essential part of costume accessories. Whether one is wearing the Captain costume from Star Trek or trying to look an older grandpa, the need for a wig is necessary. Wigs, whether bald look or the beehive like that of late singer, Amy Winehouse will give depth to one’s character and make one appear instantly recognizable.

Angel Wings

Themed wedding parties, Christmas parties and several other occasions have people wearing angel costumes. For the same, angel wings are a necessity. They can also be added to princess costume to give one an angelic look. Feathers or light wings can be used for giving a desired effect to one’s outfit.

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