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A Sofa is the most important investment of your living room and there are a number of sofa types available in the market. Your decision will depend upon the design, looks and theme you will be going to incorporate in the room. If you are confused about what should be considered or how to make a sound decision, here is the solution. Just read this buying guide carefully and at the end, we are sure that you will have enough insight of what sofa will rock your days at home! Read buying guide

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  • 100 Essentials Flora Left Corner Daybed Sectional Piece with Cushion 8006966 (8006966-B1562BJ-070)
    $2,149.99 $2,499.99 14% off
  • Southern Motion Viva Recliner 2577205-11 Type: Recliner Wall Hugger Power Plus (2577 plus 205-11)
  • Chelsea Home Gamma Loveseat 424170-02-L (424170-02-L)
    $829.99 $889.99 7% off
  • Southern Motion Crescent Leather Reclining Sofa 874- 906-21 Type: Power Headrest Sofa (874-61P 906-21)
  • Southern Motion Crescent Leather Reclining Sofa 874- 906-21 Type: Sofa (874-31 906-21)
  • Southern Motion Crescent Leather Reclining Loveseat 874- 906-21 Type: Console Sofe (874-28 906-21)
    $2,349.99 $2,539.99 7% off
  • Brayden Studio Cusson Tufted Sofa BRSD7805 (BRSD7805 28372051)
    $1,499.99 $3,317.99 55% off
  • Hokku Designs Azula Upholstered Sofa KUI6337 (JEG-9251-TG)
  • Hokku Designs Pascal Transitional Sofa KUI6329 (JEG-8736-TG)
  • Hokku Designs Pascal Transitional Loveseat KUI6328 (JEG-8736-MW)
  • Benetti's Italia Beladonna Sofa Beladonna Sofa (Beladonna Sofa)
    $3,999.99 $4,299.99 7% off
  • Benetti's Italia Catalon Sofa Catalon Sofa (Catalon Sofa)
  • Benetti's Italia Liliana Sofa Liliana Sofa (Liliana Sofa)
  • Benetti's Italia Milania Loveseat Milania Loveseat (Milania Loveseat)
  • Benetti's Italia Regalia Loveseat Regalia Loveseat (Regalia Loveseat)
    $3,199.99 $3,516.99 9% off
  • Benetti's Italia Salvatore Sofa Salvatore Sofa (Salvatore Sofa)
  • Benetti's Italia Valentina Loveseat Valentina Love Seat (Valentina Love Seat)
    $3,069.99 $3,273.99 6% off
  • Craftmaster Banner Sofa 725550 Bang Bang 21 (725550 Bang Bang 21)
    $1,279.99 $1,399.99 9% off
  • Craftmaster Copenhagen Sofa 728650 Copenhagen 41 (728650 Copenhagen 41)
    $1,609.99 $1,699.99 5% off
  • Craftmaster Enlighten Settee 027330 Enlighten 02 (027330 Enlighten 02)
  • Craftmaster Fontana Sofa 938350 Fontana (938350 Fontana)

Buying guide

Choose the type of Sofa that suits your needs

Love Seats

Love seats are especially designed for tea or small areas where homeowners want to add something handy and comfortable. They can accommodate one or even 2 to 3 people easily, and are perfect for people who want to strengthen their relationships.


Divan might not be a suitable choice when it comes to comfort but if your intention is to create a unique and refreshing feel within the place, nothing would be better than having divans. They are basically backless and therefore, placed against the wall to get support for placing pillows.

Convertible Sofas

Sectional sofa

These types of sofas provide maximum satisfaction through their dual functionality i.e. they can be couches or sofas as you want. They are capable of saving a lot of space and giving room to the inhabitants for ease in movement across the area.

Sectional Sofas

Sofas available under this category have different length, ranging from nine to fourteen feet, thus allowing 4 or 5 people to comfortably accommodate themselves. The size will depend upon the space available, if you have a large area, you can have comparatively bigger sectional sofas to make your room appealing.


They look like love seats but are provided with open arms and upholstered seats. They are comparatively higher and become more and more popular for their comfort.

Elements you should look at in a sofa

Futon and sofa frames

It is important to make sure that whatever the frame you select, it should be able to bear some weight along with allowing you to use it for a longer time period. These frames are normally made up of metal, kiln-dried hardwood, maple or oak. Spruce and pine are also used in frames but they are softer and therefore, cheaper as compared to others.

love seat

Sofa Springs

Your sofa has to be comfortable and constructed with the material that maximizes comfort and ease. As you know that deck of the sofa has springs to support cushion from the bottom. High quality sofas normally have hand-tied, eight-way coils while others use sinuous wires or assembled coil units which are nailed or stapled on the frame.


Design Features

Sofa Backs

Your sofa back has to be comfortable and relaxing so that you can rest your back easily. Tightly backed sofas have a contemporary or formal look that involves buttons to hold the foam from shifting. However, a smooth and sleek one-piece back renders a contemporary look. Loosely backed sofas are casual and comfortable because the back cushions are not directly attached to the frame.

Sofa Feet

Classic sofa feet are carved out and ornate from the wood. Modern sofa feet have a straight and sleek appearance and they are generally made of metal or wood. You will find a number of sofa designs having hidden feet that will give you the feeling you sit closer to the floor.

Sofa skirt

Sofa skirts used to run along the lower portion of some couches in order to hide the feet. Skirts with stiff pleats are loose and formal while gathered skirts are casual.

Sofa Arms

Lower arms can make the room look airier, thus allowing them to be the perfect match for small space. Higher arms are more comfy and give character to your living room.

Sofa Cushions

Number of cushions is the biggest factor to accommodate the sofa. The cushions can be strapped or loose, according to your needs. Loose cushions can refresh a loft or hide stains… They’re a good way to custom your sofa spending just a little money on it.


Black sofaReady for shopping for you sofa online!

So, after reading this buying guide, we know that you have got insight of what has to be considered to find the best sofa for your home. Picking a sofa is something that needs a lot of care, attention and time because it is a one-time big investment. Shopping for a sofa online is a great idea to compare prices and save money, especially if you take your time and rely on trusted merchants.

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