Compound Microscope

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  • Celestron Cm1000C Compound Microscope Coaxial Focus, Ac Adapter, White (44129)
  • Barska 40X, 100X, 400X Monocular Compound Microscope , White (AY13070)
    $149.89 $151.27
  • Celestron Cm800 Compound Microscope 10X & 20X Eyepieces, Ac Adapter, White (44128)
  • Radical 2500x High Power Compound LED Lab Microscope w 100x Oil Objective - Fine Focus (Radical_219)
  • Celestron Cb2000Cf Compound Binocular Microscope 3 Color Filters, Emersion Oil, White (44131)
  • OMAX 40X-2500X USB3 18MP Digital Trinocular Compound LED Lab Microscope with Aluminum Carrying Case (M837ZL-A185A-C180U3)
  • 40X-2000X Phase Contrast Binocular Compound LED Microscope (M827SL-PHD)
  • 40X (spring) Achromatic Objective Lens for Compound Microscopes (AJ140JS)
  • 20X Achromatic Objective Lens for Compound Microscopes (AJ120A)
  • 4X Plan Achromatic Objective for Compound Microscopes (AJ104P-CA)
  • 60X Achromatic Objective Lens (spring) for Compound Microscopes (AJ160A)
  • 2X Achromatic Objective Lens for Compound Microscopes (AJ102A-CA)
  • 40X-2000X Binocular Compound LED Microscope, Reversed Nosepiece (M8211-CA)
  • Semi Plan Achromatic Objective Set for Compound Microscopes (XAJS4-CA)
  • 100X (Oil, Spring) Achromatic Compound Microscope Objective Lens (AJ100JB)
  • Aihome CCD Adapter C Mount to 23.2mm Microscope Adapter for Biomicroscope (HU-1198)
  • Celestron 44121 Microscope Kit (Cool Blue) (44121)
  • Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Lime Microscope monocular 40–640x bright color translucent microscope with experiment kit (69059)
  • 1000X Smart Digital Microscope Wireless Microscope with Stand and 3.5 Inch LCD Screen for Factory School Scientific Research (Crispsounds)
  • Monocular Microscope for Students and Kids, 200-2000x Magnification Powerful Biological Educational Microscope with Operation Accessories, Slides Set, Phone Adapter, Wire Shutter & Backpack (JHD-WR855)
  • Homebunnyy 200x-240x Pocket Mircoscope, UV Light Mircoscope, Professional Mircoscopes for Experiment& Authenticity Evaluation, Kids Microscope for Fun and Exploring Nature. (3-homelife266189)