Welcome to our components section. If you want to build a computer, this is the first place you should take a look at! One of the most important parts of your computer is the motherboard, it’s the main component that connects everything. So if you’re going for a gaming pc it’s important to find a motherboard that will allow you to connect different components such as more potent computer fans. The best brands for motherboards are ASUS, Gygabyte, Intel and MSI, so if you’re looking for ... View more more parts for your PC, these brands also provide other types of components as well. Then we have the graphic cards, the most important part of any gaming pc, here you’ll find a huge variety of brands and models like the Geforce GTX and Radeon HD series. Remember to make sure your desktop is compatible with the card, even though most computers nowadays have PCI Express, older motherboards may not have it. To make the most out of your graphic cards, a good computer processor is needed, but do not worry, because we have many options such as the Intel Core i7 and the AMD FX series. To complement all of that, you’ll need enough memory, and here you’ll find the best brands like Kingston, Corsair and HP. They’re not exclusive for desktop computers, if you’re looking to improve your laptop, it’s a good component to invest on. We also have different cards to control storage and peripherals, and if you enjoy editing videos on your computer, there are video capture and TV tuner cards, so you can record your favorite shows and edit them. If you’re going to completely build your computer, remember to take a look at the cables section to get the right cables to connect everything properly. For those who are not familiar with computer hardware, don’t forget to take a look at our reviews and buying guides to help you finding the right products! ... View less