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  • Tori Home Glamorous Rhinestone Onion-Shaped Christmas Ornament XN5493-SI C (XN5493-SI C)
  • Vickerman 24" x 30" Silver Lamé Indoor Commercial Christmas Bow L130724 (L130724)
  • Tori Home Exquisite Drenched Drop Christmas Ornament XM0079 TQ/GO (XM0079 TQ/GO)
  • Tori Home Glamorous Rhinestone Finial Christmas Ornament XN5493-SI A (XN5493-SI A)
  • Tori Home Cupcake Heaven Glitter Sequined Snowman with Cupcake Hat Christmas Ornament XN6814-MX (XN6814-MX)
  • Tori Home Princess Garden Green & Lavish Purple Trumpet Lily Christmas Ornament XN5092-ASST (XN5092-ASST)
  • Tori Home Beaded Spiky Christmas Ball Ornament XN5405-SI (XN5405-SI)
  • Tori Home Regal Peacock Jewel Butterfly Christmas Ornament XN3272-GR/MX (XN3272-GR/MX)
  • Tori Home Classy and Classic Crystal Pendant Drop Christmas Ornament XM0090-SI/CW (XM0090-SI/CW)
  • Tori Home Pure Class Beaded and Glittered Feather Snowball Christmas Ornament XN5402-WH (XN5402-WH)
  • Tori Home Festive Snow in a Bottle Christmas Ornament XN6230-WH (XN6230-WH)
  • Tori Home 24" Sparkling Glitter and Beaded Christmas Wreath XAW312-GO/BU (XAW312-GO/BU)
  • Tori Home Festive Snow in a Bottle Christmas Ornament XN6232-WH (XN6232-WH)
  • Tori Home Seasons of Elegance Jeweled Shatterproof Christmas Ball Finial Ornament XN4099-PEA (XN4099-PEA)
  • Tori Home Glitteryand Jeweled Rhinestone Snowflake Christmas Ornament XM4780-GO/TF (XM4780-GO/TF)
    $35.99 $37.99 5% off
  • Tori Home Elegant Flower Jeweled Teardrop Christmas Ornament XN3280-SI (XN3280-SI)
  • Tori Home Tassle Medallion Christmas Ornament XM0111-GO/TQ (XM0111-GO/TQ)
  • Tori Home 8.5" Gold and Red Glittered Ornate Minstrel Masquerade Mask Christmas Ornament XN1152-GO/RE (XN1152-GO/RE)
  • Tori Home Peppermint Twist and Candy Cane Stripe Sequin Christmas Ball Ornament XN8060-RE/WH (XN8060-RE/WH)
    $32.99 $34.99 6% off
  • Tori Home Diva Safari Glittered Leopard Print Teardrop Prism Christmas Ornament XN4778-ASST LEOPARD (XN4778-ASST LEOPARD)
  • Tori Home Diva Safari Glittered Zebra Animal Print Diamond Prism Christmas Ornament XN4778-ASST ZEBRA (XN4778-ASST ZEBRA)