Christmas Decorations

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  • National Tree Co. Winchester 7.5' Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 LED Coloured Lights and Stand WCH7-300LD-75 (WCH7-300LD-75)
    $379.99 $559.99 32% off
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Houndstooth Stocking S70-39-267 (S70-39-267)
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Matisse Stocking S70-399-RedRose (S70-399-RedRose)
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Elf Stocking S71A-121-244 / S71A-77-248 Colour: Red / Green (S71A-121-244)
    $49.99 $54.99 9% off
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Elf Stocking S71-76-205 / S71-206-204 Colour: Green / Red (S71-206-204)
    $56.61 $62.61 10% off
  • National Tree Co. Oakridge 7.5' Medium Green Artificial Christmas Tree with 650 Pre-Lit Clear Lights with Stand PEOK4-307-75 (PEOK4-307-75)
    $599.99 $801.99 25% off
  • National Tree Co. Douglas Fir Downswept 7.5' Beige Artificial Christmas Tree with Multi-Coloured Lights with Stand PEDD4-325-75 (PEDD4-325-75)
    $489.99 $729.99 33% off
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Petal Elf Stocking S71A-52-78 (S71A-52-78)
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Houndstooth Elf Stocking S71-39-267 (S71-39-267)
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Damask Stocking S70-265-354 (S70-265-354)
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Elf Stocking S71-203-121 (S71-203-121)
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Stripe Stocking S70-121-203 (S70-121-203)
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Chevron Stocking S70-248-244 (S70-248-244)
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Patchwork Tree Skirt S73-357 (S73-357)
    $137.99 $152.99 10% off
  • Caught Ya Lookin' Damask Tree Skirt S73-286-393 (S73-286-393)
    $142.99 $152.99 7% off
  • Craft Outlet 3 Piece Mini Stocking Set 31233 (31233)
  • Patch Magic Moose Mallard Stocking STMOOS-MA (STMOOS-MA)
  • Patch Magic Carolers Stocking STCARO (STCARO)
  • Patch Magic Moose Moose Stocking STMOOS-MS (STMOOS-MS)
  • National Tree Co. Fibre Optic Radiance Fireworks 3' Green Artificial Christmas Tree with Base SZRX7-100-36 (SZRX7-100-36)
    $109.99 $127.99 14% off
  • Farrisilk, Inc. Jeweled Snowflake Stocking CM562-01 (CM562-01)
    $47.99 $55.99 14% off

Buying guide

Come December and everyone starts preparing for that big day – Christmas. Christmas, as we experience every year, is all about festivities and fun and decorations. Children love the Christmas tree and the decorations on it. Even the adults love to show off their happiness by decorating their homes, both on the inside and on the outside. With time, new items for Christmas decoration have hit the market and today, you have the widest choice of options for Christmas decorations.


8843-christmas_treeChoosing your Christmas Decoration items


Buy your Christmas decoration tree first

The first item on your shopping list for Christmas decoration is obviously the Christmas tree. There are essentially two choices you have here – you can opt for a natural tree or an artificial tree. A natural tree, of course, adds that special touch to your Christmas celebrations – the mere scent of the tree as you walk by it is incredible! An artificial tree, on the other hand, gives you more options in terms of shape and size. You can choose between plain, flocked, pre-lit and twig trees. You can also make your choice between a frosted tree and a fibre optic tree. These trees are almost zero maintenance and don’t need watering. As far as the size of the tree is concerned, you have a free hand should you decide on outdoor Christmas decorations. If you intend to keep the tree inside, make sure that there is at least a 6” gap between the top of the tree and the ceiling.


Buy Christmas decoration items for your tree

You also need to buy appropriate items for Christmas tree decorations and you can completely go as per your personal choice. There are bells, glitters, icons, whistles and lights and so on and so forth. Opt for different shapes and colours and ensure that you fill the tree appropriately with these Christmas decorating ideas. It is important to make the tree look full but not cluttered. This is when your tree will look at its best.


Porcelain figurines in all sizes

No Christmas is complete without those porcelain figurines. These pretty ladies really liven up any living room when you place them in strategic positions. The entire festive mood in your home also gets that slightly religious tone and everyone feels humbled because they have that feeling. The best way to arrange these figurines is when you create nativity scenes by arranging them properly. If you want an outdoor nativity scene, that can also be done with other Christmas decoration items.


8843-christmas_snowballBuild your Christmas village

If you really want to upscale your Christmas celebrations, look at building a Christmas village outside your home. Everyone loves working together to create those old fashioned villages. To make the village life like, ensure you spread it over your entire front lawn. The village will really make your neighbours come over to have a look.


Buy ornaments and get the plates out

To add further festive touch to your home, opt for ornaments that can be hung from various place – door handles and door knobs, hooks and cabinets and so on and so forth. This is also the time when you dust those crockeries and lay out the plates. The plates can be used just for display or you can serve your special Christmas dinner on these plates too. Fine bone China plates give you that rich and content feeling.


Decorate your Christmas table

Don't forget decorating your Christmas table where your guests will be served lunch or dinner. Decorate the table and add those finishing touches and your meal is bound to be successful. For decoration, use ornamental candles and tea lights and you can create a great festive ambience for everyone gathered around the table. Go traditional and add the famous Christmas nutcrackers. To add a centrepiece, you can also opt for a Christmas wreath.



Let the Christmas gifts be seen by all

Last but not the least, keep the gifts wrapped and ready so that everyone can exchange these and go home happy.


Which Christmas decoration items for which use?

Every Christmas decoration starts with the Christmas tree. Some of the bestselling Christmas trees available in online stores in Canada are National Tree Co. 2' Fiber Optic Crestwood Spruce Christmas Tree, Color Changing Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree Night Light Lamp with Additional Children Hat, GE 7.5-ft Pre-Lit Easy Shape Colorado Spruce Green Artificial Christmas Tree with 600-Count Color Changing LED Lights, The Bradford Exchange Disney's Timeless Holiday Treasures Tree Topper and 5-ft Pre-Lit Red Ball and Pinecone Artificial Christmas Tree with 150-Count White Incandescent Lights.


Get your Christmas costumes and get decked up to mingle with the spirit of Christmas. Some of the most popular items you can look at include Holiday Specs One Size Fits All Paper Assorted 3D Christmas Glasses, Holiday Living Gold Velvet Santa Hat with Sequins, Magic Seasons Assorted Lighted Christmas Jewelry, Women Christmas Costumes Corset Skirt Hat Paired Oversleeves Additional Snap Ring Red and Holiday Living Assorted Character Headbands.


Some of the other popular Christmas decoration items are 3PCS Female Christmas Party Costume Sexy Brassiere Underpants Hat, Holiday Living Snowy Church Scene Snow Globe Indoor Christmas Decoration and Alvin and the Chipmunks Musical Animatronic Christmas Decoration.




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