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  • Anne Klein Women's AK/2388MVGB Swarovski Crystal Accented Gold-Tone and Mauve Ceramic Bracelet Watch (AK/2388MVGB)
  • Rado Men's R13777702 Sintra Black Dial Ceramic Watch (R13777702)
    $2,801.21 $3,668.00 24% off
  • Anne Klein Women's AK/3266GNRG Swarovski Crystal Accented Rose Gold-Tone and Green Ceramic Bracelet Watch (AK/3266GNRG)
  • Anne Klein Women's AK/2130RGLP Swarovski Crystal Accented Rose Gold-Tone and Light Pink Ceramic Bracelet Watch (AK/2130RGLP)
    $93.49 $215.00 57% off
  • Wittnauer Blush Ladies Watch WN4071 (WN4071)
  • 20mm Superior Two Tone Ceramic Watch Band Belts Metal in Rose Gold and White Solid 316L Stainless Steel (OT.N006.WHTRGD20.HY)
  • Michael Kors Women's MK5161 White Ceramic Quartz Watch with White Dial (MK5161)
  • TAG Heuer Connected Modular Men's Watch SBF8A8013.32FT6076 (SBF8A8013.32FT6076)
  • Tag Heuer Women's Formula One Chronograph Watch White CAH1211.BA0863 (CAH1211.BA0863)
    $1,988.42 $2,950.00 33% off
  • Anne Klein Women's AK/3164BKRG Swarovski Crystal Accented Rose Gold-Tone and Black Ceramic Bracelet Watch (AK/3164BKRG)
  • Luxury Ceramic Watch Band Replacement Stainless Steel Ceramic Watch Band Links Watch Wrist Bands Mens Watch Bracelet with Butterfly Buckle Black&Rosegold 18mm (WB.08.BRG.18.1P.LYS)
  • Michael Kors Women's MK5188 Runway White Watch (MK5188)
    $300.00 $495.00 39% off
  • Luxury Ceramic Watch Band Replacement Stainless Steel Ceramic Watch Band Links Watch Wrist Bands Mens Watch Bracelet with Butterfly Buckle Black&Gold 22mm (WB.08.BG.22.1P.LYS)
  • Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic Silver Dial Mens Watch T120.407.11.031.00 (T120.407.11.031.00)
  • Tag Heuer Carrera Senna Special Edition Men's Watch CBG2013.BA0657 (CBG2013.BA0657)
  • Festina Unisex Ceramic F16530/2 Silver Stainless-Steel Quartz Watch with Black Dial (F16530/2)
    $195.65 $281.00 30% off
  • Nixon a108 Kensington Leather Watch - Women's
  • Stylish Ceramic Stainless Steel Wristwatch Strap Women Men Wrist Band 20mm Universal Watchband - White Rose Gold (f90a3fa7e27ad354c70123cbb4ed5c24)
  • CARAVELLE NEW YORK Women's Dress 45L165 BULOVA Watch (45L165)
  • Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic Black Dial Mens Watch T1204071105100 (T1204071105100)
  • TKO ORLOGI Women's TK608-TQ Ceramix-Ice Turquoise Acrylic Crystallized Watch (TK608-TQ)
    $66.33 $168.75 61% off

Buying guide

Watching watches

A watch may seem like a simple piece of accessory on the wrist, but it is more than just a band that shows time. In fact, for as long as it has been invented, watches are known for being a quintessential accessory for both men and women. Depending upon the choice, a watch can become a time keeping piece of elegance and luxury or mar the overlook of an ensemble. For all those who are thinking of getting a grip on this pivotal accessory in the wardrobe, this is a must read.

Choosing your watch

The rule of 'At least two watches a person'

Both men and women who have interests in this particular accessory must have at least two watches in their wardrobe, one for everyday wear and another for dress wear. For men, while everyday wear watches can be with a band and can reflect colors of different types, dress watches must be kept formal with a bracelet in golden, rose pink, silver, black or titanium along with elaborate dial detail, tachymeter and chronograph. For women, colored bands for everyday wear and elegant, chic and feminine looking bracelets work the best.

Popular Brands

When it comes to watches, brands shouldn't be overlooked as watches aren't just about style and fashion, they are also about functionality. Rolex, Omega, Tag, Longines, Bulgari and Tissot are popular luxury brands, while Seiko, Citizen, Casio and Bulova have affordable to midrange as well as luxury and collectors' edition watches.

Choosing the casing

A case is the watch's frame and can be round, rectangular, square or polygonal. Choose the case in accordance to what appears the best, but select a watch on the basis of whether the individual likes shiny, patterned, inlaid, embellished or matte appearance (the choice should be based on needs). Prefer metals such as steel, gold, silver, platinum or titanium when buying bracelet watches.

Crystal on the dial

Checking watch crystal on the dial is necessary. Plexiglas, which is least likely to shatter, is most likely to scratch; for mineral glass it is vice versa, while synthetic sapphire is costly, scratch resistant but breaks easily. Also, digital watches go best for sports or formal purposes, analog for day wear, dress purposes and almost all events.

Different types of movement

Watches can have mechanical movement, which can be less accurate, but these kinds of watches are generally for collectors' edition. Automatic watches are self-winding and use a rotor to work in accordance with the wearer's wrist movements. Electronic watches have quartz movement. Launched in 1969 by Seiko, these kinds of watch are the most precise.

Which watch for which use?

In the last hundred years, endless varieties have been invented, perfected and manufactured. There are luxurious Swiss-made watches that perfected the art of opulent timekeeping and there are watches that allow mariners and divers to be timely updated. Watches can be broadly divided into the following types:

Everyday Wear Watches

These watches are the ones that can be worn every day, can have bracelet or leather straps along with a variation between analog and digital (LCD, LED) dials. They are mostly available in neutral tones for bracelets and various colored bands.

Dress Watches

Designed for special occasions, these watches mostly have bracelet styles, with elaborate detailing on dial and band. These kinds of watches may be embellished and can have several beautifying, opulent materials such as diamonds, pink gold, Swarovski crystal and gold.

Sports Watches

Designed for mariners, divers and individuals who embark on rugged adventures, this is the kind of watch that offers sturdiness and durability. Most of these watches are water resistant to a 100 meter, may have several functions such as chronograph, shock proof body, breathable bands, etc.

Multifunctional Watches

Featuring several functional features, these watches are for men on the go. Generally designed for men, multifunctional watches have chronograph features, along with functions such as a calculator or a stopwatch, dual time, world time, Bluetooth and pager.

Luxury Watches

Manufactured by high-end designer brands, these watches are generally Swiss Made, but in several cases, they may be designed and perfected by Japanese. Featuring intrinsic detailing about with embellishments, this luxury watches have specific functionality of their own and are the epitome of timeless pieces of elegance.

Collectors' Edition

Several companies such as Swatch, Cartier, Tissot, Tag Heuer, Rado, and Esprit, have been operational for decades and offer a range of collectors' edition every now and then, which consists of specially designed watches that are available in limited stock. Most of these watches have something intriguingly functional for collectors and watch enthusiasts. These watches can be purchased depending upon where one will wear it- sports, working out, lounging, business parties, or even for special dinner dates.

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