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Digital compact cameras and DSLRs are very expensive, and sometimes very delicate, equipment. To make sure that you get the longest possible life cycle out of your devices, camera cases are mandatory. Not only they make cameras sturdier and easier to handle and carry, but they are also useful protecting your equipment against dust, harsh weather and other such hazards. To make sure that you are getting the most cost-benefit when buying your camera case, compare prices with Shopbot and read through our buying guide about these items! Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Camera CaseCamera Case

Once upon a time, camera was a luxury and a small part of population owned it. But with rising number of technological innovations, increase in market competitors and overall decrease in camera prices, this image capturing device has become a part and parcel of human life. Whether one is an enthusiast with a digital or compact camera or a professional with a DSLR, a camera case is one of those necessities that every camera owner requires. Camera Cases today not only protect the camera but also provide one several other functionalities such as special place for lenses, ease of carrying, waterproof bag etc. Wide arrays of options are available. This buying guide is about choosing camera case or bag based on one’s requirements and budget.

Four basic questions

Before purchasing a camera case or bag, one should ask himself/herself these questions:


- Will the case have all my camera related accessories and come with different storage options?

- Is the design practical and easy to use?

- Is the case easy to carry?

- Does it have the key features that I am looking for?


These questions can help one find out the kind of bag they may require. For instance, travel and street photographers should opt for camera cases that can be carried on single shoulder, are like a bag, while landscape and wildlife photographers should prefer backpacks as the design is more accessible when one has to walk for miles and easy to transport if one is visiting different places.

Choosing on the basis of style

These are some of the camera case styles that are popular all over the world. Their perks and disadvantages are discussed below

Cases and Pouches

Cases are for compact cameras or what may be called as mini camera. They are best when one is going out with their family for a small vacation or photographing enthusiasts who have compact camera ready to go at all times. These cases can come in wide range or variety, including pouches, sling style and pocket size. Choose one on the basis of camera size. The case shall also be chosen on the basis of its weight, with preference for light weight, discreet product in required color. Cases with special features such as small detachable wrist strap, spare storage for batteries and memory cards, safer compartment must be given preference over others. Such camera cases aren’t useful for DSLRs and lenses kit.

Waist BeltsCamera Case 2

Those who want hands free experience can opt for waist belts camera case which comes for compact cameras as well as smaller size DSLRs with kit lens features. They have capacity storage, are quite comfortable to use. Prefer ones with padded internal dividers and lid with zip. Products with meshed pockets and buckle fasting should be chosen.

Shoulder bags

Popular with most of the travel, food, street and fashion photographers, these kinds of bags offer practical usage with robustness. They have several internal compartments and come with Velcro attached dividers that can repositioned quite quickly. Choose ones that come with comfortable strap, durable zips and waterproofing factors.


Backpacks have become extremely popular with travel photographers and wildlife photographers that are always on the go. They are easy to carry, especially if one has to walk for miles and come with fantastic features such as increased storage capacity so that photographers can store two cameras or even more with a wide range of Velcro divided flaps for kit lens. Preference should be given to backpacks with different kinds of carrying and easy to carry straps or the ones that can become rolling cases with built in wheels, chest and waist belt.

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