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Who doesn't love eating fresh bread? We have some fantastic bakeries around us, but the experience of baking a bread at home and eating it hot, straight out of the bread machine is something else altogether. The bread machine becoming one of the most common home appliance, and those who buy it fall in love with it instantly. There are some cutting edge options available for you to choose from, and here is our tips to choose the very best machine for you: Read buying guide

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Buying guide


Cuisinart CBK-200 1Choosing your bread machine


Choose a bread machine with size adjustment feature


The modern bread machines offer you complete customization as far as the size of the bread loaves is concerned. For different recipes, you need different loaf sizes. The standard bread machine would bake one pound or one and a half pound breads. But by making simple adjustments to the settings, you can bake larger or smaller breads. You want to have breads fresh out of the oven and don’t want to bake a bread that would sit in your fridge and wilt. By customizing the machine, you can make that much amount of bread that you can consume fresh.


Zojirushi Supreme Bread MachineSquare or rectangular bread?


By looking at the shape of the bread, you can say that it was baked in a bread machine. These breads would have vertical, square loaves. However, the modern bread machines can bake breads in different shapes. For instance, if you want a more traditional looking bread that is horizontal and rectangular in shape, you can get that as well. These breads are easier to cut. But at the end of the day, you have complete freedom in shaping your bread loaves – square or rectangular, and you can purchase an appropriate bread machine.


The more functions the merrier


The best bread machines are highly versatile in the way they function. You can have the machine knead the flour and bake the bread and save you from the messy, manual labour. Bread machines today can have one or two kneading blades and the latter option is generally accepted to be better. You can also look at knead-only settings. Once the flour is kneaded, you can take it and bake a cake in your oven. There are also the bake-only features that are ideal for baking fruitcakes and gingerbreads and other similar delicacies.


Breadman BK1060Consider the baking pan


The baking pan is also an important part of your bread machine. If you don’t want a messy experience, opt for a bread machine that has a non-stick baking pan. There are other two elements in baking pans that are useful. One – you may want to look at a machine with a removable baking pan. This would make it easier for you to clean the pan. Two – look for baking pans with wire handles. You will find it easy to take the pan out when hot.


Some extra features really attract


The best bread machines have some fantastic features and you should consider these seriously.

One such feature is the digital timing feature. You can set the timer in such a way that the baking starts early in the morning and you wake up to the aroma of freshly baked bread.

Some of the bread machines also have ingredient dispenser. The methodology is simple – you add all the ingredients in the slots provided and the machine will make sure that they get added at the right time, making the bread just like you want it.

And if you like you bread evenly browned, it is best to opt for a convection bread machine.


Breadman BK1060 2Even more features for you to consider


Some of the other features that you may want to consider include top loading, LCD displays, racks and viewing windows. As far as the last function is concerned, you will love to see your bread gradually browning inside your bread machine.


Top bread machines for your use


Breads can have different types of crusts. Some people prefer uneven textures on their breads because these breads look as they have been baked in a clay oven. You will also love these breads. But there are times when you need the bread to be baked evenly all around. A convection bread machine like Cuisinart CBK-200 (photo 1) can come really handy then.


Square is the most common shapes of loaves that come out of bread machines. So, why not go rectangular? These look as if they’ve just arrived from the local bakery. A bread machines that can help you make rectangular breads is Zojirushi Supreme Bread Machine (photo 2).


But why not go square after all? A square loaf looks more even and you can make some fantastic sandwiches with them. Some of the best bread machines in the world make square bread loaves. Bread machines like Panasonic SD-YD250, Rosewill R-BM-01 Programmable Bread Maker, Breadman BK1060 (photos 3 et 4) and Sunbeam Bread Maker are among the highest selling in the country.


Want to bake a really large bread? You have these special bread machines that can bake breads weighing 3 pounds. When you have a large group at home, these are especially useful. Some of the examples are Breville the Custom Loaf, Zojirushi BB-PAC20BA and Black & Decker 3lb Deluxe Breadmaker.

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