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A Selection of 5 First-Class Computer Monitors

The computer monitor market is dominated by both LED and LCD monitors. While each of these two types of screens has its advantages and disadvantages, there’s no denying that they remain the popular options in our markets today. If you are interested in purchasing a new monitor, then the discrepancies between them might make it … Continue reading “A Selection of 5 First-Class Computer Monitors”

Top 5 Webcams: Best Cameras for Video Calling

Webcams have become a very important tool in our societies today. This is because of the increasing adoption of virtual technologies and working from home. Webcams are particularly useful for real-time video communication in video chatting, video conferencing, virtual job interviews and social gaming. While the importance can’t be overemphasized, finding the right webcam can … Continue reading “Top 5 Webcams: Best Cameras for Video Calling”

The Best PC Headsets: Our Top Picks

PC headsets have become a necessity, especially among gamers and Customer Service Representatives. Almost every PC application today involves an audio component for either communication or entertainment. PC headsets, unlike speakers, are very useful for noise cancellation and for increased productivity. They give you the choice of full concentration and immersive experience whether you’re gaming … Continue reading “The Best PC Headsets: Our Top Picks”

Our Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are increasingly becoming a must-have audio kit, and not only for the younger generation. Thanks to the wireless revolution, you can now take your music on the go. If you move rooms, go on a picnic, or hang out in the backyard away from any plug socket, these portable speakers are designed with … Continue reading “Our Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers”

Should You Buy a Foldable Smartphone?

First, there was the Samsung Galaxy Fold. That was a year ago. Fast-forward to this year. Like a mini avalanche, it’s Samsung again with a familiar rival, Motorola. Both companies launched their over $1,000 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR, respectively. But it looks like users aren’t jumping on the bandwagon just yet. Complaints … Continue reading “Should You Buy a Foldable Smartphone?”

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Unveiled

Samsung ‘s Galaxy Unpacked event was held on February 11. The company revealed its flagship Galaxy S20 phones, including a new super-large model, plus the Z Flip foldable and the Galaxy Buds Plus. The code name for the S20 series is Picasso. Why this great artist, you may ask? The answer lies in the S20 … Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Unveiled”
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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 vs Beats Studio 3

What brings about the comparison between Bose versus Beats? The truth is, in an active noise canceling challenge, Bose has established itself as the reference. Even though Beats has Apple’s support, it has recently been evolving from a product with just high brand visibility, to a product known for it’s quality. With the integration of … Continue reading “Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 vs Beats Studio 3”

What Do We Think About the New Apple AirPods Pro?

The latest release of Apple’s AirPods went on sale the 5th of Nov. 2019, costing about $249 USD. It is a whopping $100 USD difference from the initial standard model. However, this version of the AirPods is a high-ending version of Apple’s wireless earbuds. Also, with this new model, you really would not have to … Continue reading “What Do We Think About the New Apple AirPods Pro?”

The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to Shopbot’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. It’s hard to believe that it’s already this time of year again but here we are. You’ve probably got a ton of gifts you need to track down for your family, friends, and maybe even co-workers. With so many people to buy for and so little time, it … Continue reading “The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide”

Black Friday: The Most Popular Products on ShopBot

Ready, steady, go! Here it is again, the Black Friday you’ve all been waiting for! Here at Shopbot you will find the best deals, whether you want the last high-end smartphone or even a great digital camera, you’re at the right place! Save up to 70% off on large range of products including Action Cameras, … Continue reading “Black Friday: The Most Popular Products on ShopBot”

Black Friday 2019: The Best Deals on Shopbot

It’s here again, the exciting Black Friday many shoppers have been waiting for! Do you know that the Black Friday event still remains the best for getting great deals for your electronic gadgets? You are getting exciting deals on tablets, phones, TVS – even jewelries, if you are into fashion this friday 29 of november. … Continue reading “Black Friday 2019: The Best Deals on Shopbot”

Our Review of the Made by Google 2019 Event

Google’s annual hardware event, “Made by Google”, made headlines yet again on a fine morning in New York. The company launched various new gear that left the teeming audience and the global community, again and again. The lively event happened in under one hour – classic. Stadia Google’s cloud streaming service launching November 19. The … Continue reading “Our Review of the Made by Google 2019 Event”

Made in Canada for Canadians: Shopbot’s new plans for SMBs

Canada is the land of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). According to the Government of Canada, more than 95% of businesses in Canada are small businesses.  To remain competitive, gain visibility and attract customers, small businesses have turned to ecommerce sales channels. Only in Canada, the revenue generated within the retail e-commerce market doubled from … Continue reading “Made in Canada for Canadians: Shopbot’s new plans for SMBs”

Introducing GoPro Hero 8 Black & GoPro Max

Leading action camera maker, GoPro has growing competition in its niche, including devices from Insta360 and DJI. The recent updates represent a meaningful collection of improvements on the Hero 7. the new all-in-body design promises a more convenient general use while on the move. The GoPro Hero 8 Black succeeds the Hero 7 Black. It … Continue reading “Introducing GoPro Hero 8 Black & GoPro Max”

A Synthesis of The Microsoft October 2019 Event

While we’re reeling from Apple’s September 2019 keynote that unleashed the iPhone 11 upon us, Microsoft is ensuring October sprays even more talking points. This “Techtober” at the company’s Fall 2019 hardware event in New York City, Microsoft unveiled the next phase of its Surface revolution. Head of Devices, Panos Panay launched the event by … Continue reading “A Synthesis of The Microsoft October 2019 Event”

OnePlus 7T Unveiled, What Do We Think?

OnePlus is a resilient powerhouse among smartphone makers. The company recently unleashed the OnePlus 7T. The phone is the sequel to the OnePlus 7, which was released globally (except in the US) earlier this year, and last year’s OnePlus 6T. The 7T offers most of the same features as the OnePlus 7 Pro, similar to … Continue reading “OnePlus 7T Unveiled, What Do We Think?”

Sony WF-1000XM3 Vs Apple AirPods: Which Are The Best?

Apple’s best-selling AirPods are a pair of solid wireless earbuds. For one thing, they are true wireless earbuds. They offer great iOS connection, decent sound, and probably the best charging case on the market. That explains its growing appeal among users. Lately, though, several contenders for your wireless earbud purchase have come out in their … Continue reading “Sony WF-1000XM3 Vs Apple AirPods: Which Are The Best?”

Apple’s Keynote 2019: What you Must Remember

Apple is never known to play small when it comes to its events. The company has every detail down to the T, engineering every part of the occasion (including crowd reaction) to maximum effect. Each year’s keynote is a whirlpool of anticipation, and while reactions have dithered in recent years, the hype appears to be … Continue reading “Apple’s Keynote 2019: What you Must Remember”
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