Blinds and Curtains

Blinds and curtains are your way to decorate the home interiors without paying too much attention to the detail. With the right blinds, you can give your room just the right makeover. The ready-made curtains available in the market add a touch of style to the interiors and let the focus be drawn to the window or door a curtain is hung with. Compare prices with Shopbot's tools and read our buying guide to make sure you make the best purchase when buying blinds and curtains. Read buying guide

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  • Red Barrel Studio Billings Pinch Pleat Geometric Room Darkening Pinch Pleat Single Curtain Panel RDBT1713 (RDBT1713 40937617)
    $43.99 $68.99 -36%
  • Finecraft Basics Mirage RD Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shade CellmirTDBU (CellmirTDBU2436-daylight)
  • Red Barrel Studio Dillsboro Paisley Blackout Thermal Grommet Curtain Panels RDBL2704 Colour: Dove Grey (RDBL2704 35274660)
    $100.82 $138.82 -27%
  • Designers Touch PVC Vertical Blind DETO1040 (2470916)
    $69.99 $309.99 -77%
  • Coolaroo UV Block Outdoor Single Rolled Shade 474768 / 474775 Size: 96" W x 72" L (474775)
    $251.07 $320.07 -22%
  • Austin Horn Classics Wonderland Nature / Floral Semi-Sheer Scarf 216" Valance Single Rod Pocket Curtain Panel WON309187-VAL (WON309187-VAL)
    $373.99 $419.99 -11%
  • Home Sweet Home Dreams Geometric Blackout Grommet Single Curtain Panel 852 Colour: Grey (85216)
    $50.99 $53.99 -6%
  • United Curtain Co. Metro Solid Sheer Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel MET (MET95BG)
    $56.99 $68.99 -17%
  • Marquis by Waterford Samantha Tailored 55" Window Valance CNSMTA W962 05018 (CNSMTA W962 05018)
    $38.16 $50.99 -25%
  • Sweet Jojo Designs French Toile Toile Semi-Sheer Rod Pocket Curtain Panels Panel-PinkToile (Panel-PinkToile)
  • Darby Home Co Bailey Solid Blackout Thermal Pinch Pleat Single Curtain Panel DBHC2193 (DBHC2193 25772838)
    $156.99 $169.99 -8%
  • Charlton Home Manchester Solid Blackout Thermal Pinch Pleat Single Curtain Panel CHLH4030 Colour: Bordeaux (CHLH4030 29087926)
    $194.99 $207.99 -6%
  • Red Barrel Studio Riverton Plush Velvet 100% Polyester Single Curtain Panel RBRS6533 (RBRS6533 40218070)
    $106.99 $145.99 -27%
  • Cordless Top-Down Bottom-Up Cellular Shades 24"x36", Cellular Shades / Honeycomb Shades (52)
  • LJ Home Whisper Solid Sheer Rod Pocket Panel Pair 00087 Colour: Green (00082)
    $18.99 $44.99 -58%
  • Linen Avenue Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Light FIltering Cellular Shade LAVN1741 (U3CH1800B36)
  • Alcott Hill Marseilles Geometric Blackout Thermal Grommet Curtain Panels ALTH1310 Colour: Grey (ALTH1310 40957988)
    $56.99 $114.99 -50%
  • Graber Smooth PVC Crown Vertical Blind 16"x20", Vertical Blinds (500986)
  • Alcott Hill Moser Velvet Rod Pocket Window Thermal Single Curtain Panel ALCT2662 (ALCT2662 25773206)
    $49.99 $54.99 -9%
  • Coolaroo 90% UV Block Cloth Outdoor Solar Shade CLR1110 (302245)
  • Harriet Bee Miguelangel Thermaweave Blackout 54" Window Valance HBEE2482 Colour: Purple (HBEE2482 39505201)

Buying guide

BlindsWhat to choose from?

Before buying curtains or blinds, you have the option of choosing from heavier curtains or the lighter blinds. Do you wish to give just a finishing tough to your room, or you wish to add some style, or maybe have a dash of both? When it comes to bringing a visual appeal to the room, blinds and curtain come next only to the wall paint. Depending on whether you want to add some coziness to your room or want to shade your room for the morning sunshine, you do not have a dearth of options. The heavy curtains are more eye-grabbing, and the window over which they are hung appears to be more furnished. The blinds, which happen to be lighter options, can inject some delicacy to the room, and also make the room window appear bigger.

What to Choose For a Particular Room

If your choice for home décor is blinds, make sure you determine what style of binds suits what room. The bamboo blinds can look best when used for a sun-facing room. They would appear out of place if you use them in the dining room. To make your window appear larger, you can mount the blinds at an extra height. If you end up buying curtains instead, make sure they are extra wide.


Roman shades look regal in a room which usually has more light during the day. The binds with cellular shades can be bought for mounting them on the windows of a formal setting. However, when it comes to the wooden blinds, you need to worry less regarding which room they look best for. For your curtains in the room which do not boast of a reasonable height, the long Vivan curtains will work excellently. These curtains have an elongating effect when it comes to the height of the room, and at the same time, add more subtlety to the room.

Choosing Between Curtains and Blinds

It’s not an easy choice to make, considering both, blinds and curtains complement the room décor in their own unique way. When it comes to the ‘cheating’ effect (on making a window appear wider or longer), blinders, more often than not, prove to be more resourceful. But curtains have their advantages as well.

Colorfully decorativeCurtains

You can choose among countless sumptuous, colorful curtains that are made from the most ordinary to the most luxurious fabrics. The more expensive they come, the more furnished touch they add to your home décor. Blinds on the other hand do not come in fancy colors. But, it doesn’t mean they are any less capable to add splendor to the room. Afore mentioned, the bamboo or wooden blinds can work their magic at the places tailor made for them.


Blinds are apparently easier to fit. The customizable blinds available in the market can be trimmed to suit a particular window size. Blinds are less obtrusive, and thus more suitable for rooms of smaller sizes. In addition to all these features, make sure to check expert and user reviews about each product in your options list to make sure you are getting a product that will offer you all that you are expecting. Comparing prices is also very important to make a good acquisition, so make sure to make full use of Shopbot’s price comparison tools. Happy shopping.

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