Blank Medias

Welcome to our Blank Medias section! Here you’ll find different options from the most renowned brands like HP, Sony, Maxell and Panasonic. Blu-ray burners are not cheap, mainly because the discs can store up to 50GB, before buying them make sure that the computer can read Blu-ray discs. DVDs and CDs are way more common and most computers can read and burn them. DVD-RW and CD-RW are rewritable, unlike the CD-R and DVD-R, you can use them as many times as you like, it’s a good option for ... View more those who like burning different songs and movies since you won’t need a lot of discs and will be able to keep your collection updated. There are also inkjet and toner cartridges for printers. It’s important to make sure that the cartridge you’re getting is compatible with your printer or multifunction. There are older forms of data storage, like floppy disks and zip cartridges, some newer models can store up to 120GB, but are not as reliable as a portable hard drive disk or a memory stick. If you’re looking for tapes and backup cartridges, you’ll find a huge variety, from cleaning tapes to Ultrium tapes that can hold up to 2.5TB. Bear in mind that these tapes have specific purposes, and few computers are compatible! Don’t hesitate to take a look at our buying guides and reviews if you feel any doubt! ... View less