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A bedside table is a fine addition to your bedroom and adds a touch of elegance and class to the entire d̩cor of the room. With so many options available in the online market, it is not difficult to make the ideal purchase. Of course, you cannot pick up the first bedside table that you come across online! It only makes sense when you spend time on research - this will ensure that you get the best deal on your favourite bedside table. From mirrored tables to the ergonomically designed ones, you can pick and choose as per your need. Read buying guide

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  • Ezee Life Overbed Table Walnut Finish CH2001
  • Oriental Furniture 1 Drawer Nightstand ST-PA102D-D Finish: Dark Rosewood (ST-PA102D-D)
    $366.99 $569.99 36% off
  • Utah Mountain Aspen 2 Drawer Nightstand AS-210 (AS-210)
    $789.99 $1,107.99 29% off
  • Wade Logan Gulfport 1 Drawer Nightstand WADL4801 Colour: Grey (WADL4801 28204332)
  • Wade Logan Casen 3 Drawer Nightstand WADL4551 (WADL4551 27992889)
    $439.99 $479.99 8% off
  • Wade Logan Brendan 2 Drawer Nightstand WADL3412 (WADL3412 26730982)
    $359.99 $389.99 8% off
  • Willa Arlo Interiors Annunziata 2 Drawer Nightstand WRLO6650 (WRLO6650 40761928)
  • Wade Logan Gulfport 1 Drawer Nightstand WADL4801 Colour: White Glossy (WADL4801 30044491)
  • Wade Logan Ernesto Nightstand WADL4050 (WADL4050 27549527)
  • Willa Arlo Interiors Charee 2 Drawer Wood Nightstand WRLO3451 Finish: Black (WRLO3451 40574316)
    $202.99 $218.99 7% off
  • WoodRevival MidCentury 1 Drawer Nightstand MidCentury Nightstand Finish: Red Oak (MidCentury Nightstand - RO - Handle)
  • WoodRevival MidCentury 1 Drawer Nightstand MidCentury Nightstand Finish: Cherry (MidCentury Nightstand - CH- Handle)
  • Wade Logan Oden Nightstand WLGN4111 (WLGN4111 34269105)
    $489.99 $549.99 11% off
  • Wade Logan Atabae Nightstand WLGN3349 Finish: Teal (WLGN3349 33812792)
  • Willa Arlo Interiors Rogers 3 Drawer Nightstand WRLO3932 (WRLO3932 40575819)
  • Wade Logan Marley 2 Drawer Nightstand WLGN2831 Orientation: Left Facing (WLGN2831 33524445)
  • Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio 2 Drawer Nightstand BBT3084-Pink-NS (BBT3084-Pink-NS)
    $299.99 $334.99 10% off
  • Viv + Rae Lila 1 Drawer Nightstand VVRO3596 (VVRO3596 30308517)
    $269.99 $380.99 29% off
  • Wade Logan Wesley 2 Drawer Nightstand WADL6217 Finish: White / Cherry, Orientation: Left Facing (WADL6217 30308662)
  • Willa Arlo Interiors Bernard 2 Drawer Nightstand WRLO7311 (WRLO7311 40768572)
    $339.99 $407.99 17% off
  • Wade Logan Crew Nightstand WADL8494 Colour: Black (WADL8494 32351072)

Buying guide



Choosing your Bedside Table


bedside tableYour purpose for getting a bedside table

What purpose do you need your bedside table for – this is the first question you need to ask yourself. If you want the table only for decorative purpose, there are specific designs available. However, if you are planning to use the table for keeping remotes or your specs or some other stuff, there are bedside tables with larger surface area. You can also look at bedside tables that have drawers and cabinets and can be used for storing many other items.


Look at the attractive styles in bedside tables

Like any other furniture item, the design of your bedside table plays an important role in how your bedroom would look. There are antique styles in bedside tables including some contemporary styles or ultra-modern styles. You are free to choose what style you want. Only make sure you keep the room décor in mind. The bedside table, while it is a comparatively smaller piece of furniture, occupies premium space in your bedroom. Your objective is to ensure that it doesn’t look an eyesore the moment someone enters your bedroom.


The functional aspects of bedside tables

And of course, the functional aspect of your bedside table also needs to be taken into account. When you are in the process of looking at the different designs and styles in bedside tables, there are some standard questions that you need to ask yourself. Some of the questions to ask could be the ones given below.


-       Does the bedside table get comfortably accommodated by the side of your bed?

-       Is there enough space available inside your bedroom once the bedside table is in place?

-       Will the drawers open easily once the bedside table is put in place (if you are planning to purchase one with drawers)?


Bedside tables can be great as utility products and if you are looking at this item with specific usage in mind, making the right choice is not an issue at all.


bedside tableAvailable materials in bedside tables

The materials used in manufacturing bedside tables is also a point you would like to take note of. The most popular option is wood. Wood is a great choice because it adds a lot of elegance to your room. Some designs look extremely appealing when they are made of wood.


There are other materials that you may want to look at – metals like aluminium and stainless steel are good choices because both these materials are extremely durable and can last for years. Also look at some of the modern bedside tables that are made of other materials (composite materials for example) – materials that are built to last and also add aesthetics to your bedroom.


Assembling a bedside table

When you look to buy your bedside table, keep in mind that it will come to you flat packed with all the parts inside the package and a user manual to help you with a step-by-step installation process. You should, a. have the inclination to do the assembly and b. you should be willing to follow the instructions given in the user manual.



Which bedside tables for which use?

If you have a child at home, a bedside table could be an excellent addition to their room. Here you can keep a lot of their stuff and also use the table to beautify the room. Bedside tables for children are usually attractively designed – some of the best available models are South Shore Cosmos 1 Door Nightstand, 4D Concepts Girl's Nightstand, Altra Lucerne Nightstand, Ameriwood 1 Drawer Nightstand II and KidKraft 1 Drawer Nightstand.


If you are looking for bedside tables with drawers, the three-drawer and the four-drawer ones are what you should probably consider seriously. Of course, you get bedside tables with up to six drawers and if you need, you can look at these two. In three-drawer bedside tables, consider the models Homelegance Alyssa 3 Drawer Nightstand in White, Blu Dot Office 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet and Coal Harbor Black 3 Drawer Tall Nightstand by Prepac. If you are looking for four-drawer models, consider between Alpine Furniture Melbourne 4 Drawer Nightstand, American Mercantile 4 Drawer Nightstand and American Woodcrafters Natural Elements 4 Drawer Nightstand.


In metal bedside tables, some of the bestselling models are Prepac 24-1/2" Berkshire 2 Drawer Nightstand, Altra Hanover Creek 1 Drawer Nightstand and Glory Furniture 2 Drawer Nightstand.

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