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  • CloudSeller Princess Twin Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set CLSL1017 (CLSL1017)
    $1,539.99 $1,654.99 7% off
  • Lark Manor Philomena Four Poster Customizable Bedroom Set LRKM2559 (LRKM2559)
  • Lark Manor Armoise Panel Customizable Bedroom Set LARK7157 (LARK7157)
  • Nexera Lagos 3 Piece Bedroom Set, Natural Maple Natural Maple Double (402211)
  • Nexera Lumiere 3 Piece Bedroom Set, White White Double (402275)
  • Nexera Foliage 3 Piece Bedroom Set, Walnut And White Walnut And White Double (402092)
  • Nexera Onyx 4 Piece Bedroom Set, Walnut And Black Walnut And Black Twin (402585)
  • Nexera Onyx 3 Piece Bedroom Set, Walnut And Black Walnut And Black Twin (402622)
  • South Shore Flexible Platform Bed With Baskets-Twin Pure White Twin (12347)
  • Nexera Luna 4 Piece Twin Bedroom Set, Ebony And White Ebony And White Twin (402084)
  • Nexera Baltic 4 Piece Bedroom Set Walnut And White Double (402536)
  • South Shore Flexible Bed With Storage And Baskets-Queen-Pure White Pure White Queen (13072)
  • Nexera Arcadia 3 Piece Bedroom Set, Truffle And White Truffle And White Double (402267)
  • South Shore Summer Breeze Twin Bed Set (39") - Bed And Headboard Kit White Twin (12505)
  • Nexera Neptune 3 Piece Bedroom Set, Walnut And Charcoal Walnut And Charcoal Double (402313)
  • Nexera Melody 4 Piece Twin Bedroom Set, Ebony And White Ebony And White Twin (402060)
  • Nexera Polar 4 Piece Twin Bedroom Set, Ebony And White Ebony And White Twin (402072)
  • Cresent Furniture Newport Platform Customizable Bedroom Set CEU1390 (CEU1390)
    $1,969.97 $2,555.97 23% off
  • Cresent Furniture Mercer Platform Customizable Bedroom Set 5333 (5333)
    $1,799.97 $2,351.97 23% off
  • Cresent Furniture Hampton Panel Customizable Bedroom Set CEU1255 (CEU1255)
  • Home Styles Crescent Hill Panel 3 Piece Bedroom Set 5549-5017A / 5549-6017A Size: Queen (5549-5017A)

Buying guide

Choosing Your Bedroom Suites and Sets


bedroom sets


There are many points of consideration when buying bedroom furniture. I am sure you may think of the price first, but remember to get that king size bed you have to part with a colossal amount of bucks.

Degree of comfort


The degree of comfort is the biggest consideration you should make before buying any bedroom set. Apart from looks, ensure that the bedroom furniture you intend to buy offers the highest degree of comfort.

Search widely in the market to get good looking and comfortable bedroom furniture.


Bedroom size


Another important consideration should be the size of your bedroom. There is no point of having furniture crowd in your bedroom. Measure the available space in your bedroom and determine the size and shape of furniture that can fit well. Give some space allowance where you can walk well and freely in your bedroom. You may also need some extra space for a small table to hold your accessories.


Bedroom functions


It also makes sense to consider your bedroom’s functions. I know you think of bedroom sets as dressers, beds, tables, and the likes. There are many other different uses of bedroom. To some people, a bedroom can be a sewing room or an office in addition to being a sleeping area!

When buying bedroom furniture, ensure that you first define the bedroom functions clearly. This aids in selecting furniture that serves your needs. You may need a computer table or a sewing machine table if you intent to use your bedroom as an office or sewing room.




Price is obliviously a matter of thought. I am sure you won’t always need to buy new pieces of bedroom furniture. However, certain circumstances might cause you to buy it including when furnishing a child`s bedroom.. Consider buying furniture that meets safety standards. Go for furniture that has no lead paint as kids are more susceptible to lead poisoning.

For adults, purchasing used furniture is a good option and a great way of saving money. You may think of repairing and repainting such furniture to reflect overall theme.




Go for more durable bedroom furniture. Obviously, you don’t need to refurnish your bedroom every year. Before buying, check the durability of the furniture you intend to buy. Ensure that the furniture can serve you for more than 3 years. Avoid flimsy pieces of furniture.



It is ok to mix colours and mix materials in a bedroom. Think of how these colours blend with the wall paint and other interior decor pieces such as the curtains and carpet. Avoid too many colours in your bedroom. Consider getting furniture that has few colours which coordinate together with other colours in your bedroom.



The choice of your bedding can mean the difference between a restful slumber and a restless night. Choose the right bedding based on your sleeping habits and climate.

Your bed needs basic bedding like mattress pads, pillows blankets and sheets. You need to know the exact size of your mattress before buying any new bedding. You also need to know the varieties of bedding available in the market so as to choose one which addresses your needs.

Mattress sizes


Bedding is labelled and sized according to the mattress size. If you don’t know the size of your mattress, get a tape measure to know its dimensions.

There are different sizes of mattress. Common measurements are twin mattress (39 inches by 75 inches), full size mattress (60 inches by 80 inches), Queen sized mattress (60 inches by 80 inches) and king size mattress (76 inches by 80 inches). 

Ensure that you know the mattress size before buying your bedding. You also need to know the mattress’ thickness. It can range from 5 inches to over 16 inches. This is important especially when shopping for mattress pads and fitted sheets.

mattress size

Mattress cover


Mattress cover or pad is placed on bed to protect it from spills and stains as well as improving comfort for a better night`s sleep.

They are made of wool, latex, cotton, memory form or feathers. 

bedroom setsSheets


Check the pocket depth before buying sheets. If you are buying fitted sheets, ensure they are elastic all the around. This ensures that the sheet does not slip off the bed.

Decide which sheet fabric suites your needs. Common types of sheet fabric are combed cotton sheets, Muslim sheets, percale sheets, sateen sheets, Egyptian cotton sheets and many more.

Prices for the different sheets fabric also vary. Choose the sheet fabric that you can afford comfortably.

Buy sheets which can last for more than 6 years.



Blankets add extra layer of warmth and style to a bedding set. If you reside in a warmer climate, consider buying simple cotton blanket.



Pillows are labelled either by firmness (firm, medium or soft) or by sleeping style (stomach sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper).

Choose a pillow according to your sleeping habits. If you a stomach sleeper get pillows with a gently sloping surface and tapered ends.

Buy high quality quilts, comforters, duvets and bedspreads.  Ensure they are made of tight weave and thick threads for durability. You can buy them as a matched set or separate pieces.


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