Bedding Sets

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  • HomeTex Total Body Support Polyfill Body Pillow body-support-pillow (body-support-pillow)
  • Deluxe Comfort Cloud Microbead Pillow SOBCP-002-que / SOBCP-004-kin Size: King (SOBCP-004-kin)
  • Pacific Coast Feather Chamber Down Pillow 2274 Size: King (22746)
    $326.25 $381.25 14% off
  • Pacific Coast Feather Chamber Down Pillow 2274 Size: Queen (22744)
    $272.00 $327.00 17% off
  • Pacific Coast Feather Chamber Down Pillow 2274 Size: Standard (22742)
    $219.99 $274.99 20% off
  • Northwest Co. NHL Comforter Set 1NHL835000001BBB / 1NHL836000001BBB (1NHL835000004BBB)
  • Eyelet Bedding for Round Baby Crib - Color White eyelet (615)
  • Pacific Coast Feather Euro Down Pillow 2488 Size: Queen (24882)
    $63.99 $77.99 18% off
  • Remington Gunnison Reversible Quilt Set QS9910 Size: King (QS9910KG-2300)
    $242.56 $300.56 19% off
  • Disney Lion King Urban Jungle 4 Piece Nursery Crib Bedding Set, Tan/Aqua & Green/Tan/Aqua/Green/Ivory (5090614A)
  • Disney Mickey Mouse 4 Piece Hello World Denim/Star/Icon Nursery Crib Bedding Set, Navy, Grey, White (2859634)
  • Peppa Pig Adoreable Toddler Bed Set, Pink (PAP11566S)
  • DwellStudio Maze Blockprint Duvet Cover DWL9976 (DWL9976)
  • Lynch since 1940 Migration II Comforter Set MG16 Size: Twin (MGT16)
    $109.99 $190.99 42% off
  • Mossy Oak 3 Piece Reversible Comforter Set MXO1187 Colour: Green, Size: Queen (CQ06829PRNT)
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  • DwellStudio Woodgrain Coverlet DWL11452 (DWL11452)
    $299.99 $316.99 5% off
  • Tadpoles Damask Moses Basket and Bedding Set, Black/White (mbstpc120)
  • Malouf Z Gel-Infused Memory Foam Wedge Pillow ZZ2910GW (ZZ2910GW)
    $167.99 $178.99 6% off
  • Debage Inc. City Sleep Doro 7 Piece Queen Duvet Cover Set DBG- FAP-Doro Duvet Cover+Pique (DBG- FAP-Doro Duvet Cover+Pique)
    $609.99 $1,067.99 43% off
  • DwellStudio Tangier Duvet Cover DWL9973 (DWL9973)
  • DwellStudio Chinoiserie Duvet Cover DWL6365 (DWL6365)

Buying guide

A set of bedding pertains to a combination of a fitted sheet for the mattress, a flat top sheet and pillows with pillow cases or shams. Some sets have additional blankets, for the cold season.

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Bedding Sets Designs


Bedding design can directly affect the mood of a person by the different kinds of ambiance it creates in the bedroom. Here are the different designs to choose from for any desired atmosphere you want to create in your bedroom. Keep in mind that many beddings fall into several of the design categories listed below.

Contemporary Beddings have modern designs like striped and geometric patterns, ranging from simple to complex.


Funky Bedding sets have fun-filled, unusual and modish designs that boost a sociable personality.


African Beddings have Safari designs featuring animal prints that would definitely connect anyone looking for a wildlife theme.


Asian Beddings have Oriental patterns that exhibit the artistry of China, Thailand and other Oriential cultures. It creates the feeling of living in another world with a restful feeling.


Indian Beddings have inspired patterns full of droplet-shaped vegetable prints or geometrical figures.


Western Bedding sets have nature-colored rustic designs that give you the ambiance of the living off the lang even if your home is in the city.


Sports Beddings have a sporty theme. Designs show pictures of games, balls, bicycles and other prints related to sports that create a vibrant and upbeat mood.


Hawaiian Beddings have flowers, leaves, trees, shells, beaches and other island prints that lead to a shooting feeling.


Beach Beddings have fabric prints of things usually seen in the beach like the sea, trees, sea shores and even surfboards.


Hotel Beddings have plain, simple or small print designs that give the bed an uncluttered and less complicated appearance.


Holiday Bedding have designs that celebrate an occasion. Christmas trees, stars, green pine trees, red candies and Santa Claus are just some of the fabric prints that build a happy and festive mood.


Luxury Beddings seem designed for royalty. This sophisticated ensemble gives the bedroom an elegant and expensive look.

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Quilt is made of two pieces of textile and a soft lining inside sewn together to create a softer but thicker bed cover. It is used together with the flat and fitted sheets for more warmth. It is washable.


A Duvet is a large flat bag filled with feathers, silk, cotton or any synthetic fillers sealed together. It looks like flat pillows sewn side by side to make a large quilt. It is covered with attractive fabrics and can be used alone because it can provide maximum warmth more than the comforter and flat sheets combined. Duvet is not washable, only its removable cover.

A Comforter is a thick blanket with special insulation like fiber fillers. It is washable.

A Bed Spread is a blanket that covers the whole bed. It’s not thick so it cannot give a lot of warmth.

Pillows are large cushions for the head. They are made from feathers, cotton, foam or any synthetic fills. The size of bed pillows should be proportionate to the size of the bed. In formal arrangements, bed pillows are placed behind decorative pillow shams.

Pillow Cases are pillow covers that are usually plain and simple.

Pillow Shams are decorative pillow covers that fall part of the comforter sets when sold in the market. The design of the comforter and the shams are usually the same.

A Fitted Sheet is the bed sheet or bottom sheet that covers the bed to protect the mattress from dirt. It fits the mattress well so it stays in place.
A Flat Sheet is the top sheet used to cover the person when sleeping. Above the top sheet is the comforter or duvet for maximum warmth. The flat sheet protects the comforter or duvet from your body sweat.

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How to wash the beddings

Check the label of the bedding material (comforter, duvet, pillow, bedspread, etc.)to be washed. If there is silk then it needs dry cleaning, if none, then it can be washed in the washing machine. Put some washing detergent into the hot water. Tap water can be used, however, hot water can kill more bacteria.


After the maximum washing cycle of about thirty minutes, check If the water has been removed completely from the material, if not, it needs another spin. Then place it in the dryer. Dry it twice of the maximum drying cycle. In between cycles, shake the material to evenly distribute the inner fillings and to help every area to dry fast. After two cycles in the dryer, remove the bedding material from the washing machine and it is done.

How to arrange the beddings

Put the fitted sheet on the bed. Then add the covered comforter or covered duvet. Then fold it over to allow twelve inches of space for the pillows before the headboard. Place the square pillows near the headboard, then add the covered bed pillows in front of them. Place the shams before the bed pillows and finally add a small pillow in front of all the pillows. Place a runner or a bed scarf at the foot of the bed.. The square pillows and the bed scarf or runner should have the same color or design. The comforter and the shams should also have the same print. Regarding the color combinations, you can always follow your tastes.

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