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  • Miseno MNO3260WAW-R Vitality 60" Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub with Self-Leveling Bas (MNO3260WAWRWH)
    $1,337.26 $2,232.97 -40%
  • Kingston Brass VTDE603221L Aqua Eden 59-7/16" Acrylic Soaking Bathtub for Alcove (VTDE603221L)
    $546.43 $842.88 -35%
  • Kingston Brass VT7PE672824P Aqua Eden 66-9/10" Acrylic Soaking for Free Standing (VT7PE672824P)
    $1,849.58 $2,853.04 -35%
  • Americh Quantum 72" x 36" Drop in Whirlpool Bathtub QU7236L Finish: White (QU7236L-WH)
    $3,199.99 $4,231.99 -24%
  • Therapeutic Tubs Stream 60" x 30" Walk-In Whirlpool WFSI3060LWHCH / WFSI3060RWHCH Drain Location: Left (WFSI3060LWHCH)
  • ProFlo PFW6636ALSK 66" Acrylic Air Bathtub for Alcove Installations with Left Dr (PFW6636ALSKWH)
    $1,969.61 $2,416.69 -18%
  • Therapeutic Tubs Prairie 46" x 26" Walk-In Bathtub WF2 Drain Location: Right, Colour: White (WF2646RWSCH)
    $4,039.99 $4,448.99 -9%
  • American Standard 2391.202 Princeton 60" Americast Soaking Bathtub with Right Ha (2391.202.011)
    $427.81 $671.52 -36%
  • Swanstone BT3060L Veritek 60" Three Wall Alcove Soaking Tub with Left Hand Drain (BT03060LD.010)
    $306.26 $513.59 -40%
  • Kohler K-1184-RA Devonshire Collection 60" Three Wall Alcove Soaking Bath Tub wi (K-1184-RA-96)
    $949.12 $1,265.48 -25%
  • Kohler K-715 Villager Collection 60" Three Wall Alcove Cast Iron Three Wall Alco (K-715-0)
    $534.39 $731.81 -27%
  • ProFlo PFWPLUSA7236 72" x 36" Whirlpool Bathtub with 8 Hydro Jets and EasyCare A (PFWPLUSA7236WH)
    $1,725.94 $2,117.72 -19%
  • Jacuzzi J5T6060 WCR 1XX 60" x 60" Signature Corner Whirlpool Bathtub with 6 Jets (J5T6060WCR1XXY)
    $1,420.60 $2,120.30 -33%
  • Duravit 700337000000090 Starck New 66-7/8" Drop In Acrylic Soaking Tub with Reve (700337000000090)
    $1,211.80 $1,958.77 -38%
  • Duravit 700408000000091 Architec 66" Soaking Bathtub for Alcove Installations wi (700408000000091)
    $749.19 $1,202.87 -38%
  • Miseno MNO3260WAW-L Vitality 60" Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub with Self-Leveling Bas (MNO3260WAWLWH)
    $1,337.26 $2,232.97 -40%
  • American Standard Colony 60" x 30" Air Tub with Integral Apron and Hydro Massage 2740.118 / 2740.218 Finish: White, Drain Location: Right (2740118.020)
  • Ella Walk In Bath Low Threshold Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Walk-In Tub 305213L / 305213R Drain Location: Right (305213R)
    $6,339.99 $7,828.99 -19%
  • PacificCollection Delano 59.8" x 32" Soaking Bathtub PBT-DELANO-5932-CR-LT / PBT-DELANO-5932-CR-RT Drain Location: Right (PBT-DELANO-5932-CR-RT)
    $1,159.99 $1,716.99 -32%
  • Kohler Archer Alcove 60" x 32" Whirpool Bathtub K-1122-HL (K-1122-HL-0)
    $2,699.99 $3,392.99 -20%
  • Therapeutic Tubs Flagstaff 52" x 29" Walk-In Air Jetted Bathtub WF29 Drain Location: Left, Colour: White (WF2952LWACH)
    $5,719.99 $6,333.99 -10%

Buying guide

A bath tub is a device specifically designed for bathing and cleaning ones self. It is the one installed in a bathroom which looks like a bed and requires laying down for a more relaxed and laid-back concept. It is literally a large open container which has the purpose of washing it the body through the water filled on it.

Types of Bath Tubs4306-Bathtubs > ClawfootBathtub

Tubs come in different sizes and shapes. They are mostly white in color as most bathrooms have that interior designing theme of plain white. Bath Tubs differ in a way that some have a simplistic design and others are a little bit sophisticated. Nonetheless, each bath tub has a goal of giving their customers the comfort of enjoying their alone time in the bath.

Clawfoot Tubs

This type of bath tub has the looks of clawfoot legs and feet that initially hold them slightly above the ground. When you think of clawfoot tubs, it is like you are taken aback for a bit and you see the people from ancient living like the Ancient Rome, Egypt, or Greece.


You may probably think that this type of genre is dead and gone, but then again, even if it has lost its charm for quite an era, it has gained its probable fans. When the generation of open-minded extroverts came along, they started to think of ways to bring back what has long been lost and give it a modern twist. The Clawfoot Tub undoubtedly came to mind. Clawfoot Tubs sometimes look like little Jacuzzi as it has an elevated look and it has outside protection. It's not necessarily a bare tub like the typical ones.

4306-Bathtubs > BathtubUpViewSoaking Tubs

Soaking tubs look quite larger than a typical bath tub. It has the capacity to hold a deeper and more amount of water. It has been specifically innovated for the purpose of soaking you in even better and improves the setting for your relaxation.


Soaking tubs have different styles as some are directly placed in the floor and others have the similar quality of the claw-footed variety. There is also a variety underlying the soaking tubs. These are the Japanese tubs, roman tubs, and garden tubs. Technically, there is a story for every soaking tub. It has the ability to relieve the stresses from the body as it has exemplary features which fit your present need.

Freestanding Tubs

The freestanding tub is actually the most interesting of all. It kind of looks like a baby's bathing bowl. The only difference is that is much larger and deeper in size. It is also is more pricey. When you think of it in a practical way, you will find tons of reason to overlook it and just buy a simplistic bath tub.


However, if you think out of the box, you will see how great it can look in unison with your newly white-painted room. The freestanding tub has the most geometrically calibrated architecture. It fits those bathrooms which have carefully selected tiles and lighting as well as hand-picked decorations.


Freestanding Tubs is nothing but sophistication and comfort. It makes you want to stare at it rather than use it. That is also because it is much more expensive than entry-levels.

4306-Bathtubs > WalkInBathtubWalk-in Tubs

This type of bath tub focuses on the execution rather than the actual look of the tub. It has a quality that suits perfectly those who cannot use regular tubs. It has a door pass in the side that serves as the entrance and exit of elderly people, handicaps, and other people who have difficulty using regular tubs. It has been the best-seller on institutional settings, group homes, care homes, maternity wards, children's wards, mental facilities, residential places and more. It has a combination of a shower and the actual tub. That is such a great concept to have most especially because some people do not have the ability and luxury of reaching for heightened showers and heaters. Therefore, the controls have been mounted and can be reached easily from any seated position. It has the easy access design to meet the needs of different types of people. The price it comes with may somewhat be higher, however, for what it is actually worth, it's quite reasonable.

Recessed Tubs

Recessed tubs often come with wall-mounted faucets and showers just like the walk-in tubs. This kind is mostly chosen by interior designers who are also in for a budget friendly bath tub. This are installed bath tubs and has only a single finished tub.


What better way to end than mentioning the most extravagant type of bath tub thus far. The whirlpools are made to give you the customized way of bathing as you are given the enjoyment at its best. Most whirlpools are jetted and are used for places like spas and saunas as it gives you the perfect amount of cool and warm water as well as other add-ons. It is the closest to a Jacuzzi and still, much lesser in price. Happy Shopping!

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